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Fall 2021 Stand Up Paddleboarding Gear Guide


SAN DIEGO, California – The seasons change and the cooler weather and fall colors will be making their way to your oceans and waterways in no time. Here we have put together a list of SUP equipment, accessories, boards and all the must-haves for everyone from beginner to advanced SUP for the fall SUP season 2021, so there will definitely be something to do with it. thing in this guide for everyone. !

Take a look at the 2021 Fall SUP Gear Guide below:


Quickblade T2 full carbon

Our new paddle is the T2 85 All Carbon. The T2 has a single dihedral with progressive concave surfaces, the T2 is incredibly stable yet smooth throughout the race, the contour shape is a perfect marriage of the previous Trifecta and V-Drive models. The T2 is the successor to the previously popular Trifecta series. Learn more.

autumn20 gg ph moon haze
Paddle Project SUP Hydro FlowX Black

Patented Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) is designed to dramatically increase paddle efficiency and smoothness by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade movement. The Deep Power Scoop (DPS) with dihedral edges delivers power in a controlled manner and works in harmony with our AFT to create a one-of-a-kind paddling experience. Learn more.

autumn21 gg vertra
Vertra Sunscreen

This SPF lotion formula provides moisturizing, spread protection that makes head-to-toe application a delight rather than a chore. Harnessing the antioxidant benefits of green tea, carrot and watermelon, combined with the soothing and moisturizing benefits of aloe vera, coconut oil, seaweed, seaweed, mango butter and l sea ​​buckthorn oil, this mineral based lotion works hard to make sure you are protected and hydrated. The exclusive Vertra scent added to this product is not your average sunscreen or coconut scent, but a sophisticated beach-inspired unisex essence. Learn more.

Hydroflask fall20 gg
Hyroflask 20 oz Wide Mouth

The Hydroflask 20oz Wide Mouth Bottle is made of professional grade stainless steel and has a wider mouth for faster filling. We couldn’t imagine a bottle more worthy of a refreshment, so we lifted the silhouette and simplified the design without compromising a degree of performance. And our Color Last ™ powder coating is dishwasher safe for added convenience. The cold stays freezing for 24 hours and the hot stays terribly hot for 12 hours, as always. Learn more.

Boards – Inflatables

autumn20 gg ph moon haze
Pau Hana 10’10 “Solo SUP ™ Backcountry

NEW for 2021, the Solo SUP ™ – Backcountry, is the first touring paddleboard, specially designed for backcountry adventures. He’s the darling of off-road hippies who surf, paddleboard and kayak, created specifically for digital nomads who want to explore secluded waterways accessible only by long hikes or portages. Learn more.

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Surftech Pura Vida Monarch Airtravel

The Monarch Air-Travel has been designed for all ages, levels and types of paddlers, providing the best option for both recreational and sightseeing adventures. The Monarch board combines progressive contours for speed and stability, deck ties, a thermoformed deck pad, and collaborative Pura Vida graphics for the ultimate all-round board. Learn more.

See our review of the Monarch HERE.

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Aztron Falcon Air X 5’10

AZTRON’s new FALCON AIR X 5’10 is a compact version of a foil-specific board offering an easier entry into the world of the foil industry. With a compact length and light weight, this board is responsive and easier to handle. Its extra large deck area gives a great volume and facilitates the release during take-off and touchdown. Learn more.

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TAHE 10’6 SUP-YAK with Kayak Kit

100% Kayak, 100% Paddle Board, 200% FUN! The 10’6 BEACH SUP-YAK is a stable, lightweight and easy to use 2-in-1 inflatable kayak and paddle board set for one person with extra large capacity for kids, pets and gear. Learn more.

Discover our TAHE SUP-Yak test HERE.

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Slingshot Crossbreed with sUPWINDER

Enter the new and exciting sport of Wing Surf and gather the basics of upwind and downwind sailing on a soft and stable platform before taking the next step towards a dedicated foil board. The Crossbreed board has a removable center keel fin, making it versatile from a standard stand up paddle board to a beginner kite board. Learn more.

