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The only existing white Ferrari Enzo is put up for auction


Ferrari painted only one Enzo in Bianco Avus, making it one of the most special Prancing Horses ever produced.

Oh the balenathe great white whale – the rarest of all Ferrari Enzos ever built go to auction. It’s the only one of Italy’s flagship supercars to leave the factory painted in Bianco Avus, a stunning shade of white. And it will be auctioned on June 29.

The Enzo was a tribute to the legend itself

(Photo/RM Sotheby’s)

The Ferrari Enzo was a tribute to the man who founded and built automotive legend, Enzo Ferrari. Developed at the turn of the century, it used the company’s latest Formula 1 car building technology. A follow-on to the equally iconic Ferrari F40 and underrated F50, the Enzo had full carbon fiber bodywork, carbon-ceramic composite disc brakes and an F1-style automated manual gearbox. And that’s only scratching the surface.

Ferrari added technology to the Enzo that Formula 1 didn’t even allow. This included advanced active aerodynamic features such as front underbody flaps and a movable rear wing that gave it almost enough downforce to roll over the roof of a tunnel. (This was before mobile devices were readjusted on the fly to reduce downforce and allow for higher top speed.)

The heart of the Enzo was a 6.0L V12. Generating 651 horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque in the Enzo, that engine had legs. Ferrari uses a version of this to this day, powering the 812 Superfast, Monza, and more. The screaming V12 wasn’t the whole car, but it did play a huge part in defining the Enzo’s character.

Officially, only 400 units of the Ferrari Enzo were built – 399 for extremely important and well-heeled customers and one that Ferrari gave to the Pope.

Only 20 non-standard Enzos, just one in white

White Ferrari Enzo
(Photo/RM Sotheby’s)

Of these 400, 380 were painted red or yellow, the only colors Ferrari had planned to allow. Of course, when you’re so high up in the corporate stratosphere, even this stuff can be a bit flexible.

Only 20 of the cars were finished in a non-standard (“extracampionario” in Ferrari parlance) color. According to auction house RM Sotheby’s, which put this car under the hammer at the end of this month, it is the only one completed in Bianco Avus. We cannot find others who would cast doubt on this assertion.

Even the Pope, who would have an impressive selection of Italian exotics if they weren’t auctioned off for charitable causes, didn’t have a white Enzo. Instead, the car Ferrari gave His Holiness was red. That’s how unique this Enzo is.

Is this the most exciting color to paint your screaming Ferrari? Not really. Do we like that it’s finished in that color reminiscent of the Miami Vice Testarossa? Absolutely.

A centerpiece spent the last decade in Hong Kong

White Ferrari Enzo
(Photo/RM Sotheby’s)

RM Sotheby’s traces the car’s history from its delivery in May 2003. White paintwork is paired with a Nero leather interior, and the buyer opted for Rosso Corsa red instruments. Another rare option, the extra-wide carbon fiber seats have been installed and are trimmed with black 3D cloth inserts.

The car was sold to “a very private German-Swiss billionaire” via Ferrari Central Europe in Germany and Symbol Automobiles in Matran, Switzerland. The auction listing indicates that the car did not see much use and was more of a showpiece in the showcase of this Swiss dealership.

The car was exported to Hong Kong in 2011, where it resided until its recent temporary importation into Canada for sale. While not registered in Hong Kong, the auction listing indicates it was driven. It now has 9,600 km on the odometer, or just under 6,000 miles, which is actually a bit high for this type of car, suggesting someone enjoyed it.

White Ferrari Enzo
(Photo/RM Sotheby’s)

For Ferrari collectors, it is certified Ferrari Classiche. Awarded in November 2012, it is a certificate of authenticity that Ferrari makes available to cars over 20 years old. This means that Ferrari experts have examined the entire car, from bumper to bumper, including chassis, engine, gearbox, suspension, etc., to determine the authenticity of the car. All non-standard parts are replaced with original parts, even if Ferrari Classiche must have them manufactured.

The question is, how much is the only white Ferrari Enzo worth? A black example sold for $3.4 million at auction in late 2021, while a 353-mile Rosso Scuderia car fetched $3.8 million the same year. The car owned by Pope John Paul II fetched $6 million, but that’s a whole other story behind the car.

We will know what this car is worth on June 30, when the 24 hour online auction ends.

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