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Eurobike 2022 Tech Gallery #8: Cargo Bikes Galore


Eurobike’s loading hall was full of outlandish electric mobility concepts, like this crazy four-wheel front loader from German company Vowag.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a big fan of e-cargo bikes. Sure, they’re heavy and unwieldy, they’re expensive, and they’re nowhere near as nimble as a standard e-bike when it comes to getting around. But if you’re looking at e-bikes as a way for people to replace their automobiles, you also have to provide them with a way to transport their kids and belongings – and if this latest Eurobike show is any indication, the future looks pretty bright.

One of the reasons I’m so excited about the segment is the level of ingenuity and creativity that’s on display here. Unlike road or gravel bikes – or even mountain bikes – cargo bikes have very few restrictions in terms of appearance or design. Here it’s often purely about function rather than form, and with so many different engineers and designers studying the problem and needs, there are so many different solutions and ideas at play.

Upcoming EU cargo bike rules could very well alleviate that a bit – perhaps for the better – but until then it’s the real Wild West out there, and the wealth of inventiveness can’t that lead to good things in the future.

This is our final round of coverage from the Eurobike 2022 show, but be sure to head over to our main Eurobike page for all sorts of other goodies from this year’s event. See you next year in Frankfurt!