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Best new for men this week, September 24, 2021



This week’s menswear releases take us back to the streets, most of which are literal. First up, fall drops from some of our favorite streetwear brands, which of course include a number of hoodies that are too hot to handle. One from Reknown is (literally) the most positive of the bunch, and we also have cashmere sweatshirts, hip sneakers, and caps that all match the same bill. And if you want something – you guessed it, literally – that illuminates, check out Balenciaga’s latest streetwear-inspired shades. Looking to go way beyond your hood? Zero Halliburton and Kenzo have everything you need to go the distance, again literally. It’s time to get off the couch and venture outside and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold, and all of these options will definitely help you do it in style.

Steve Aoki Limited Edition Triple Stitched Sneakers

Music to our ears: DJ Steve Aoki and Zegna collaborated on a sneaker that doesn’t skip a beat.

Tigga Hood Black

Put your paws around this fierce collection of Nicce and artist Boy Kong.

Cargo jacket in cotton canvas lined with flannel

Reese Cooper has abandoned his fall 2021 collection, called “Pyrophyte”, which is inspired by the great outdoors, especially plant species that have adapted to tolerate fire.

Printed polo shirt

A banger from a Nike and Drake polo shirt, who is apparently also a certified golf boy.

Loose bootcut jeans

Early fashion is making a comeback, and these new bootcut jeans from Acne Studios are proof of that.

Forum Exhibit mid-top trainers

The Three Stripes have released their Forum Drop 2 collection, which features these colorful kicks that are all the rage with style advice.

LED frame sunglasses

Shade all enemies by getting your hands on these Balenciaga sunglasses, featuring an easily rechargeable LED system that illuminates the brand’s logo.

‘Better Together’ Trucker Cap

Pixar films are made for adults as well as children. And Madhappy drives that point with a collection created in partnership with the beloved film studio.

Large Lightweight and Shiny Edge Travel Case

Zero Halliburton is one of the best luggage brands and its latest collection, named Edge Lightweight Brilliant, lives up to its reputation.

Nimbus rain jacket

Tentree launched the Essential Outerwear collection, which, according to the brand, is “the most sustainable outerwear on the planet”. This rain jacket, for example, is made from 27 recycled water bottles.

Disoriano sunglasses

Brunello Cucinelli x Oliver Peoples

Cashmere King Brunello Cucinelli and Spec Prince Oliver Peoples have joined forces on a sunglasses collection that aims to conquer the eyewear market.

T-Cycle Trucker

We honk for this trucker cap from Tombogo’s latest collection, nicknamed “Nature Heals”.

‘Manifesting & Shit’ hoodie

For his latest collection, John Dean from Renown has imagined a collection that consists of manifesting your dreams.

Richardson jacket

Puff, puff pass is a respectable practice, but with Moose Knuckles’ puffers (who are featured in the campaign campaign photographed by David LaChapelle) on offer, it’s okay to be selfish.

Small Courier Jacquard Messenger Bag

We move from virtual adventures to IRL ones, and here to help us on our journey is the assortment of bags and travel accessories from the new Courier collection from Kenzo.

‘Heaven Ain’t Ready’ leather jacket

For those who sin dropped a leather jacket with a devil-power attitude.

Piper Mids wool sneakers

Keep your feet toasty warm once the temperatures drop with these red wool sneakers from Allbirds.

“Touch me” sweater

Speaking of red, A Better Mistake has released their latest collection, which features this distorted floral sweater that gives the smell of blood a whole new meaning.

Recycled cashmere track pants

Pangaia has given its sweatshirts a touch of luxury and respect for the environment by presenting a collection in recycled cashmere.

Evolution quilted-leather-blend running trainers

The folks at Hypebeast curated a selection of high fashion sneakers for Neiman Marcus, including these quilted sneakers from Maison Margiela, proving that blue is still the hottest color.

Red anniversary hoodie

Sinclair celebrates a year in the biz with a collection focused on the future.

Thick t-shirt

Made from a unique blend of lyocell and pima cotton, CDLP’s new t-shirt definitely holds the heavyweight title in our eyes.

Expedition North Field Post Solar 41mm Watch with Recycled Fabric Strap

If you think it’s time to go trekking or mountaineering, this solar powered watch is the perfect fit for you.

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