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UK Drive: Honda Jazz EX Style adds more style to this hybrid sedan


The Honda Jazz is best known for three things; its practicality, its reliability and (if we are being honest), its appeal to those with many years of wisdom. It’s true, Jazz buyers are a loyal bunch, and this latest fourth-generation model, even with its hybrid powertrain setup and more modern interior, has been a treat.

What he may not be best known for is his style. Nevertheless, the firm is looking to change that with a new “EX Style” model. But is this a wise design choice or are there better alternatives?


Honda’s latest generation Jazz arrived in 2020 and was notably the brand’s first model to be offered purely as a hybrid, ahead of the CR-V and the new Civic.

But there are no under-the-hood changes here, rather changes to the Jazz’s appearance. Based on the range-topping Jazz EX, this Style version brings a number of design differences including the black painted roof, extended black styling kit and bespoke set of 16-inch alloy wheels.


All current-generation Jazz trims come with a new hybrid powertrain. Known as the “e:HEV”, it uses a 1.5-liter VTEC gasoline engine, two small electric motors and a battery. Combined, the setup produces 108bhp and a healthy 253Nm of torque, with a single-speed CVT automatic transmission sending power to the front wheels.

Climbing to 60 mph takes 9.3 seconds, with the Jazz able to reach a top speed of 109 mph. However, it’s the Jazz’s efficiency that’s likely to be more appealing, and it does pretty well in that department. Honda claims 61.4mpg – a figure we saw fairly consistently on our mixed road test – with low CO2 emissions of 105g/km.


The Jazz’s powertrain setup impresses with the amount of time it runs on electricity, especially around town where it can run the majority of the time on battery power. The battery also recharges quickly while driving, especially with regenerative braking mode “B” selected in the gearbox. It can be quite noisy if you want to put your foot down, however, with the gearbox apparently struggling to know what to do with the power.

But driven more calmly, it really shines, being vastly refined (even at higher speeds), while the supple suspension makes the Jazz a very comfortable way to get around. That said, we were still impressed with how it handled if driven more enthusiastically. Visibility is also superb, with lots of glass and slim A-pillars giving you a clear view of the road ahead.


Although Honda has injected a little more flair into this latest Jazz, with funky new LED lights and an almost slicked-back look, it’s not the most dynamic choice in this class.

However, this EX Style trim helps solve that problem and certainly gives it a sportier look than you would expect from a Honda Jazz. Our car’s Crystal Red Metallic paint combined with the standard black roof looked particularly good, while the black spoiler at the rear gives it a more purposeful look.

Gloss black side moldings on the bottom of the doors and a new set of 16-inch alloy wheels help set it apart from the rest of the Jazz lineup, but make no mistake, no one will mistake it for a hot hatch.


The latest Jazz interior is a real step up from its predecessor, and while it’s not exactly premium, everything has a particularly solid feel. The new nine-inch touchscreen is a big improvement over the old Garmin system that Honda used before. It is easy to use and also contains many features.

But where the Jazz really impresses is when it comes to space. It’s a supermini with an almost MPV-like feel inside, especially in the rear seats, where adults can sit comfortably behind taller adults up front. The rear seats also have a party trick, as they fold down like theater chairs, meaning taller items can travel safely in the rear floor. It also allows the rear seats to fold completely flat, freeing up 1,205 liters of space.


All Jazz models get a decent level of equipment, particularly on the safety side, as LED headlights, adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist are all included, the SE trim of entry-level costing from £20,860.

EX Style, however, sits right at the top of the line and is packed with features. Using the EX as its base – which is priced at £24,015 – it features keyless entry, a reversing camera and a nine-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Prices go up by £2,835 if you want that EX Style trim, and that’s a lot of money for very little extra. Ferrari might be able to charge that kind of money for some different alloys and a black roof, but that seems pretty steep on a Honda supermini.

