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This little gadget is our new favorite golf brush



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The Grooveit brush is an innovative little product that will totally change your game. Once you have one, there is no need to dunk your towel in a pond, spit on your clubs or perform any of those other less-than-sanitary golf club cleaning habits. Rather than just bristles, the brush’s hollow handle holds water or cleaning solution squirting through the end of the brush to keep your clubs squeaky clean. The handle also holds enough fluid to last two to three rounds. It’s not much bigger than your regular golf brush and easily attaches to your bag with a mini carabiner.

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Grooveit Brush


FEATURES Heavy-duty nylon bristles with a 3-year replacement warranty Self-contained tube holds water or cleaning solution Holds enough fluid to last multiple rounds and easily refills Unique magnetic attachment system provides secure attachment to bag The magnet system also allows cordless mobility for use away from the golf bag High quality magnets that will last the life of the grooveit brush Lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable Ensures maximum backspin, distance and accuracy Ergonomic pistol grip Attaches to golf bag with high-quality mini-carabiner

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Emilie Haas

Contributor Golf.com