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When you exercise, the last thing you want to think about is your clothes. There are a number of more important thoughts that should occupy your mind, such as: “Dnotear up on this rock;“”THElooked this beautiful view;“”What’s my heart rate?“etc. Unfortunately, all too often, sartorial malfunctions can hamper a perfectly successful ride. Maybe your shorts are irritating, or maybe they keep coming down as you run. A possible solution? The Indura Stay in shorts. These shorts are designed to fit so well you won’t even notice it.

The author in his running element, wearing the Stay Put shorts from Indura Athletic.

Indura Athletic, a small business producing handcrafted clothing, focuses on creating products that fit the athletic body of women and allows them to focus on their workouts, not their clothes. With unique innovative design features, the Stay Put Shorts do just that.

Unlike most fitted running shorts, Stay Put shorts feature a thin, grippy tape on the bottom hem that keeps them in place and prevents them from riding up. Plus, they’re designed to hug the curves of your body, with the crotch being longer to limit irritation, paired with a shorter outer seam to deliver a flattering look.

Indura Stay Put Shorts are available in a variety of color options.

Pockets on both legs allow you to store items such as keys, phones or snacks while you run.

The pockets of the shorts work well for storing a phone, keys or snacks while running.

The shorts are presented with two options, the mid rise or high rise curve. The mid-rise curve descends below the navel and curves around the hips towards a high back, while the high-rise option sits above the navel at a uniform height around the waist.

The mid-size option of the Indura Stay Put Shorts is pictured here.

As a rule of thumb, I’ve always gone for looser running shorts, but after purchasing the Indura Stay Put shorts, I started wearing them more and more frequently. Not only are they practical and well-designed, but they’re also stylish and make me feel like I’m quick when I hit the trails.

The author tests the Indura Athletic Stay Put shorts during a mountain run.

Being a new and evolving company, Indura is always open to feedback and each product launch produces a new and slightly improved design. Currently, Indura is closed to orders, but you can keep an eye on the next product launch on induraathletic.com or on Instagram at @induraathletic.

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