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Courrèges returns to the masculine with a collection that is both romantic and sharp





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June 26, 2021

French fashion brand Courrèges returns to men’s fashion with Paris Wednesday Men’s Fashion Week, a romantic and cutting-edge collection created by Belgian designer Nicholas di Felice.

The co-edited collection, like most shows at French Men’s Fashion Week, was screened in the second episode of Diffelice following the unveiling of the brand’s womenswear collection in March. It was.

The white cubes from the brownfields of the Last Mining Station in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), the center of the Parisian counter-culture, served as the backdrop for both collections. In the final on Wednesday, this decoration leaves room for the edge of the forest and symbolizes the new-found freedom gained by the slowdown in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The elegant figure-hugging Courrèges stands out from the non-sexist oversized silhouette that has been sweeping through Fashion Week since Tuesday.

In this collection, Difelice combines graphic elements such as the brand’s signature square neckline and trapeze dress with workwear elements drawn from the silhouette of the working world that he is very fond of. ..

A large plaid coat with raglan sleeves is paired with a cap and a zipped jacket. Belgian Di Felice also chose to unveil the first clogs and an impressive sleeveless jacket. The collection also expanded the designer’s monochrome palette to include distinctive shades of sunny yellow, black and white.

Difrice was appointed Creative Director of Courrèges in September to breathe new life into the Parisian fashion house, which became famous for its futuristic style in the 1960s.

Di Felice, 38, graduated from Lacumble in Brussels, Belgium Balenciaga, Dior, Louis Louis vuitton With designer Nicolas Ghesquière Di Felice succeeded German designer Yolanda Zobel In Courreges, who left the brand in January 2020 after two years of popularity and a promise to end plastic production.

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Courrèges returns to the masculine with a collection that is both romantic and sharp

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