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Product of the week: camping-inspired quilts, aged tequila and a few spooky moccasins


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Every week, our inbox is filled with news on gear, clothing and tech news from around the world. In this feature we will analyze the best of them. Today: Rumpl’s first in-house collection of Australian merino blankets, Patrón is releasing a sherry barrel aged liquor, and Vans takes inspiration from classic horror cinema for spooky footwear.

Great Jones

Great Jones King Sear

For the moment, 12-inch enameled cast iron pans from the two iconic French brands that own the category (it would be Le Creuset and Staub) can be purchased for $ 210. Are they expensive? Sure. Are they worth it? Certainly. Enter: Great Jones, a direct-to-consumer kitchenware brand that just released their first cast iron skillet and decided to open with an enamel option that costs $ 100 less than the Leaders. It features two small pouring spouts, a generous handle and a maneuvering aid handle, and three colors (blueberry, broccoli and mustard, or blue, green and yellow for Gen X and up).

beige pants with a beer pocket


Wilson Dearborn Tailgater Pants

To the modest observer, these pants might just look like your average tech-influenced khaki. This is where you would be wrong. Wilson has created pants so innovative that they threaten to change an entire ecosystem. Yes, the whole tailgating biome has started for a radical revolution: the beer bag. These Dearborn Tailgater pants have a comfortable built-in beer attached to the leg of this stocking, which allows for a relaxed stroll with a drink inside. hand pocketing a reality, not the fantasy of all fraternity brothers. Buy at your own risk – these are guaranteed to get you back to 22.

a black and silver watch


The James Brand x Timex watch

The best Timex collaboration in recent memory, this 41mm brushed titanium watch is the result of a partnership with the elegant Portland cutler, The James Brand. Like this company’s proprietary tools, this watch is simple, yet deliberate in its simplicity. See: the aforementioned case material, the automatic movement, the well-balanced dial and the color accent on the crown. Unfortunately, it sold out a few hours after it went on sale this week. But as we saw with Todd Snyder, successful collaborations can lead to more down the road, so keep an eye out for these two.

a collage of cute blankets

by Rumple

Rumpl merino wool blanket collection

Rumpl’s collection of camping blankets has always served us well outdoors, but the Oregon label has since released their first collection of blankets designed exclusively for the home. The latest additions include throws for the sofa and larger blankets for the bedroom, all of which contain a blend of Australian merino wool and organic cotton. Reversible styles feature minimal detailing in four colorways, ensuring you find the one that matches your style in time for the cooler weather to come.

a pair of accented training shoes.


Reebok x National Geographic Nano X1

Reebok’s second collaboration with National Geographic follows the collection that was discontinued last month. This time around, the versatile Nano X1 receives a herbal performance boost thanks to vegan materials. The Flexweave knit complements a foam base made from castor seeds. Natural styling elements represent Nat Geo’s commitment to the environment, and a QR code on the tongue transports you to a unique online product experience. Reebok Unlocked members get early access to this limited edition trainer before it becomes available to the general public.

a purple image of a scary razor


Harry’s x Ghostly Set

An unusual collaboration between the shaving brand and music label Ghostly International, this razor features a glow-in-the-dark handle and its own playlist (linked via a QR code).

a compilation of Noah clothes

Noah NY

Noah Cross Country Collection

Noah NY is one of the hype-y-est (most hyped? Most hyped?) Brands, and their recently released Cross Country collection is a perfect illustration of that. Sober, impeccably crafted, and adorned with sick iconography, these jaws are as much a fashionhead’s dream as they are a runner’s. No warranty Cross-country ski jacket Where Shetland cross-country ski sweater is actually going to make you faster, but hey, when you’re so relaxed how much jogging is really going on?

a green sofa made of pillows.


KASSL Editions 3 Seater Sofa Pillow

Sofa cushion! We repeat, sofa bed! KASSL Editions, a European design house concerned with chic and modern cuts, has teamed up with Belgian Muller Van Severen to create furniture that meets directly at the intersection of minimalism and puffiness. Part of KASSL’s ongoing ReMade project, the sofa is modular in nature and can accommodate additional end caps or seats: it is also available in 1-pillow and 2 pillow units.

a pair of silver earphones


Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

The audio brand from Anker just released these mid-priced headphones, which offer personalized noise cancellation and up to 32 hours of playback (with the wireless charger). Plus, they support LDAC, a new Sony technology that delivers high-resolution wireless sound… without Sony’s higher prices. (Plus, these headphones currently cost $ 20 more for a few more days.)

two paris of red and black sneakers


Vans x Horror Collection

There’s nothing scary about the Vans x Horror collection, other than how quickly it flies off (virtual) shelves. The multi-piece collaboration between the iconic skate company and a host of classics ranging from The brilliant To This To Gremlins offers clothes and shoes, just in time for the spooky season. Our favorites are the bloody ones Nightmare on Elm Street Sk8 HI and the 80s The Lost Boys Style 47 Creepers.

a bottle of whiskey


Patrón Sherry Cask Añejo

Finally, the tequila world has understood that secondary maturation in barrels can bring out a lot of new flavors. Here, Patrón pushes his añejo and ages it a bit more, adding two years of time in Sherry Oloroso casks. The result presents dried fruits on the palate, as well as notes of pear and pecan nuts; it works exceptionally well in cocktails that you wouldn’t necessarily pair with tequila (we’ve tried it in a mule variation that we love).

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