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Menswear brand INHERENT hosts event to support men’s emotional well-being


Colorado Springs-based brand INHERENT combines fashion and mental health to equip male-identifying people with the resources they need to succeed. The Collective, an annual event hosted by the brand on July 30 at Kinship Landing, brings together men from the community to connect and focus on their emotional well-being.

INHERENT founder Taylor Draper at Denver Fashion Week Spring 2022. Photo by Roxanna Carrasco.

INHERENT participated in New York Fashion Week in addition to presenting a collection at Denver Fashion Week, making a name for themselves in the fashion community. The brand currently operates out of a storefront in Colorado Springs, but plans to expand as it grows. Shortly after launching the clothing brand with high-end menswear, the founder Taylor Draper launched The Foundation by INHERENT. Next to Andrew PerketPresident of the INHERENT Foundation, the brand has grown to create an outlet for men to address, discuss and manage their mental health.

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The Foundation offers multiple settings for men in the community to get involved, network, and develop the resources they need to succeed – fashionably and emotionally. From the monthly caucuses and forums to the collective, INHERENT consistently promotes mental wellness for men. This upcoming collective event will continue to promote the Foundation’s mission.

“We’ve seen men challenge the status quo of what it means to ‘be a man’ and receive help for the first time in their lives,” Perkett said. “We are currently paying ten men to receive professional resources as well as to run our own internal council.”

Photo of Roxanna Carrasco at Denver Fashion Week Spring 2022.

By continuing to raise awareness, the INHERENT team aims to give back by helping more men in the community come to terms with their emotional well-being. They find that these events simultaneously stimulate the progress of men who benefit from INHERENT’s resources and mission.

“We think it’s worth celebrating. Often when it comes to improving ourselves, we don’t take the time to celebrate how far we’ve come, and we want this event to offer that to people. of our community,” Perkett said.

Join INHERENT to build support for men’s mental wellness on July 30 at Kinship Landing. The event will last from 3 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. and will feature live music, food, games, and a fashion show. The event is free and open to all.