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These are the worst cars you’ve ever owned


I was going to mention the 1993 Dodge Dynasty one more time that I bought for $150 and drove for just a month before the transmission cracked in half and caught fire. However, I knew exactly what I was getting into with this car, and it served its purpose well – getting me to and from work while my Neon was getting an engine transplant.

No, the worst was this.

had such high hopes for her. It was a 2000 model with reasonable miles (about 115,000), 4.3L V6, 4WD, downhill body and interior, and a good price. The latter was important because I only had about $3,000 to spend at the time and the Blazer was $2,750 (that was 2016, mind you).

Right off the bat, it took nearly $1,000 in brake repairs. Sucked but it had sat for a while and the Ohio winter rot had gotten to it. After that, everything was fine for about a year.

Then the 4WD system started to act. I never really used it except a few times to get up my driveway, but it was that horrible push-button vacuum system that GM used back in the day, and unbeknownst to me, those vacuum lines sucked the transfer case dry and caused the front and rear differentials to slip and bind without warning. Eventually I had to replace the rear, transfer case and was about to completely remove the front differential when I started going through a fuel pump every six weeks. Turns out the gas tank vent was broken and the pump was running against positive pressure, and it needed a brand new tank. Add to that spider injectors and LIM seals that were starting to wear off, and I gave up and left it parked at the local store for six months before selling it for $750 so the store wouldn’t sell it to scrap.

The previous owner also hid a bent subframe, did something awful to the headlight wiring so I had to run new wiring and relays for the whole thing, and he had a spare remote which was nice at first until it randomly starts to start and run the tank dry. The front seat eventually got so loose I had to put a U-bolt under it to hold it still, it needed oil lines twice (the oil filter is in the front near the radiator because having 4WD means the 4.3L can’t have the oil filter in its normal place), and the driver’s side door fell off.

It was a vehicle for someone young and single and unencumbered by responsibilities other than a shitty job you could always get to if your Blazer was on blocks, or as a second vehicle you put on tires of mud and hoon until it explodes because, again, S10 Blazer. It was no vehicle for a new father who also needed to take his mother and grandmother to monthly doctor’s appointments two hours away. After breaking down twice, once on the way to an operation at 10 am I had to start renting cars just to get to these appointments – the money I made could pay for a new, much more reliable vehicle. So that’s what I did.

I wanted to like this car. I liked the idea of ​​having a traditional SUV, 4WD capability and ruggedness. The Blazer was certainly “sturdy”, the same way an old outbuilding is rugged. I even named you Cliff. I hope the guy who drove all the way from Kentucky to pick you up helped you out. We don’t miss you.