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Urban style is back! The 8 biggest trends for spring 2022 men’s shows


Between livestreams, music videos, shows-in-a-box, puppets, and even some augmented reality experiences, the last year brought us dozens of new ways to experience fashion shows online. But the street style? There is simply no virtual equivalent. Yes, 2020 has been a great year for fit, both in IRL and on social media, but Fashion Week street styling was nearly impossible. Without shows, there were no halls, no crowds, and no exuberant dressers that zigzagged back and forth.

Until this summer, that is. With the roll-out of vaccinations and the reopening of cities, the spring 2022 men’s fashion season, which included physical shows in Milan and Paris, was greeted by a well-attended and well-dressed audience. It was our first glimpse of the ‘post-pandemic’ street style: creative, very personal, unforced and with remnants of our low-key year at home. You will notice very few heels in the shots of Acielle and Gianluca Senese; instead, there were Birkenstock and, panting, Crocs. And after 16 months wrapped in sweatpants, we see a lot more positive body and skin figures. Some viewers experimented with a disparate mix of mismatched items and trends, while others preferred the simpler, stronger look of wide leg pants and a t-shirt.

Scroll through more of the season’s trends and our favorite looks below.

What to wear at 90 degrees of heat? As small as possible

As a heat wave sweeps across America, the overhead tank tops, cutout dresses, and bra tops we’ve seen in Europe look as refreshing as it gets. (Here in New York City, a lot of people are forgoing clothing entirely in favor of swimsuits.) What stands out most about these photos of Acielle and Senese is that people of all bodies and identities embrace summer. skin; after decades of gendered “rules” around revealing, tight-fitting clothing, fashion is finally entering an unrestricted new era.

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