The Honda Jazz is one of the most complete “sensitive” small cars on the market. It’s easily the most practical model in its segment, while its blend of comfort and impressive hybrid efficiency makes it easy to see the appeal.

But that EX styling isn’t the go-to version, mostly because of how much Honda charges for just a few more cosmetic changes. Stick with a regular Honda Jazz EX, or if looks are important there are more design savvy choices like the Mini or Peugeot 208.

  • Model: Honda Jazz
  • Price: £20,860
  • Model tested: Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid EX Style
  • Price as tested: £26,850
  • Engine: 1.5-litre petrol-electric hybrid
  • Power: 106 hp
  • Torque: 253Nm
  • 0-60mph: 9.3 seconds
  • Top speed: 109mph
  • Economy: 61.4 mpg
  • Emissions: 105g/km CO2

Pigs to get physical as pre-season training gears up

Arkansas guard Ricky Council IV scores in the Razorbacks’ 108-59 victory over Valencia Seleccion on Tuesday, Aug. 9 in the first of four games on the team’s foreign tour of Spain and Italy. (Arkansas University of Athletics)

If the temperatures weren’t in the 90s, a Hog fan might confuse the month with November rather than the August heatwaves.

The Razorbacks of Sam Pittman and Eric Musselman are working hard right now, just like during the fall crossover period when Arkansas’ football and basketball seasons intertwine.

The gridiron Hogs are in the process of kicking off pre-season training, while their football counterparts are in the midst of a summer tour of Spain and Italy where they will play three more games.

The Hogs beat Valencia Selección, 108-59, in their first match of the tour in Barcelona on Tuesday. Unofficially, five Razorbacks scored in double digits, including a record 21 by Nick Smith Jr. Trevon Brazile, who was 5 of 5 from the field, and Kamani Johnson, who had five offensive rebounds, each scored 12 points. Ricky Council IV added 11 points and Barry Dunning Jr., 10.

While Game 1 was uncompetitive, it was a chance for the Hogs – who have 11 new players among their 13 stock Razorbacks – to work together in game situations. Starting the season this summer will no doubt be a advantage for the Razorbacks once preseason drills begin in earnest in October. Of course, Kentucky and Auburn also host summer tours.

Although the playing experience together is limited at the start of the season, this Razorback team is brimming with talent, length, and size.

Top to bottom, it looks comparable to the top teams fielded by legendary Razorback coaches Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson. Maybe better?

What the best Sutton and Richardson teams had that this one doesn’t is the experience of playing together. That’s why this tour and the training time leading up to it was and is so valuable to the players, Musselman and his team.

Arkansas will be back in action on Thursday against Barcelona Todo-Estrella at 1:30 p.m., on Saturday they will face Orange 1 Basket Bassano at 12:30 p.m. Saturday in Como, Italy, and on Monday they will face the Bakken Bears at 12:30 p.m. also in Como, Italy before returning in Fayetteville. Games can be streamed on FloHoops.com.

Arkansas running back Dominique Johnson has been named to the watch list for the Early Campbell Tyler Rose award. (Arkansas University of Athletics)

The Football Hogs will take a day off Wednesday before donning pads for the first time this preseason on Thursday with their sights set on the first of two scrums, scheduled for Saturday. This practice will be closed to fans and the media. The Hogs will also face off on August 20.

Newly passed NCAA rules only allow two full-scale scrimmages during the preseason. It used to be that three scrums were the basic rule in the pre-season.

When Danny Ford coached the Hogs in the 1990s, there was bloodshed in the preseason. Even with that, Ford lamented that NCAA rules, implemented after his final season at Clemson in 1989 and before he took over at Arkansas for the 1993 season, limited time on the field to just 20. hours per week.

When Ford turned Clemson into a powerhouse in the 1980s, he worked his crews until they performed correctly, obviously no matter how long it took.

Philosophies change over time. Houston Nutt tried to be wise with the stress he put on players during preseason. His idea was to groom players, but he also didn’t want to overwork key performers like Cedric Cobbs, Fred Talley, Derek McFadden or Felix Jones. He wanted them to have fresh legs for the games.

