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Necklaces that you should wear and take off infrequently



When it comes to incorporating accessories into your outfits, it’s important to show restraint. If you catch yourself stacking a dozen necklaces, rings, and bracelets, donning a row of earrings, and donning one rhinestone-encrusted belt at a time, you’ve gone too far – and that’s especially true if you you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable doing it. You need to be confident in your ability to add items like a necklace (and maybe one or two bracelets, earrings, or rings). TLDR: One or two props shouldn’t trigger impostor syndrome.

So how exactly can you increase your self-confidence? Repetition! If you pick up the rhythm of wearing a necklace every day, literally no one can stop you. You’ll get used to the way it hangs around your neck, how it looks over or under your diapers, and how certain designs – chain, pendant, ring, or even choker – suit different outfits.

The styles below turn out to be pretty straightforward. None wears spikes or is too tight around the neck; or, on the contrary, hang too low. They occupy a middle ground that proves to be manageable for all types of men – jewelry newbies and accessories enthusiasts.

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Peace sign pendant

The silver peace sign pendant on the hands signals a lot while remaining very subtle. This is a 49cm plain chain with pendants (a peace sign and the brand’s butterfly logo) that hang on both the front and the clasp.

X Nude Gold Necklace

Oversized stick and ring aside, Elhanati’s X Nude Necklace is a fairly simple and straightforward design. Wear it with anything; other gold or silver accessories included.

Figaro chain

Measuring 50cm, Maple’s classic Figaro chain is long enough to hide under a top layer, but also long enough to be clearly visible if it slips. In addition, it is made of 925 sterling silver with an easy to use lobster clasp.

Coin pendant

An iconic look, a coin pendant can convey religious beliefs, organizational affiliation, family lineage or more. (Maybe your acceptance into a secret society?) In the case of Tom Wood’s iteration, this is a reference to an ancient Greek coin found in Afghanistan.

Jax Tag Drop Chain

There are ways to wear an identity tag without being reported for stolen value. Martine Ali’s delicate Jax Tag Drop chain, for example, swaps the heavy construction of something adjacent military with softer, more refined elements.

Tahir Stone Slice Necklace

Hat maker Nick Fouquet’s stab at fine jewelry results in an interesting two-piece Tahir necklace in gold and three crimped stone splices, two at the front and one attached to the clasp.

Orb pendant necklace

This one is just as fancy as the others on this list, but it’s also a bit more fun. Vivienne Westwood applies an Orb graphic to the front of the gold pendant and attaches it to a 51cm chain.

Mermaid Necklace

The LHN Mermaid Necklace looks like treasure recovered from one of our Seven Seas. But this is not the case. It’s new, featuring a hand-carved sterling silver pendant with a portrait on one side and the words “never see the earth again” written on the other.

Flat curb chain necklace

Mejuri has been a staple for women looking for minimalist jewelry for several years. The brand has since started including men’s pieces in their collections, including this flat curb chain necklace made from recycled 14k solid gold.

Embossed logo pendant

Stamped with the brand’s initials, WM, and the number of years in business, 25, the embossed logo pendant is a fairly simple design with its own uniqueness. It sounds a lot more personal than it leads.

Canto necklace

This 24 karat gold ‘Canto V necklace’ is inspired by the lessons and messages of the namesake song of Dante’s epic poem, Divine Comedy, from the 14th century, exploring how we cope with external forces and difficulties, ”explains the Mark. See? He looks good and tells a story, even if it’s not yours.

Chain necklace

Want a safe place to start? Try the All Blues chain necklace. It’s durable yet incredibly light, making it something A.) you’ll barely feel when turned on and B.) few will really notice.

Lennox Pendant Necklace

Miansai makes a number of affordable pieces for men. Among them is the Lennox pendant necklace, which consists of a gold chain and green enamel in a gold frame.

Draped curb chain

Neither gold nor silver, the Lone Flag Drap Curb Chain is black instead. It will take a patina, however, the brand explains, which means it will take on a burnished silver appearance with wear and tear.

Number Logo Ring Necklace

You know how some people slip rings on chains to keep them secure? Surely you’ve seen him in a movie or something. This is a great place to put on a ring that you might have passed or given away by someone else. Maison Margiela co-opted the idea of ​​its logo number ring. You just have to make up a story to go with it whenever someone inevitably asks for it.

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