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Alkaline’s dancehall hits showcased at Givenchy’s PFW men’s show


The dancehall star received a heavy hitter ahead of his New Rules show in Kingston this week.

A clip on Wednesday showed the deejay’s hit song “Champion Boy” playing in the background as Givenchy models walked the runway during designer Matthew Williams’ menswear show at Paris Fashion Week. The event took place on Wednesday and was well received by dancehall fans, who congratulated the singer on the recognition he received.

The dancehall artist’s music was a major inspiration for Williams, who was nominated in 2020. Alkaline was the inspiration behind the designer’s musical choice and the deejay was hired to work on the soundtrack for the broadcast.

A video shared on social media showed that his hit song “After All” was also used in promotional content for Givenchy and Williams on their respective Instagram accounts.

The song collection included some of the artist’s biggest hits, including ‘My Side of the Story’ and ‘One More Time’, both released in 2016 at the height of the artist’s blossoming career after a controversial entry. in the dance hall.

In a comment, the “My Side of the Story” producer shared that he was overwhelmed by the song’s success and enjoyed the moves it made.

As for Alkaline being the muse behind the collection, The Associated Press noted that “these looks were defined by long, loose silhouettes, frayed hemlines, chunky chains, and fearsome masks,” about Akaline’s use. of the Guy Fawkes face mask and the slogan V for Vendetta.

The artist himself did not react to the reception of the music, but an Alkaline fan account video of the artist’s music playing in the background was shared by his manager and sister, Kereena Beckford. , on his Instagram Stories.

Meanwhile, designer Matthew R. Williams is a well-known hip hop collaborator, having worked with Kanye West in the past.

His fashion show described the models as “walking on water” to make a “splash” during his first show as creative director.