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R10,000 upgrade for your Shimano gears


The hollow lower pulley wheel is integrated into the derailleur cage structure, instead of being bolted in the center.

  • AbsoluteBLACK engineers know all about transmission customization
  • The company is a world leader in oval shaped trays
  • But its latest product innovation is a futuristic rear derailleur cage, which whispers smoothly.

AbsoluteBLACK is a components company obsessed with the smallest of gains.

Although based in England, the brand’s roots are Polish, where the founder, Marcin Golec comes from.

Comprehensive data analysis and computer aided design is what AbsoluteBLACK does best. Although primarily known for its oval chainrings, AbsoluteBLACK has spread to ridiculously expensive low friction chain lubricants.

For AbsoluteBLACK, everything is done to reduce friction and optimize power transfer. The latest product that promises to help you lose fewer watts of pedaling effort is the HollowCage.

Hollow cage

The HollowCage works with Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 / R9150 and Ultegra R8000 / R8050 components (Photo: AbsoluteBLACK)

Make your transmission more aerodynamic

It might sound a bit too big, but that’s the secret. Engineers understood that oversized pulley wheels can turn more efficiently, reducing chain slack in a bicycle drivetrain.

AbsoluteBLACK has taken this concept to the extreme with its HollowCage design. It features a monocoque structure and a massive lower pulley, with a remarkable hollow center (hence its name).

What is the idea behind this? Lightness. To begin. The HollowCage weighs just 71g which is much lighter than a conventional road bike rear derailleur from SRAM, Shimano or Campagnolo.

In addition to saving weight, it also features a dimpled finish, similar to that of a golf ball. The reason? Aerodynamic. Honeycomb surfaces, in a specific shape, create less aerodynamic drag than a perfectly flat surface and the industrial designers at AbsoluteBlack have incorporated this idea, with the HollowCage.

bicycle gears

The HollowCage design is a study of functional minimalism (Photo: AbsoluteBLACK)

So calm, the other runners won’t hear you coming

Unlike traditional derailleur cages, which have a double-spar structure, the HollowCage is single-sided.

How much better is its efficiency than a conventional high-end rear derailleur cage? AbsoluteBLACK does not put an exact value for this, in watts. What they will confirm is that the HollowCage derailleur cage and pulley wheels operate two decibels quieter than any competing component.

Less noise equals less mechanical drag. But the cost is extreme, for this new piece of AbsoluteBLACK magic. The HollowCage derailleur cage is priced at R10,000.

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