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Body Glove Kayoga SUPYAK

The versatile Kayoga SUPYAK set includes SUP and kayak conversion accessories to allow two paddle configurations in one ultra-stable board. Its cleverly designed integrated paddle carry system eliminates the need for an integrated handle in the center of the board to leave ample free space for exercise on a full-length EVA yoga mat. Easily link your board to a friend’s board by attaching a paddle to the patented carry handle / water bottle holder on each of your boards. Learn more.

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Bay Sports Original Series – ‘Wood Look’

A limited edition 11’6 Original Series board. Our most popular inflatable touring SUP came out in a stunning wood look finish. Designed for paddlers who want more speed and stability on the water, but not after a race board. Our design team crafted this 32 “wide by 6” thick shape to deliver a contoured board that feels incredibly stable underfoot, all thanks to its wedge heel design. The beautifully tapered nose cuts through any chop, and paired with our 3 piece fiberglass SUP paddle, it’s a paddling dream. Learn more.

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Boards – Hard Tops

autumn20 gg ph moon haze
Aztron Europa 12’6 “Bamboo Hiking SUP

The all-new EUROPA 12’6 “Bamboo SUP from AZTRON is the latest addition to the touring collection. Incorporating the versatile characteristics of bamboo and creating a board that maximizes stability and glide without compromising performance. The EUROPA is designed for long distances, perfect for those who wish to venture further afield and fully immerse themselves in all that nature has to offer. Learn more.

autumn20 gg ph moon haze
SIC Maui Raptor 5.0

The Raptor foil board is a performance dream board. This board is easily lifted thanks to its relatively low rocker. The chines of the rail reduce the chances of catching the touchdown when tilting upwind, cutting a jibe, or making tight turns in waves. This board is narrower than a foil SUP board because you have the power of the kite to generate stability, which comes from the forward momentum when you accelerate from a sitting or kneeling position. The board still has enough volume to start standing upright for the more advanced wing foiler. Add foot straps for the board for more power to the foil or if you intend to take some air. Learn more.

autumn20 gg ph moon haze

The DC Foil is shaped and designed by Dale Chapman. Downwind, Surf foil or wing foil, the DC Foil can do it all. Catch the waves that refuse to break and fly over the slower sections with grace and speed. The DC Foil X is an eco-friendly board with flax fiber rails for added durability. Coupled with the NSP Airwave or with conventional fins there is no need for 2 boards. Learn more.

autumn20 gg ph moon haze
Starboard Touring

The Starboard Touring paddle board is suitable for all skill levels who want the fastest glide for quick paddling with comfortable stability and the ability to carry gear throughout the trip. Exceptional glide of a hull based on the design of the world champion All Star. The additional rail volume provides unique balance and flotation for transporting equipment and supplies. The board lifts well on downwind descents, offering excellent glide. Learn more.

autumn20 gg ph moon haze
NSP Puma Pro Carbon Race Board

A flat board suitable for all paddlers, in all conditions. Athletes who prefer a conventional shape to a recessed cockpit typically run the NSP Puma. The most versatile and user-friendly board in the NSP range, the PUMA is a gateway to performance paddling on a built-in deck. Initially designed for beach races, Pumas have evolved into high performance downwinds and flat water boards. Learn more.

autumn20 gg ph moon haze
Surftech Lido

The Lido Stand Up paddle board, built in UTILITY ARMOR, has a larger volume and full rails allowing paddlers to float with ease in calm waters and small chops. EPS foam, high quality fiberglass, epoxy resin, reinforced rails and molded Utility Armor shell make the Lido extremely durable for rental facilities, beginners and families. The Lido also includes a full DeckPad with cutouts, which reduce weight, deck ties, an integrated rental / ledge handle for more comfortable transport and safety, and an extra large safety grip / leash offering two points to lock this board. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE and STABLE SUP. This is the best SUP for you. Learn more.

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autumn20 gg ph moon haze
Pop Board Co Huckleberry

The Huckleberry 11’0 ″ is designed to explore and feel the freedom of open water. Designed with a ton of bulk, the Huckleberry is the ultimate cruiser for discovering rivers, lakes, harbors and coasts. The unique bamboo veneer highlights the natural wood layer, making each plank one of a kind. No two boards are alike. Learn more.

Be sure to visit your local retailer to find all of these items and more this fall season!

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