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Volkswagen Tiguan – when options come together to create a compelling package


  • Volkswagen Tiguan turns out to be more upscale than its price suggests.
  • Powerful engine and gearbox make driving fun, but fuel can be low.
  • The test car options prove that you can custom build a vehicle and spend no more than you should.
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As the price of fuel exceeds R20 per liter of unleaded gasoline in most parts of South Africa in December, you may be considering reducing engine capacity to save fuel without compromising on performance or plume. .

The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4TSI R-Line that we recently tested proved that you can have one of the most impactful and luxurious German SUVs on the market right now, and you don’t have to shell out 1 million Rand for that. Sure, our test car was full of options that drove up its retail price, but if you’re not afraid to tick the option boxes, the newly refurbished Tiguan is for you.

We spent a few days with the vehicle, and more than its exceptional driving characteristics and absolute comfort, we were impressed with some of the optional premium features that Volksie installed on the test car.

What do you think of the latest styling updates for the Volkswagen Tiguan? Hot or not? Please let us know in the comments section below, or email us here.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021 in the R-Line style.

Packed with cool optional features

Keyless entry should come standard in the Tiguan, but it was installed as an option and made life a lot easier when it comes to opening and closing the doors and trunk lid. Keyless entry is handy if you’re carrying a lot of bags or kid gear, as you just keep the key in your pocket and open and close the openings as needed.

Our car also had a panoramic roof, which let a lot of light into the cabin. This allowed us to only open the shade cover for lighting, and it can also tilt or slide depending on your mood or how much street-cred you’re looking to collect. This is a must-have option because it makes the Tiguan feel bigger on the inside too.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021 with optional wireless Apple CarPlay.

Discover Pro with Wireless App Connect was also available as an option on our test car, and it turned out a snap to use. Volkswagen’s multimedia interface is arguably one of the best you can buy, and it has paired seamlessly with our iPhone to enable Apple CarPlay wirelessly. Volkswagen has equipped this car with a wireless charger as well, so you just need to pair your device, place it in the tray and get on with your life. We no longer played with our phones as we could reply to WhatsApp messages and easily manage our music streaming services through the Discover Pro system. The optional Harman Kardon audio drivers also made this one of the best hi-fi systems we’ve experienced in a car this year.


Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan offers excellent IQ lights as an option.

Our car also comes with the IQ Light option, which includes LED headlights that can self-optimize to provide the best possible illumination in real time. Combined with the optional head-up display, driving the Tiguan at night has been one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve had recently. It was raining in Johannesburg and we noticed that some test vehicles struggled to provide adequate lighting when driving in the rain, but not this Tiggy. Its lights cut through the atmosphere with precision and give you the confidence to go safely in the rain and in adverse conditions. Even if you only choose one option when purchasing your Tiguan, take this one as it makes the car so fun to drive at night.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

Interior of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2021.

The press vehicle also came with an area vision camera system that included a parking assistant (couldn’t get it to work, but I’m not very familiar with this system). It also comes with parking sensors to alert you if you’re about to hit something. The system comes in handy if your garage is small and packed with stuff or if you move around regularly and park in compact spaces or urban environments. It was handy in our area as kids often leave their bikes around cars in the parking lot and I could see obstacles around the vehicle before setting off.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

Perhaps one of the best optional features installed on our press car was the IQ Drive system which incorporates adaptive cruise control, pedestrian monitoring and autonomous emergency braking. The adaptive cruise control system worked with precision and speed, keeping the vehicle in pace with the traffic. Again, the pedestrian monitoring system has also worked well in our area as children often come out of the aisles to enter the roadway. Autonomous emergency braking also worked well, as I was cut off on the freeway with adaptive cruise control active and the Tiguan braked to avoid rolling into my attacker’s back. When driving in congested cities like Johannesburg, where other road users seem too eager to take deviations that don’t exist as if they were Ayrton Senna, the IQ Drive system will give you peace of mind behind the wheel.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

Light on fuel, but powerful enough

We mentioned in the introduction that our Tiguan test car is a great buy for executives or families looking to upgrade from a bigger, more thirsty SUV. It is equipped with a powerful 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine with direct injection. It is suitable for 110 kW of power and 250 Nm of torque. On paper, it might not give you goosebumps, but on the road, thanks to its six-speed, shift-shifting, dual-clutch DSG gearbox, it feels beefy to drive.

We got an average of 8 liters per 100 kilometers during our test drive, which is not far from the consumption figure claimed by VW of 7.7 liters per 100 km. With a 58-liter tank, you’ll be able to travel at least 500 km between charges if you spend most of your time in the city. It thrives on the highway, posting fuel consumption figures as low as 6 liters per 100 kilometers, so you can put money into this car when it comes to saving fuel for years to come.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021

Details of the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line.

General summary

With enough space inside and in the trunk to provide peace of mind for families of up to four and a wonderfully comfortable ride with precise handling in the segment, the Tiguan surprised us. Its styling updates are turning heads, and its decent warranty and service plan make us think you can enjoy peace of mind for many years to come if you go with the Tiguan in your garage. The vehicle comes with a three-year or 120,000 km warranty and a five-year or 90,000 km maintenance plan.

Most of the time, we find that German manufacturers can get carried away with vehicle options, but this Tiguan has proven that you can build a bespoke SUV with attractive features while still remaining at a respectable price point. Our car, in its base version, sold for R644,500. Options added another R100,000 to its asking price, but overall you earn a lot less for an SUV that feels premium and makes you feel good every time you drive it.

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