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“I’m a classic introvert, so isolation is really nice for me”: Rahul Khanna


“Mr Khanna”, as actor Rahul Khanna’s Instagram profile puts it, is a “Bollywood boutique actor”. He may not pose for the paparazzi, but he manages to charm his fans’ social media by regularly sharing drool-worthy photos that are sure to knock your knees out.

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His photos are always relevant: perfect pose, expression and style (even shirtless!). So when we asked him about his mantra, the actor shared that he takes his wardrobe very seriously and makes sure to “dress to always impress.” Perhaps then it was only natural for him to venture into the world of fashion entrepreneurship, which he recently did with a capsule collection of men’s accessories.

From his personal style ideology as an expression of himself to his foray into fashion and some good tips, the fifties who is preparing the release of his new film Lostspoke with indianexpress.com exclusively on all this and much more! Edited eexcerpts below:

How would you describe your pandemic experience?

I’m a classic introvert, so isolation is really nice for me! I was able to adapt quite easily to confinement. I was busy most days with Zoom calls – working on conceptualizing the RKXC line and working with Aniruddha (Roy Chowdhury), preparing for Lost. I was locked in without any staff, so I also did all my cooking and Housekeeping. I was lucky to be in an area where there was easy access to the outdoors, so I was able to get plenty of fresh air and exercise safely. My thoughts are with everyone who has been more directly affected by the virus and faced personal tragedy.

Tell us about your foray into the men’s accessories line.

I have always been interested in style and I have a specific point of view on what I like. When Chokore (who specializes in accessories) approached me, it seemed like a good choice and a chance to do something creative and different.

How would you define your style?

Style is an expression of your personality. It’s how you present yourself to the world and say something about yourself without speaking. My personal style is understated and unfussy. i like classic men’s clothes and muted colors. Everyone’s style should be unique because everyone is unique.

And your fashion ideology?

I like simplicity and elegance, as in the mathematical sense, nothing foreign or difficult. I also tend to steer clear of anything too “trendy” and like items that have longevity and will last a long time. I don’t really like wearing color often unless it’s on a accessory. But that’s just me. I like to see people who have very different tastes express themselves through their clothing choices.

Your advice for investing in men’s accessories?

I suggest you start with the basics.

– An elegant plain navy silk tie
– A pristine white pocket square (there are both fine linen and eri silk options)
– A black bow tie to tie
– A black silk tie
– A festive silk pocket square to wear during traditional Indian festivals

Five things you don’t leave home without and why…

Sunglasses (gives me a false sense of intimacy)
My AirPods (I love podcasts, listening to music and meditating while stuck in Mumbai traffic)
Hand sanitizer (I was doing this before the pandemic!)
A few face masks (I always mask strictly in indoor public places)
A bottle of water (I’m always thirsty and I drink liters every day)

How would you prepare to impress on a date?

You don’t need anything to impress. Just be respectful and be yourself. Your personality is what should shine through. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the environment you are in, your attire is clean and ironed, and you have a fresh shower. In terms of a accessory, I would recommend a simple white pocket square. Here’s a pro tip: pulling a freshly washed white linen pocket square out of your pocket and offering it to someone in need of a handkerchief is also an incredibly chivalrous and charming gesture that’s sure to win you over. admiration and praise.

How important is it for people to reinvent themselves?

It depends on the individual. If you feel the need to reinvent, reinvent! I prefer the term refining. You have to evolve and become the best possible version of yourself.

Your take on androgynous fashion.

As we evolve as a species, our views on gender also evolve beyond the outdated binary construct. And fashion reflects this. Although the “RKXC Collection” includes what is considered traditionally masculine furniture, this collaboration is truly for anyone who loves classic menswear, regardless of the gender they identify with or conform to. I like to see people of all persuasions wearing ties or pocket squares, either in the customary way (with sharp suits) or, creatively, tied around the neck, in the hair, as a belt, as a bracelet or still adorning the handles of a bag. At the end of the day, stylefor me, is about self-expression and should never be limited by societal norms.

A timeless fashion tip…

Be honest with yourself, Express yourself.

And then ?

No idea! I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for me.

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