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Best white t-shirts for women 2022


The plain white t-shirt is a wardrobe staple for a reason. “There are few pieces that truly stand the test of time, and the white t-shirt is one of them. It’s a blank slate for any outfit or character,” says Sara Klausing, Founder of Seek , the Manhattan-based site. discover products directly on the screen (think of the buzz around the Merz white tees that Jeremy Allen White wears in the breakout series the bear, for example). As Klausing notes, the best white t-shirts for women are actually genderless basics that started as menswear and evolved into today’s unisex essential.

“White t-shirts are our fashion saviors,” says Donté McGuine, a bicoastal stylist who keeps essentials on hand for clients like Evan Mock, whom he recently styled for a shoot with multiple t-shirts. white shirts from Uniqlo. “I can’t tell you how many times a white t-shirt has saved a red carpet or a photoshoot,” he says, citing a moment in Paris last month when he cut a basic white t-shirt into a custom crop top for his client. Lil Dr. Here, 10 of the best women’s white t-shirts that fashion industry insiders swear by.

Best white t-shirt for women

Uniqlo: Stylists’ favourite, designed in Paris, ultra-smooth fabric

“Uniqlo makes the white t-shirts I swear I’ll wear forever,” says Klausing, who wears the men’s Supima cotton version for a classic unisex piece. “They have the perfect high neck and are roomier around the sleeves.” McGuine supports the choice. “Before each shoot, I normally stop at Uniqlo for simple white cotton t-shirts,” he says, noting that the brand offers several weights for all temperatures. For the line’s U collection, designers from around the world led by creative director Christophe Lemaire come together at their research and development center in Paris to create designs like this, which is made from 100% cotton with a low pile for an ultra-soft hand (aka how it feels to the touch).

Best expensive white t shirt for women

James Perse: Recycled cotton fibers, durable softness

“James Perse shirts are so soft and retain that softness after multiple washes,” McGuine says of the brand he considers “by far one of the best t-shirt brands.” For their recycled lotus jersey t-shirt, the lightweight cotton comes from recycled fibers (a win for the environment not only for waste, but also for production, as cotton is one of the most thirsty crops in agricultural industry) and features a relaxed fit. For a non-recycled option, the best-selling Vintage Little Boy Tee is specially treated with extra fabric softener for a lived-in feel.

Best affordable white t-shirt for women

Hanes: Timeless, Tagless, Moisture Wicking

“Style is what makes you feel good,” says Klausing, who thinks the classic white tee is a genderless staple. “I personally like a high crew neck inspired by menswear and a heavier weight cotton or knit.” The familiar Hanes 3-pack underwear shouldn’t be underestimated when it incorporates smart features like a tagless design, moisture-wicking fabric and extended waistband for a range of body types.

Best fitting white t-shirt for women

Reformation: stretch rib, cap sleeves, slim fit

Reformation’s form-fitting, stretchy Muse Short-Sleeve Tee recalls some of history’s most popular fits. “The short, ribbed knit white t-shirt gives Milla Jovovich The fifth Element,” said Klausing. For a particularly forward-thinking approach to the grassroots, Reformation designs the Muse t-shirt locally, with a sustainability impact of saving 11 pounds of carbon dioxide and over 3,000 gallons of water.

Best cropped white t-shirt for women

Lululemon: 4-way stretch, range of sizes, ultra-lightweight

This roomy, lightweight piece from Lululemon is made from a super soft four-way stretch fabric and comes in sizes 0-20. For styling, it’s a must-have. “I love a moment of low-rise pants with a slightly cropped white t-shirt,” McGuine says of the value of this choice, which he considers “so classic and edgy at the same time.”

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Best boxy white t-shirt for women

Re/Done x Hanes: Reclaimed Fabric, One of a Kind, Made in USA

“This boxy Re/Done x Hanes t-shirt is an amazing addition to your wardrobe,” says McGuine. “On the one hand, it’s a brand that practices sustainability,” he notes of Re/Done, which takes reclaimed vintage fabrics, in this case Hanes t-shirts, and reconstructs them to create a fit. modern, resulting in a t-shirt that is completely unique. “It’s the perfect shape for all body types, so it’s a win-win situation,” says McGuine.

Best white crew neck t-shirt for women

Three Dots: Slim Fit, Classic Design, Made in USA.

Klausing compares Three Dots short sleeve crewnecks to some of the most coveted in the industry. “Thanks to costume designer Mona May, Alicia Silverstone wears a fitted white crew neck throughout Distraught,” she notes. This cotton staple made in the USA is a modern take on a classic staple. “Three Dots t-shirts have a heavyweight woven cotton that’s snug enough to be flattering as a layer or worn on its own,” says Klausing.

Best white v-neck t-shirt

Calvin Klein: Unisex, ultra-soft for layering


Calvin Klein’s classic v-neck has become an industry-favorite layering piece, thanks to its ultra-soft, silky-feel fabric. “When I buy a white t-shirt for a customer, I look for the quality of the fabric,” says McGuine. “I need the t-shirt to last a few seasons.” This breathable cotton comes in a convenient three-pack and is comfortable enough to wear under other pieces without overheating, and it washes well for a long-lasting investment.

Best white scoop neck t-shirt for women

Pilcro: Size range from petite to plus, 100% organic cotton

Pilcro’s scoop neck t-shirt is an Athropologie exclusive available in a range of sizes from petite to plus and boasts a sustainable 100% organic cotton label. “In 2022, it’s all about sustainability,” says McGuine. Rolled sleeves and a portrait neckline elevate the silhouette for a range of styling possibilities.

Best organic white cotton t-shirt for women

Ninety Percent: Soft Drape, Naturally Stretchy, Net-Sustain Approved

“Poor quality shirts get eaten up in the washer and dryer and then become unusable, which is not sustainable,” says McGuine. There’s value in investing in a piece that will stand the test of time and is sustainably made from the ground up, like the Drew Organic Cotton Jersey from Ninety Percent, which originally sold Net-A-Porter and has just been restocked due to high demand. . Mid-weight and designed for a relaxed fit, this tee will give you room to walk around while maintaining a clean silhouette.

What to consider when buying white t-shirts

It’s not for nothing that some pieces have become bestsellers or have remained wardrobe staples over time. Here, the qualities to consider when buying a white t-shirt made to last.

  • Sustainable materials: When When looking at different options, consider cotton to be the most energy and water intensive crop in the agricultural industry. Whenever possible, investing in t-shirts that contain recycled cotton and sustainably grown materials can have a significant positive environmental impact. This is especially relevant for pieces like white cotton t-shirts that form the basis of your wardrobe and can be reused and recycled through the fashion system if you donate t-shirts that hold up well.
  • Manufacturing: Old-fashioned white t-shirts were often made with a loop wheel pattern, a way of producing fabric through a process that knits cotton threads around a cylinder and eliminates seams on garments. This technique often creates a more durable t-shirt with a hand-woven feel. Some modern iterations of t-shirts, often of Japanese production, still maintain the process. What’s easier to find are coated fibers, organic cotton, and breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that take less time to produce yet are super easy to wear.
  • Objective: If the white t-shirt is meant for layering, a three-pack of unisex basics can often suffice. For something work-appropriate, a ribbed knit or a fitted silhouette can do the trick on their own, while lightweight sportswear fabrics are a useful addition when styling in the summer months.