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Get these famous products from TikTok and become “that girl”


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Check out these TikTok-approved products. (Source: Amazon)

It’s not easy being “that girl”, even if you make it look effortless. It’s not just about looks, it’s about being well balanced and keeping up with your overall health and well-being. To stay organized and on track to ensure that you feel mentally and physically at your best.

This TikTok is the perfect inspo and we’ve put together a list of some of the featured products, so you can work to look your best.

Some essentials to be your best self

A shower caddy full of bottles

This shower caddy will make your life much easier. (Source: Amazon)

$20.39 $25.99 at Amazon

Being organized isn’t just for aesthetics — it can help with mental clutter and give you a sense of balance. The shower is a place where you can prepare to start fresh for a new day or wash away the worries of the one who just passed. The TAILI Suction Cup Corner Shower Caddy is just what you need to keep all your shower accessories in order.

This caddy is a space saver, fitting right into the corner of your shower. It is easy to install, just press the warning pad to squeeze out excess air, then stick it firmly on the wall. This sturdy product can hold up to 22 lbs, so it can easily hold all your essentials, from body wash to shampoo and conditioner, without worrying about drops and spills.

jewelry organizer

This organizer will keep your essentials safe and sorted. (Source: Amazon)

$32.99 on Amazon

We know you have the perfect accessories to go with your favorite summer looks. Keep them all organized with the Mebbay Acrylic Jewelry Organizer, so you can find what you need when you need it.

This clear acrylic jewelry organizer is as beautiful as it is durable. It has a velvet interior for the jewelry trays, which helps protect the trays from scratches and dust. It has four drawers that feature different compartment styles: a ring tray, an earring tray, a bracelet tray, and a necklace tray. All your accessories can stay neat, organized and protected. The trays are removable so you can customize your organizer to your storage needs.

A pair of black Bala bracelets

Make every day a workout with these cool Bala wristbands. (Source: Amazon)

$41.05 $49.00 at Amazon

Now it’s time to work on your fitness. Moving your body is a great way to work towards feeling your best, and these Bala wristbands can add the perfect challenge to your workout.

These wristbands come in a variety of colors, so you can pick your favorite and get moving. Bala Wristbands add resistance to your workout and come in a set of two so you can use them as wrist or ankle weights depending on what you’re working on.

These bracelets are comfortable, functional and fashionable. They’re super simple and comfortable, so you won’t be afraid to wear them while you sweat. They are made with recycled steel and encased in soft silicone.

Pink yoga mat

Grab this eco-friendly yoga mat to complete your workout routine. (Source: Amazon)

$28.96 on Amazon

Whether you’re headed to the studio for yoga or Pilates or working out at home (or outdoors), a comfortable mat is essential. This eco-friendly yoga mat is the perfect addition to your gear.

This mat is non-slip, which is essential when you’re moving – when you’re really sweating (hello hot yoga). It’s made with a comfortable, eco-friendly material and offers just the right amount of thickness to keep you comfortable.

Use the carry strap to easily transport your mat to your next yoga or pilates class. When you’re done, just wipe it with a damp cloth or wipe it down and put it in the storage bag until next time.

white diary

Record all your progress and victories in life in this five minute journal. (Source: Amazon)

$28.99 on Amazon

With so much going on day to day, it’s important to make sure we’re keeping track of our mental health. The five-minute journal gives you the space to clear your mind, write it all down, and think about the positives.

This journal contains six months of daily journaling pages featuring prompts, challenges, inspirational quotes, positive affirmations and more. It gives you a chance to organize your thoughts and feelings while giving you inspiration to keep things going on a positive note.

Make time each day to fill out your gratitude list, write affirmations, reflect on the highlights of your day, and reflect on yourself. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can increase your optimism and improve your overall well-being. This product is a great way to put your best foot forward to become your best self.

Being “that girl” is hard work, but with the right tools, it becomes second nature. Use the products in this roundup to help you stay on top so you can look and feel your best. You have this.

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