Bobby Petrino looked a bit more like Ford with long physical scrums.

Now injuries are going to happen in training. There is no way to be prepared for the season and avoid them altogether. They can also occur at any time.

Razorback running back Knile Davis broke his leg early in a scrum under Petrino in 2011.

In 2007, Marcus Monk (No. 6 on Arkansas’ all-time receiving list with 2,151 yards) injured his knee in a sideline late in practice when he was belted out of bounds by a teammate. Just the day before, Razorback defensive coordinator Reggie Herring had insisted in a media session that his troops weren’t completing tackles properly.

Did Herring’s comment lead to Monk’s injury?

Maybe, but it’s hard to say for sure.

But Monk’s injury certainly hurt the Razorbacks’ passing game that season. He only recovered halfway through the season and never really got back to the form he was playing before that knee injury.

2022-23 Arkansas Razorbacks Football Schedule

September 3 – Cincinnati, 2:30 p.m. (ESPN)
September 10 – South Carolina, 11 a.m. (ESPN)
September 17 — Missouri State, 6 p.m. (ESPN+)
September 24 – against Texas A&M
October 1st —Alabama
October 8 — in the state of Mississippi
October 15 — at BYU
October 29 — in Auburn
November 5 – Freedom
November 12 — USL
November 19 —Ole Miss
November 25 — in Missouri

So what’s the point?

Injuries are going to happen in football no matter how careful coaches and players are. Teams have to train smart, but they have to train and they have to go full speed sometimes to improve and be ready to play on Saturday.

What seems to be improving in Arkansas under Pittman and his team in their third season is the Razorbacks’ depth and ability to withstand certain injuries better than the Hogs a few years ago.

Listening to some of Arkansas’ assistant coaches in media appearances over the past few days, it seems the Hogs’ depth is much better in several areas this season.

While a receiver like Treylon Burks is irreplaceable, it looks like the wide receiver room is deeper and more talented across the board than they have been in years. The same can be said about the secondary, offensive line and running back positions of the Razorbacks.

Injuries to Taurean Carter in the spring and Cam Ball in practice left the depth of the Hogs’ interior defensive line in a precarious position early in camp. Arkansas’ top three linebackers, Bumper Pool, Drew Sanders and Pooh Paul, stand out, but behind them the depth is mostly unproven.

Overall, Hogs depth feels better to me than it has in a while. It’s a testament to Pittman and his team and how he controls his roster in one of college football’s most uncertain times in most of our lifetimes.

Between the new transfer rules and NIL, it really is a new day in college sports.

What hasn’t changed, however, is the physical nature of the game. As the Razorbacks enter the most stressful and demanding period of preseason camp – the next two weeks – there is a some uncertainty ahead.

The health of the Razorbacks coming out of camp will play a big role in how well the Hogs perform in the first two weeks of the season, if not longer.

There will be some injuries, but no football team can improve or reach their potential without being physical. Blocks and tackles remain THE key fundamentals of the game, and the teams that do them best are usually the ones that win the most.

Contact cannot be avoided.


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“I’m a classic introvert, so isolation is really nice for me”: Rahul Khanna


“Mr Khanna”, as actor Rahul Khanna’s Instagram profile puts it, is a “Bollywood boutique actor”. He may not pose for the paparazzi, but he manages to charm his fans’ social media by regularly sharing drool-worthy photos that are sure to knock your knees out.

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His photos are always relevant: perfect pose, expression and style (even shirtless!). So when we asked him about his mantra, the actor shared that he takes his wardrobe very seriously and makes sure to “dress to always impress.” Perhaps then it was only natural for him to venture into the world of fashion entrepreneurship, which he recently did with a capsule collection of men’s accessories.

From his personal style ideology as an expression of himself to his foray into fashion and some good tips, the fifties who is preparing the release of his new film Lostspoke with indianexpress.com exclusively on all this and much more! Edited eexcerpts below:

How would you describe your pandemic experience?

