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Get ready for summer action at Grand Targhee Resort, WY

Two-wheeled nature transit trail at ‘Ghee. Photo: courtesy GTR

Presented by Grand Targhee Resort

There are plenty of good reasons to get excited about spring and summer at the Grand Targhee Resort in the famous Tetons Mountains.

With a traditionally deep snowpack and relatively few skiers, Targhee is already setting the bar high as a winter destination.

In the Tetons, summer attractions literally shine. Photo: PMFadden

But while the POW attracts dreamers, it’s the year-round atmosphere that keeps connoisseurs returning year after year.

And when it comes to summer 2022, the ‘Ghee offers programming that is sure to add a welcome touch of ‘fire’ to the season. Targhee makes a point of stacking its calendar with attractions and events. And each of them is an opportunity to bring the community and the whole family together in the name of good humor.

Jumping for joy is encouraged at Targhee Bike Park. Photo: courtesy GTR

Bike Park extends the resort’s already famous zeal for adventure to the next logical step (and season) by taking TargheeVibe from snow trail to flow trail.

Targhee warmly welcomes gear and cog traffic to downhill terrain otherwise intended for skiing via its already dynamic mountain infrastructure (i.e. terraforming, chairlifts, etc.).

A regular name among the top 5 bike parks in the Northwestern United States, Grand Targhee Resort proudly offers over 2,000 vertical feet of technical downhill and nearly 80 miles of versatile scenic trails. Targhee describes their territory as “gentle cruisers; tight and winding single track; gnarly, boulder-strewn descents and falls.

Setting sun to light the way back from the Targhee trails. Photo: courtesy of GTR

As a destination for peddlers, Targhee Resort offers terrain for all ability levels. And the orientation of the trails benefits the Bike Park with cool, refreshing temperatures, which may be a small subtlety, but it lasts long after a full day of hard riding. Additionally, bike access successfully powers Targhee’s additional outdoor or indoor attractions.

Options abound (and bounce) in the base area of ​​Targhee. Photo: courtesy GTR

If you like action to a different degree, there’s Targhee’s climbing tower or bungee trampoline. And equipment rental or a guide can be booked with your session.

Or there’s the nature interpretive center, a favorite spot for kids of all ages. This hands-on natural learning house is nestled in Mother Nature’s Targhee National Forest and offers skins, supports, books and more to increase the fun of the ‘Ghee’s amazing backyard playground.

Cannonball! Photo: courtesy of GTR

And when muscles are worn out after playing outside, Targhee has a fantastic outdoor swimming pool with a time machine nearby. The property is also home to a comfortable fitness center that overlooks the water. And a charming wooden fence gives guests some privacy while they work out or swim.

Around here, they say: “Long live the trap”. We couldn’t agree more. Photo: courtesy of GTR

Then there’s the well-deserved legend of Trap Bar & Grill; it’s an icon of the west side of Teton and a gathering space like no other. Its vibe is all big mountain energy and a cozy interior, wrapped around a center stage that attracts big headlining talent. Locals adore it from head to toe, so it’s no surprise that the dance floor is usually packed.

Dishes worth biting into Targhee dining options. Photo: courtesy of GTR

Add mouth-watering dinner specials at the Branding Iron to the mix. These meals are also famous for their simmered sides and rich desserts. And the meals are more than enough to fuel the next adventure on the itinerary.

Fun fact: The peaks of the Tetons were once at the bottom of a prehistoric sea. The author and his “executive assistant” on safari for aquatic fossils atop the Great Targhee. Photo: PMFadden

Combine all of the above, and it’s a little surprise; Grand Targhee is an idyllic location for unforgettable holidays and weekends or even a short afternoon getaway.

As a summer hotspot, Targhee is home to wild and dirt tracks, poolside jam sessions and parties, bar quarters, rock climbing, and more. Targhee offers something for everyone, whether on skis or not.

Take the calendar, plan the trip and go to ‘Ghee.

Dreamcatcher Chairlist under twinkling stars. Photo: courtesy of GTR