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Learn how to properly maintain your exercise equipment with these hacks



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Between the sweat, smellsand normal wear and tear, your workout leggings and gear can take a hit. Fortunately, these simple hacks will teach you how to properly care for your leggings and workout clotheshelping them last longer and stay looking like new!

For these hacksYou will need:

Maintenance of exercise clothes To hack 1: pre-treat with white vinegar to eliminate odors

Continue your training clothes feel fresh by soaking them in a mixture of one part white vinegar and four parts water for 15 to 30 minutes before washing them.

Clothes Care Exercise Tip 2: Turn Items Inside Out Before Washing

Preserve the look and color of your workout leggings and gear. Return each item before disposing of it in the washing to prevent the fabric from fading.

Exercise Clothing Care Tip 3: Use the Right Products

Protect your workout leggings and gear with the right products! Since fabric softener can damage some fabrics, use a detergent intended specifically for sportswear instead.

Exercise Clothing Care Tip 4: Follow Care Label Washing Instructions

make your workout leggings and gear last for years by simply following the instructions on each item’s care label.

Clothes care exercise Tip 5: Dry items flat instead of hanging them

Keep it elasticity keep your leggings and workout gear firm and stretchy plus keep them from sagging by laying them flat on a towel to dry instead of hanging them up.

Get a head start on these useful hacks with a pair of high-quality, high-performance, and reliable leggings like the Transcend ⅞ Tight from Athletica!

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