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This Week in History July 15, 1922: Mining gears up for action, Breckenridge baseball team travels

Former President Taft made no flamboyant announcement of his trip to Europe this summer, but he is still received with enthusiasm and interest in all the centers visited.
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This week in history as reported by The Summit County Journal the week of July 15, 1922.

Wellington makes more strength

The Wellington Mining Co. added a few men to its strength. Not much is being done at the moment, and the whole effort of the company is to maintain the old functioning to be ready at any time for the resumption of operations.

A small force of men work on a lead ladle in one of the cogs. This ore will be shipped immediately.

The lead market is in a strong position right now, and this metal commands a price that will make it profitable to process this class of ore. The zinc market is still lagging with weak demand. Zinc is the main product of the Wellington property, and the mills are designed to process this type of ore. Until better conditions exist in the zinc market, very little activity from this source can be expected.

Repair work rushed to Florence Dredge

Repair work on the dredge formerly owned by the French Gulch Dredging Co., but now owned by the Florence Gold Dredging Co. of Denver, is being rushed in hopes that the dredge will be able to begin operations in the near future.

The job is in charge of HW Wade. Mr. GP Goodier of Denver, very interested in the new dredging company, is a frequent visitor to the dredge. The issue of starting the dredge is delayed, due to the slow receipt of supplies needed to fit out the dredge.

Breckenridge will play baseball in Fairplay

The pitchers from Breckenridge will cross bats at Fairplay tomorrow. This will be the first out of town game for the Breckenridge group.

The local boys are not yet complete and it seems difficult for many boys to prepare for out-of-town games. However, they expect to host a match tomorrow that will see them take the honors. They’re going out to set a season record and aren’t aiming to lose any games at all. It may be a difficult achievement to achieve, but it is the boys’ goal.

The match scheduled last Sunday at Dillon was not played. Several of the players were called out of town at the last minute, and there weren’t enough left to make the trip. The Dillon game will be played at a later date.

Very humid weather heralds the rainy season

If daily rain means the start of the rainy season, we are now due for a long stretch of wet weather.

Since last Sunday, and looking forward to Thursday and Friday only, we have had a period of rain every day. Last Sunday the rain turned into a downpour, and Monday it didn’t fall so hard, but it turned out to be just as wet.

Local News Notes from across Summit County

  • Mr. and Mrs. DF Minor returned from Los Angeles and other California points this week after spending several months on the Pacific Coast.
  • A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John G. Goodier on Sunday July 9 in Alma.
  • Ms. James and her son Edward returned to Denver on Friday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. James J. McGee have Mr. and Mrs. Win, F. McDowell and Miss Agnes McDowell of Pueblo as guests this week.
  • Mrs Howard Robinson and her son from Como returned home on Friday morning after a few days of visiting with Mr and Mrs Eddie Kinzy.