I’m a classic introvert, so isolation is really nice for me! I was able to adapt quite easily to confinement. I was busy most days with Zoom calls – working on conceptualizing the RKXC line and working with Aniruddha (Roy Chowdhury), preparing for Lost. I was locked in without any staff, so I also did all my cooking and Housekeeping. I was lucky to be in an area where there was easy access to the outdoors, so I was able to get plenty of fresh air and exercise safely. My thoughts are with everyone who has been more directly affected by the virus and faced personal tragedy.

Tell us about your foray into the men’s accessories line.

I have always been interested in style and I have a specific point of view on what I like. When Chokore (who specializes in accessories) approached me, it seemed like a good choice and a chance to do something creative and different.

How would you define your style?

Style is an expression of your personality. It’s how you present yourself to the world and say something about yourself without speaking. My personal style is understated and unfussy. i like classic men’s clothes and muted colors. Everyone’s style should be unique because everyone is unique.

And your fashion ideology?

I like simplicity and elegance, as in the mathematical sense, nothing foreign or difficult. I also tend to steer clear of anything too “trendy” and like items that have longevity and will last a long time. I don’t really like wearing color often unless it’s on a accessory. But that’s just me. I like to see people who have very different tastes express themselves through their clothing choices.

Your advice for investing in men’s accessories?

I suggest you start with the basics.

– An elegant plain navy silk tie
– A pristine white pocket square (there are both fine linen and eri silk options)
– A black bow tie to tie
– A black silk tie
– A festive silk pocket square to wear during traditional Indian festivals

Five things you don’t leave home without and why…

Sunglasses (gives me a false sense of intimacy)
My AirPods (I love podcasts, listening to music and meditating while stuck in Mumbai traffic)
Hand sanitizer (I was doing this before the pandemic!)
A few face masks (I always mask strictly in indoor public places)
A bottle of water (I’m always thirsty and I drink liters every day)

How would you prepare to impress on a date?

You don’t need anything to impress. Just be respectful and be yourself. Your personality is what should shine through. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the environment you are in, your attire is clean and ironed, and you have a fresh shower. In terms of a accessory, I would recommend a simple white pocket square. Here’s a pro tip: pulling a freshly washed white linen pocket square out of your pocket and offering it to someone in need of a handkerchief is also an incredibly chivalrous and charming gesture that’s sure to win you over. admiration and praise.

How important is it for people to reinvent themselves?

It depends on the individual. If you feel the need to reinvent, reinvent! I prefer the term refining. You have to evolve and become the best possible version of yourself.

Your take on androgynous fashion.

As we evolve as a species, our views on gender also evolve beyond the outdated binary construct. And fashion reflects this. Although the “RKXC Collection” includes what is considered traditionally masculine furniture, this collaboration is truly for anyone who loves classic menswear, regardless of the gender they identify with or conform to. I like to see people of all persuasions wearing ties or pocket squares, either in the customary way (with sharp suits) or, creatively, tied around the neck, in the hair, as a belt, as a bracelet or still adorning the handles of a bag. At the end of the day, stylefor me, is about self-expression and should never be limited by societal norms.

A timeless fashion tip…

Be honest with yourself, Express yourself.

And then ?

No idea! I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for me.

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Leveraging IT tools to improve product design | MIT News


As an undergraduate student at MIT, Jana Saadi had to find a way to meet the demands of her humanities course. Little did she know that her decision would strongly shape her college career.

On a whim, Saadi had joined a friend in a course offered by MIT D-Lab, a project-based program aimed at helping impoverished communities around the world. The class was meant to be one-off, but Saadi fell in love with D-Lab’s mission and design philosophy, and remained involved throughout the rest of her undergraduate studies.

