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Quilted Leather: The Spyke Suburra Leather Jacket


The Italian brand Spyke has launched its new leather jacket in its range offering style, comfort and protection called Suburra.

Leather jackets are essential for anyone who rides classic bikes or likes to hit the trail. Spyke caters to both types of cyclist, offering sport leathers and classic leathers in its range as well as a selection of mesh and touring jackets. This time around we’re looking at a new product from the Italian brand aimed at casual riding, but still with the standard protection suitable for riding.

Spyke is no stranger to leather, in fact the company’s roots date back to 1978 when it expanded its leather business into the world of two wheels. Boosted by the motorcycle industry, the company finally launched its products into motorsport in the 1980s and found its way onto the backs of notable names in the 90s. More recently, the brand has partnered with Dakar to bring a special range of equipment.

The Suburra jacket features a unique pattern in the range. While the panels will be sewn and left plain on other jackets, the Suburra features a quilted pattern across the entire front of the jacket. The back is otherwise plain and similar to the fashion of standard leather jackets, but with rib detailing on the shoulders.

On the safety side, there are certified protections on the shoulders and elbows, complying with the PEN EN 1621-1: 2012 standard. Runners looking for better protection against shocks can also insert a back protector in the jacket – it is advertised that it can fit level 2 armor piece.

A pair of zippers at the cuffs make it easy to put the jacket on and off, as well as the snug fit and tight fit. There’s also a removable polyester interior that helps with insulation, and a neoprene insert in the collar helps keep chafing to a minimum.

The size of the Suburra ranges from a size EU 46 to an EU 60, or US 36 to US 52 and it is only available in black.