Loans can make many dreams come true

A new car, the financing of a house or another heart wish that you have been dreaming of for a long time. You can also use loans to solve short-term problems that you are not responsible for. We guarantee short processing times so that you often receive an offer from a lender just one day after your application. Because we know how quickly you can get into a situation where you need money quickly. An instant loan is the only way to get out of the misery. Regardless of whether with or without credit bureau information: Apply for your loan now free of charge and without obligation.

Credit without? It’s that easy!

Credit without? It

In the event of a financial bottleneck, the first way usually leads to the house bank. But what if they no longer grant their customers loans due to a negative credit bureau entry? An entry with credit bureau remains for at least three years; and often you do not have the time to wait for the entry to be deleted. Because financial worries do not take breaks and do not wait for better times. For this reason, we offer you free and non-binding comparisons for loans that are issued with or without credit bureau information. The loan application itself is completed quickly and easily and is processed immediately. The main advantages of our loans are:

    1. credit bureau information is not necessary
    2. You do not have to specify a purpose in the loan application
    3. Flexible terms
    4. Low and guaranteed interest rates
    5. The payment is made immediately

It is not important to us whether you use your loan for debt rescheduling, the long-awaited vacation or something else. While conventional banks ask for information about the purpose of your loan application, you are completely free with one of our online loans.

The term and the rates of our loans can be selected flexibly. How to get an individual loan at a guaranteed low interest rate from 4.9%. And immediately. After you have completed the loan application, it will be examined in detail. A short time later you will receive an answer with a personal offer. If this corresponds to your ideas, the payment is made immediately after a short final examination. This can be transferred to your checking account or in cash.

Where do the loans come from?

Where do the loans come from?

The loans offered here come from different, often international credit institutions. While your German house bank reacts rather skeptically to a loan application, especially with existing credit bureau entries, banks from other European countries are significantly more open to lending. Our contacts also include German institutes. Depending on the conditions you have applied for, we negotiate with up to 20 banks, select the most attractive offers and only recommend absolutely reliable loans at the best conditions and with a flexibly determinable term. And it is absolutely non-binding and free of charge.

What is lending based on?


In addition to a clean credit bureau file, most banks require a large number of collateral before they even calculate your creditworthiness and process your loan application. You are also required to specify the purpose of your loans. With our offers, there are only three points to consider. All that counts for us and our partners is that you:

  • are at least 18 years old and at most 75 years old
  • with a permanent place of residence in Germany
  • have an income

For many lenders, regular income is an important criterion. The self-employed and freelancers are often disadvantaged here. But even these professional groups can easily get loans on favorable terms. Request a free loan comparison now and benefit from flexible terms and low rates.

What types of credit are granted?

Loans can take many different forms. In addition to the loan amount, term and interest rate, a distinction is also made between the basic types of loans. The modalities of repayment are usually determined on the basis of the amount stated in the loan application. A distinction is first made between the following types of credit:

  • installment loan
  • Personal loans
  • balloon loan
  • Construction Financing

installment loan

The most common type in the area of ​​loans is a so-called installment loan. In this variant, a fixed loan amount and an interest rate in percent are agreed, which is calculated over the year. With the repayment beginning, fixed monthly installments are now paid until the loan is repaid. This type of loan is often referred to as car loan or small loan, since it is not uncommon for a new car to be financed with this type of loan. The amount usually amounts to between 5,000 and 75,000 USD. The term rarely exceeds seven years.

Personal loans

Personal loans

Loans that are concluded between private individuals are commonly referred to as personal loans. Another term for these loans is peer-to-peer credit. A bank or other credit institution is not involved in this business. The advantages: A credit bureau check is also omitted here and both the interest rate and the term can be flexibly designed. Your bank doesn’t give you a loan? Request an offer for your personal loan here. Personal loans are often used for short-term purchases or debt rescheduling. In this way, you can get us through a simple application just as quickly as other types of credit. As always, the loan application is completely non-binding and does not cost you a cent.

balloon loan

balloon loan

Similar to car or installment loans, loans that can be taken out on a balloon principle also work. Fixed monthly installments are also paid here until the final installment is reached. However, this is significantly higher than the previous payments, which is why such loans are also called final installment loans. The first repayment rates are usually quite low, while the remaining repayment at the end of the term often makes up half of the entire loan.

The type of loan agreed in this way is similar to the principle of leasing and, like the installment loan, is often used to buy a car. The big difference, however, is that a car funded by a balloon loan immediately becomes your property, which is not the case with a lease. Despite the level of the final installments, balloon loans have some advantages. Only a small amount is paid over the term – so you can save money first. If at the end of the current contract you decide not to pay the high final installment, you have the option of transferring the car to the borrower.

Construction Financing

Building your own house is probably the biggest dream for many. Without a loan, this plan is mostly an impossibility. If there is still a negative credit bureau entry, the creditworthiness is badly damaged. For more than 40 years we have been helping our customers to realize their dreams immediately. Building finance is just another component of this concept. With a few simple clicks, you can now fill out a loan application and finance your dream home. The money is paid directly into your checking account or given to you in cash. Flexible terms, low interest rates and quick payouts are the features that describe our loans. The repayment will be made according to the conditions you want, but you can choose the term as flexibly from our offers as the interest rate. Loans from our partners are 100% reliable and are paid out immediately. Benefit from our years of experience.

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