At D-Lab, “you do not create products for people; you create products with people,” she said. Saadi’s experience with D-Lab sparked an interest in the process behind product design. Now she’s pursuing a doctorate in mechanical engineering at MIT, researching how artificial intelligence can help mechanical engineers design products.

Saadi’s path to engineering began at an early age. She grew up in New Jersey with engineer parents. “My dad loves DIY projects and I’ve always found myself helping him around the house,” she says. Saadi enjoyed exercising his creative problem-solving skills, even on small tasks such as fixing an ill-fitting pot lid.

With her education, it was no surprise when Saadi ended up pursuing undergraduate and master’s degrees at MIT in mechanical engineering, with a concentration in product design. But she wasn’t always sure about pursuing a doctorate. “Curiously, what convinced me to pursue my doctoral studies was writing my master’s thesis and seeing it all come together,” she says.

Today, Saadi works to improve the product design process by evaluating computer design tools, exploring new applications and developing educational programs. For some of her research, she even found herself collaborating with D-Lab again. Saadi is currently advised by Maria Yang, professor of mechanical engineering at MIT and academic director of the MIT D-Lab faculty.

Understand the role of artificial intelligence in product design

When designing products, mechanical engineers juggle multiple objectives at once. They must make the products easy to use and aesthetic for the users. But they also need to take into account the results of their business and produce products that are cheap and easy to manufacture.

To help streamline the design process, engineers sometimes turn to artificial intelligence tools that help generate new designs. These tools, also known as generative design tools, are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and architectural industries. But the impact these tools have on the product design process is unclear, Saadi says, making it difficult for engineers to know how best to leverage them.

To provide clarity, Saadi assesses how engineers use generative design tools in the design process. So far, she has discovered that these tools can fundamentally change design approaches through a “hybrid intelligence” design process. With these tools, engineers first create a list of engineering constraints for a product without worrying about its appearance. For example, they may indicate where the screws are needed, but not specify how the screws are held in place. Then they feed the constraints into a generative design tool, which generates a product design accordingly. Engineers can then shift gears and evaluate the product for other goals, such as whether it is easy to use or easy to manufacture. If they are not satisfied with the product, they can modify the constraints or add new ones and run them again in the tool.

Through this process, engineers can focus on “understanding the design problem and uncovering the factors that drive the design,” says Saadi. With generative design tools, engineers can also iterate on designs faster, boosting the creative process as engineers test new ideas with less effort.

Generative design tools can also “change the design process” by enabling more complex designs, Saadi says. For example, instead of using structures with simple shapes, such as rectangular bars or triangular supports, designs can have an “organic” look that resembles the irregular patterns of coral or the twisting roots of trees.

Prior to this project, Saadi had little experience with IT tools in the product design process. But it “gave me an edge,” she says, to approach the process with fresh eyes and ask questions about design practices that might normally be taken for granted. Now Saadi analyzes how engineers and tools influence each other in the design process. She hopes to use her research to provide guidance on how generative design tools can support more creative designs.

Designing homes with Ugandan communities

Saadi expands the scope of computer design by looking at a new application: cookstoves for low-income areas, like Uganda. For this project, she is working with Yang, Dan Sweeney of MIT D-Lab and Sili Deng, professor of mechanical engineering at MIT.

Affordable cookstoves in low-income areas often release harmful emissions, which not only contribute to climate change, but also pose health risks. To reduce these impacts, Saadi and his collaborators are developing a stove that uses clean energy but remains affordable.

In the spirit of D-Lab, Saadi works with Ugandans to adapt the home to their needs. Originally, she had planned to travel to Uganda and interview people there. But then the Covid-19 pandemic happened.

“We had to do everything virtually, which had its own challenges” for Uganda, she says. Many Ugandans do not have access to the internet, eliminating the possibility of online surveys or virtual interviews. Saadi ended up working closely with a community partner in Uganda called Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies (AEST) to gather people’s opinions. AEST assembled a team on site to conduct in-person interviews with paper-based surveys. And Saadi consulted with AEST founders Acuku Helen Ekolu and Betty Ikalany to ensure the survey was culturally appropriate and understandable.

