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Gomorrah Introduces ‘World’s First’ Plant-Based Compostable Luxury Shirts for Men


In an industry still dominated by fast fashion and disposable culture, Gomorrah is a menswear brand on a mission to create plant-based, compostable luxury clothing. In the United States alone, 22 billion pounds of clothing is thrown into landfills each year, often polluting the environment with toxic dyes and plastic-derived fibers that can take centuries to decompose.

In response to this current crisis, Gomorrah has embraced sustainability by creating the Compostable Collection, the world’s first 100% compostable and vegan shirts in luxury menswear.

Elegance meets eco-responsibility

The soon-to-be-launched collection features premium button-down shirts made with 100% organic cotton, non-toxic dyes and zero-waste buttons. Most importantly, the brand says, the shirts are designed with the garment’s full lifecycle in mind and made only with materials that “the Earth can easily take back.”

In addition to their eco-friendly attributes, flowy shirts are made with sewing techniques similar to those used in high fashion, including French seams and blind stitching.


Priced at $200 per shirt, Gomorrah says the products also cost a fraction of the prices of most other luxury brands. To further contribute to the protection of the environment, Gomorrah partners with the charitable initiatives One Tree Planted and 1% for the Planet. Through these partnerships, Gomorrah will plant between 3.75 and 6.75 trees for each item purchased and will allocate a percentage of each sale to donate to United States reforestation efforts.

Clothing as an investment

Gomorrah’s compostable t-shirt is currently available on its website, while the deluxe Weekender button up can be ordered on Kickstarter starting in August. As the brand states online, “We are currently the only brand in the international market making compostable luxury menswear… We make premium, ethically sourced, plant-based menswear that can be composted after years and years of use instead of having no choice but to end up in a landfill.