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A portable wooden chair from Trippy Outdoor ready for any adventure


Portable chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers are always developing new gadgets to keep their products compact, portable and durable. A cool one we came across recently is the Tripster from Trippy Outdoor. The company embraces a groovy “flower power” vibe, but the craftsmanship and functionality of its products are exceptional.

The Tripster is a great piece of gear to have for various outdoor activities. Its sleek and lightweight construction makes it easy to carry. Living up to the mark, they build this transforming seat out of wood and metal. At just 8 lbs, it’s lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold up to 1,000 lbs.

According to Trippy Outdoor, the inspiration behind its design comes from the 8th century. As you can see, the classic silhouette remains timeless and looks great with a few modern embellishments. The two-piece system uses sturdy seven-ply maple with an aluminum backing.

The main section of the Tripster sports an ergonomic curvature with vertical and horizontal cutouts. Two other cutouts near the metal assembly serve as carrying handles. The seat features four strong magnets to hold it securely in place for storage or transport. Meanwhile, the latter slides into a slot that firmly holds the leg against the aluminum support at the back.

Instead of nails, Trippy Outdoor opts for hex bolts to hold the pieces together. You can get it in eight colors and ship it to you in a cardboard box with great artwork. In addition to the Tripster chair and the documentation, the packaging also contains gifts. You have stickers, a poster and a ceramic mug. Finally, the lacquer on the wooden parts allows it to be used in all conditions.

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Images courtesy of Trippy Outdoor