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‘Grit Factory’ shut down on UW football sidelines, but Badgers get material from Collin Wilder’s NIL deals | College football


Fans will no longer see the “Grit Factory” trucker cap on the sidelines of the University of Wisconsin football team on Saturday at Rutgers, but they can purchase one for themselves.

Badgers senior security Collin Wilder signed a pair of name, image and likeness agreements for his Halloween costume that became a turnover prop. These agreements prevent the hat and other “Grit Factory” merchandise from being put away, as UW’s policies prohibit engaging in NIL activities during matches. Wear the hat – what the players did after making turnovers last week against the no. 9 Iowa – during games would advertise the product.

Wilder said he was a little worried about taking the impromptu symbol of the team and adding it to his NIL portfolio. But several companies approached him to create products derived from the original hat, and he made sure his teammates were included.

“In the end, I ended up picking two companies that I thought were obviously great branding, they do a great job of marketing and they’ve had some great things in the past,” Wilder said. “Most importantly, they take care of my teammates. They are ready to send things to my teammates. Because I mean, I didn’t have a turn on this game. I wasn’t wearing the hat, other guys had these turnovers and put it on TV.

Wilder’s deal for “Grit Factory” t-shirts with BreakingT, an online manufacturer, included a clause that each team member received a free t-shirt. His deal with Barstool Sports to sell hats close to the original also included free hats for his teammates.

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