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BMW recalls 440,000 R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS bicycles for…


BMW has ordered a recall of its flagship GS models, the R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS.

BMW has recalled the R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS models produced between 2013 and 2021 for the installation of a ventilation valve on the cardan shaft.

A total of 440,000 bicycles are subject to the recall, produced between 2013 and 2021.

The problem for which BMW is recalling the aforementioned models is related to the damage that can be caused to the cardan shaft, which leads to a loss of drive.

German publication Motorrad says the faults have also affected the R 1200 RT and R 1250 RT since 2013, but in the GS models the problem is exaggerated due to the bike’s design; especially the angle of the swingarm bend between the gimbal tunnel and the rear axle gearbox, as well as the longer suspension travel on the GSs compared to the RTs.

To remedy the problem, BMW will drill a small hole in the rear of the motorcycle, near the transverse joint, and insert a valve in the hole. This valve will allow air and moisture to flow out of the cardan tunnel, without any entry from the outside.

BMW will of course offer this modification free of charge and suggest that there is no need to make urgent appointments with your local dealer to fix the problem immediately – it is advisable to wait for your next scheduled service appointment, according to Motorrad.

BMW has been aware of the problem for some time and since October 2021 has equipped all newly built R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS motorcycles with the ventilation hole.

Source: Motorrad; there was no official notification of the recall on the FEMA database.

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