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Thousands of cases of canned dog food recalled for risky vitamin level


The latest dog food recall is from Fromm Family Foods, although it has nothing to do with the salmonella or aflatoxin that was the source of many recalls earlier this year. This time around, dog food is being recalled because it may contain higher levels of vitamin D than expected, which could lead to health issues including kidney problems.

The recall covers approximately 5,500 cases of Fromm’s Four Star Shredded Entry canned dog food, the announcement reveals. These boxes have been distributed to pet stores across the United States; they are packaged in 12 oz cans and have an expiration date “08/2024”. The specific products affected by the recall include turkey, pork, grated chicken and beef.

The company is voluntarily recalling these cases of canned dog food after its analysis found potentially high levels of vitamin D. Dogs who consume too much of this vitamin may show symptoms such as weight loss, increased blood loss. thirst, more drooling than usual, etc. Very high levels of vitamin D could lead to serious health problems.

Anyone who has purchased any of these recalled products should watch their dog for symptoms and consult a veterinarian if their dog exhibits any. Fortunately, the company has not received any reports of problems in dogs resulting from canned food.

The company says it fixed the problem that resulted in the high vitamin levels so that it wouldn’t happen again. Consumers who purchased any of these recalled dog food boxes are asked to return the unused product for a refund. Full identification details of the recalled lots can be found in the recall notice on FDA website.

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