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Will Connected Fitness keep training momentum going in 2022?


Key points:

  • Echelon has developed a variety of training equipment to reach a wide demographic.
  • In order to improve its products, Echelon is studying new features such as gamification.
  • Echelon has made its products more affordable to offer an alternative in a crowded and expensive market, but also to be able to present connected fitness to more consumers.


Home workout devices are becoming more common as they become more accessible. Echelon is one of those brands that is starting to thrive in the home gym installation market with connected fitness. The company sells bicycles, treadmills, and even rowers, and offers on-demand fitness classes from the comfort of your home. MarketScale spoke with Echelon Fitness President Alex Kaplan at IHRSA 2021 about how the options they offer each type of athlete have led to their success and popularity.

Brief thoughts:

I think it depends on what you want. If you want to have fun and relax, you can choose an instructor or music type or even a fun and relaxed competition level. If you are a competitive athlete and want to compete in a higher category, you can choose a different type of instructor or a different class level. So I think it gives people a choice. I think it gives people the flexibility to train wherever they are or at home whenever they want. Echelon fitness hopes to keep this momentum going by coming up with new ideas.

We differentiate ourselves and constantly innovate with great content. New and exciting instructors were there. We’re going to consider looking at things like gamification, all kinds of new things you can do with the app. But I think what makes echelon particularly exciting is that we make equipment of an incredibly high quality. We are really serving a much larger mass customer segment. We have connected bikes starting at $ 500 in treadmills, not much more than that.

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