Fortunately, what started out as a rudimentary practical solution ended up being a godsend. Saadi’s polls were multiple-choice, but people often explained their reasoning to pollsters, providing valuable information that would have been lost in an online poll. In total, the team conducted around 100 surveys. “I liked this mixed survey-interview format,” she says. “There is a lot of wealth that came out [the survey responses].”

Now Saadi is translating the answers into digital design requirements for engineers, including herself. For example, “users will say ‘I want to be able to carry my cooker from outside to inside,'” which means they care about the weight, she says. Saadi must then determine an ideal weight for the cooker and include that number in the technical requirements.

Once they have all the requirements, the team can start designing the fireplace. The fireplace will be based on the Makaa fireplace, a portable and energy-efficient fireplace developed by AEST. In the new cooker design, the MIT team aims to improve its performance to cook food faster – a common request from users – while remaining affordable, Saadi says. To design the new fireplace, the MIT team plans to use a generative design tool, making the project one of the first uses of computer design for fireplaces.

Reform the design program to be more inclusive

Saadi also works to improve the product design process through curriculum development. Recently, she joined MIT’s Design Justice Project, which aims to ensure that students learn to design in ways that are inclusive for their users. “Education is about training the designers of the future, so you want to make sure you’re teaching them how to design fairly,” says Saadi. The project is made up of a team of undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs and professors in engineering and non-engineering fields.

Saadi helps the team develop surveys of instructors to determine if and how they have changed their design curriculum over time to include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) principles. Based on the survey results, the team will offer concrete suggestions for instructors to further integrate DEI principles into their curriculum. For example, one recommendation might be that instructors provide students with a checklist of inclusive design considerations, Saadi says.

To help generate more ideas and expand this conversation to a wider community, Saadi is helping the team organize a two-day summit for people working in design education, including instructors from MIT and other institutions. At the summit, attendees will discuss the future of design education and consider ways to translate DEI principles from the classroom into industry standard practices. The summit, called Design Justice Pedagogy Summit, will take place later this month from August 24-26.

“As you can see, I enjoy this part of my PhD where I have time to diversify my research,” says Saadi. But basically, “my approach to research is [understanding] the people and the process. There are many interesting questions to ask.

These are the worst cars you’ve ever owned


I was going to mention the 1993 Dodge Dynasty one more time that I bought for $150 and drove for just a month before the transmission cracked in half and caught fire. However, I knew exactly what I was getting into with this car, and it served its purpose well – getting me to and from work while my Neon was getting an engine transplant.

No, the worst was this.

had such high hopes for her. It was a 2000 model with reasonable miles (about 115,000), 4.3L V6, 4WD, downhill body and interior, and a good price. The latter was important because I only had about $3,000 to spend at the time and the Blazer was $2,750 (that was 2016, mind you).

Right off the bat, it took nearly $1,000 in brake repairs. Sucked but it had sat for a while and the Ohio winter rot had gotten to it. After that, everything was fine for about a year.

Then the 4WD system started to act. I never really used it except a few times to get up my driveway, but it was that horrible push-button vacuum system that GM used back in the day, and unbeknownst to me, those vacuum lines sucked the transfer case dry and caused the front and rear differentials to slip and bind without warning. Eventually I had to replace the rear, transfer case and was about to completely remove the front differential when I started going through a fuel pump every six weeks. Turns out the gas tank vent was broken and the pump was running against positive pressure, and it needed a brand new tank. Add to that spider injectors and LIM seals that were starting to wear off, and I gave up and left it parked at the local store for six months before selling it for $750 so the store wouldn’t sell it to scrap.

The previous owner also hid a bent subframe, did something awful to the headlight wiring so I had to run new wiring and relays for the whole thing, and he had a spare remote which was nice at first until it randomly starts to start and run the tank dry. The front seat eventually got so loose I had to put a U-bolt under it to hold it still, it needed oil lines twice (the oil filter is in the front near the radiator because having 4WD means the 4.3L can’t have the oil filter in its normal place), and the driver’s side door fell off.

