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Citroën’s forgotten Group B competitor could now be yours


Group B remains one of the most famous and impressive periods in rally history, almost four decades after its debut in 1982. Automakers have clashed with turbocharged four-wheel-drive monsters with numbers of insane power and flares so big your mother would disapprove of. Even Citroën stepped into the action, bringing the exotic BX 4TC to the competition. Now one of the extremely rare original rally cars could soon be yours.

The car in question is sold by the auction house Artcurial. It is also not one of the Citroen BX 4TC homologation models for the road. This is a BX 4TC Evolution, one of the current Group B competition vehicles driven by rally driver Jean-Claude Andruet. Apparently the car is still in very good condition, Andruet stating “The gearbox is very good … although the car has been in the museum all these years.”

The Citroën BX 4TC had a difficult upbringing, with the French automaker starting development in 1983, a year after Group B started. Five prototypes were prepared with different concepts, with different transmission configurations and even a frame design. tailor-made space. However, with the rally program running out of cash, Citroën opted to go with a front-engine design based on a monocoque chassis with a fuel-injected, turbocharged version of the rather old Chrysler 180 engine.

The result was a car that just didn’t have the right foundation to keep up with the rest. By the time it entered competition in 1986, its competitors had already switched to light mid-engined designs, compared to the French design with a heavy iron block engine mounted near the headlights.

The BX 4TC weighed 1150 kg, or 190 kg above the minimum weight limit of 960 kg in Group B. Other cars in the category, with space designs coated with composite bodywork, came very close. more than this figure. If the weight penalty wasn’t bad enough, it was also underpowered, with just 380 horsepower, well below the 500 horsepower or more of cars like the Lancia Delta S4 or the top Ford RS200.

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