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TVR is reportedly working on an all-electric sedan and SUV to follow the Griffith


After several development delays, the long-awaited TVR Griffith is set to hit the market in 2024, offered in both V8 and fully electric versions. However, the resurgent TVR brand will not be limited to a single model, as it is reportedly working on additional electric vehicles with the aim of becoming a global luxury carmaker.

As reported by Coach, the new TVR-branded models, which have yet to be named, are expected to sit on a new dedicated skateboard EV architecture, which will be provided by a “well-established and world-leading” partner. Plans haven’t been finalized yet, but there are rumors for a sedan and an SUV, featuring high-efficiency EV powertrains. If the reports are true, this will be the first time TVR has entered these segments, since its entire history has centered around sports cars. However, Les Edgar, president of the new TVR, mentioned an SUV in 2015, saying they would consider one given that the first sports car would be a success.

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Speaking of the latter, development of the Griffith began in 2014 with the help of Gordon Murray. The sports car premiered in 2017 in production-ready form. It featured a naturally aspirated V8 from Ford, tuned by Cosworth, mated to a manual gearbox sending power to the rear axle. Initial plans for a 2019 market launch have been repeatedly delayed, and the company is now eyeing a 2024 release.

Fortunately, Edgar said the Griffith V8 will stay very close to the 2017 concept in terms of specs. The Griffith EV will follow six months later, possibly with higher power output for improved performance. The TVR president thinks some of the “several hundred” buyers who have already placed their orders may want to switch from V8s to EVs, but seems confident about overall demand. Pricing for the V8 will start from £90,000 ($109,303), while the EV is expected to be more expensive.

As far as production premises are concerned, the decision has not yet been taken on the future of the Welsh factory in the UK, Edgar leaving the possibilities open for other manufacturing sites: “The UK will always be the center of this brand, but we expect to be nimble enough to consider production in other locations as we look to expand our plans globally.” TVR will soon be opening three Brand Experience Centers in the UK, where potential customers can view the Griffith in person.