It was a vehicle for someone young and single and unencumbered by responsibilities other than a shitty job you could always get to if your Blazer was on blocks, or as a second vehicle you put on tires of mud and hoon until it explodes because, again, S10 Blazer. It was no vehicle for a new father who also needed to take his mother and grandmother to monthly doctor’s appointments two hours away. After breaking down twice, once on the way to an operation at 10 am I had to start renting cars just to get to these appointments – the money I made could pay for a new, much more reliable vehicle. So that’s what I did.

I wanted to like this car. I liked the idea of ​​having a traditional SUV, 4WD capability and ruggedness. The Blazer was certainly “sturdy”, the same way an old outbuilding is rugged. I even named you Cliff. I hope the guy who drove all the way from Kentucky to pick you up helped you out. We don’t miss you.

8 Barbiecore-Inspired Sportswear


This morning I opened TikTok to find something totally unsurprising; Lululemon’s strawberry milkshake shade is trending again. As you may have noticed from celebrities, influencers, and designers, all forms of pink, from pastels to neons, have had their heyday. But sportswear is also starting to embrace the ultra-girly magic that is Barbiecore.

As the name suggests, Barbiecore is a raucous celebration of feminine style and is inspired by outfits from the year 2000, the 80s, ballet and of course the doll herself (and also Margot Robbie in her soon to be emblematic role). Therefore, the leggings, sports bras and workout suits he draws inspiration from feature fun cuts, ruffles, neon details and, of course, lots of pink. (BTW: This editor-favorite sports bra completely eliminates breast bounce.)


Buy it: Lululemon Like a Cloud Light Support Longline Bra, $68, lululemon.com


Buy it: Lululemon Hotty Hot 4-Inch Low-Rise Lined Shorts, $68, lululemon.com

Take the viral strawberry milkshake shade mentioned above as an example. TikToker @carsondaniels6 described it as “so, so cute” in a test video featuring the Court Rival high-waisted skirt. “Run to Lululemon and buy this strawberry milkshake set,” content creator @angelinalalch said, showing off the Like a Cloud bra and Track That Mid-Rise lined shorts.


Buy it: Alo Yoga Grand Slam Tennis Skirt, $78, aloyoga.com


Buy it: Year of Ours Football Biker Shorts, $99, revolve.com


Buy it: EleVen by Venus Williams Sweet Lotus ⅞ Leggings, $92 (was $108), carbon38.com

While the light monochromatic look is undeniably adorable, some celebrity-loved brands have opted for brighter, deeper hues. For example, Alo Yoga, a favorite of Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez, recently launched magenta crush as one of its must-have seasonal colors. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber-endorsed sportswear maker Year of Ours has embraced the neon look in bike shorts, tank tops, leggings and sweatshirts.

Barbiecore is definitely here to stay, so now is the best time to try out this fun trend. After all, we’re all Barbie girls in a Barbie world.


Buy it: Offline by Aerie High-Rise Legging with Pocket, $38 (was $55), aerie.com

free people

Buy it: FP Movement Drop Shot Skortsie, $98, freepeople.com


Buy it: Wolven Lychee Crossover Flare Yoga Pants, $102, wolventhreads.com

Best white t-shirts for women 2022


The plain white t-shirt is a wardrobe staple for a reason. “There are few pieces that truly stand the test of time, and the white t-shirt is one of them. It’s a blank slate for any outfit or character,” says Sara Klausing, Founder of Seek , the Manhattan-based site. discover products directly on the screen (think of the buzz around the Merz white tees that Jeremy Allen White wears in the breakout series the bear, for example). As Klausing notes, the best white t-shirts for women are actually genderless basics that started as menswear and evolved into today’s unisex essential.

