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2021 Lexus LC 500h Sport Pack Coupé review UK


Lexus’ modifications to the car’s powertrain and undercarriage made it a more efficient, refined and enjoyable luxury touring car, and also enhanced the versatility of this hybrid system, which is very suitable for our existence. modern automobile in everyday life and can give a real turn to the LC. rhythm when necessary.

With its old run-flat tires, the LC didn’t feel like it could roll, handle or steer at its true dynamic potential, but now it’s much, much better in all three ways. The car has both the width and the apparent weight of a GT rather than a front-engine sports car, but it now has respectable driving insulation, as well as a clear sense of conformity on the roads. hilly. The 21-inch wheels introduce a bit of fuss and bumps into the cabin on sharper entrances and around town, but the fallout on the car’s secondary ride isn’t as intrusive as it used to be.

Out of town, the lateral body control is quite good and tense, and the LC steers briskly, with balance and with a newly reassuring weight and feel. You perceive the weight of the car a lot more as it starts to heave and float a bit when you are going on cross country roads at higher speeds, but not as much as it changes direction. Even then, it would not be charitable to at least disregard the car’s comfortable tuning bias.

Lexus added an extra crank speed to the rev range of the LC 500h’s V6 gasoline engine, which will now spin up to 6,600 rpm if you want to (and that doesn’t sound half bad when it’s on. case, in fact). But it is on the reactivity at mid-throttle that the performance of this Lexus has benefited the most. Set the drive mode selector to Sport S or Sport S + and you get a lot of torque from the electric motor with every half-accelerator pedal – so much so that the V6 looks more like a turbocharged engine than a naturally aspirated one.

The gearbox works much more like an old-fashioned torque converter than any of Lexus’ other three-speed hybrid drive systems. It seems to go through a sequence of set gears even when you pick up speed fairly smoothly, and it’s also very responsive when you get down into the “kickdown box” (although it still slips a bit while doing so, and also when under a lot of load).


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