“White t-shirts are our fashion saviors,” says Donté McGuine, a bicoastal stylist who keeps essentials on hand for clients like Evan Mock, whom he recently styled for a shoot with multiple t-shirts. white shirts from Uniqlo. “I can’t tell you how many times a white t-shirt has saved a red carpet or a photoshoot,” he says, citing a moment in Paris last month when he cut a basic white t-shirt into a custom crop top for his client. Lil Dr. Here, 10 of the best women’s white t-shirts that fashion industry insiders swear by.

Best white t-shirt for women

Uniqlo: Stylists’ favourite, designed in Paris, ultra-smooth fabric

“Uniqlo makes the white t-shirts I swear I’ll wear forever,” says Klausing, who wears the men’s Supima cotton version for a classic unisex piece. “They have the perfect high neck and are roomier around the sleeves.” McGuine supports the choice. “Before each shoot, I normally stop at Uniqlo for simple white cotton t-shirts,” he says, noting that the brand offers several weights for all temperatures. For the line’s U collection, designers from around the world led by creative director Christophe Lemaire come together at their research and development center in Paris to create designs like this, which is made from 100% cotton with a low pile for an ultra-soft hand (aka how it feels to the touch).

Best expensive white t shirt for women

James Perse: Recycled cotton fibers, durable softness

“James Perse shirts are so soft and retain that softness after multiple washes,” McGuine says of the brand he considers “by far one of the best t-shirt brands.” For their recycled lotus jersey t-shirt, the lightweight cotton comes from recycled fibers (a win for the environment not only for waste, but also for production, as cotton is one of the most thirsty crops in agricultural industry) and features a relaxed fit. For a non-recycled option, the best-selling Vintage Little Boy Tee is specially treated with extra fabric softener for a lived-in feel.

Best affordable white t-shirt for women

Hanes: Timeless, Tagless, Moisture Wicking

“Style is what makes you feel good,” says Klausing, who thinks the classic white tee is a genderless staple. “I personally like a high crew neck inspired by menswear and a heavier weight cotton or knit.” The familiar Hanes 3-pack underwear shouldn’t be underestimated when it incorporates smart features like a tagless design, moisture-wicking fabric and extended waistband for a range of body types.

Best fitting white t-shirt for women

Reformation: stretch rib, cap sleeves, slim fit

Reformation’s form-fitting, stretchy Muse Short-Sleeve Tee recalls some of history’s most popular fits. “The short, ribbed knit white t-shirt gives Milla Jovovich The fifth Element,” said Klausing. For a particularly forward-thinking approach to the grassroots, Reformation designs the Muse t-shirt locally, with a sustainability impact of saving 11 pounds of carbon dioxide and over 3,000 gallons of water.

Best cropped white t-shirt for women

Lululemon: 4-way stretch, range of sizes, ultra-lightweight

This roomy, lightweight piece from Lululemon is made from a super soft four-way stretch fabric and comes in sizes 0-20. For styling, it’s a must-have. “I love a moment of low-rise pants with a slightly cropped white t-shirt,” McGuine says of the value of this choice, which he considers “so classic and edgy at the same time.”

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Best boxy white t-shirt for women

Re/Done x Hanes: Reclaimed Fabric, One of a Kind, Made in USA

“This boxy Re/Done x Hanes t-shirt is an amazing addition to your wardrobe,” says McGuine. “On the one hand, it’s a brand that practices sustainability,” he notes of Re/Done, which takes reclaimed vintage fabrics, in this case Hanes t-shirts, and reconstructs them to create a fit. modern, resulting in a t-shirt that is completely unique. “It’s the perfect shape for all body types, so it’s a win-win situation,” says McGuine.

Best white crew neck t-shirt for women

Three Dots: Slim Fit, Classic Design, Made in USA.

Klausing compares Three Dots short sleeve crewnecks to some of the most coveted in the industry. “Thanks to costume designer Mona May, Alicia Silverstone wears a fitted white crew neck throughout Distraught,” she notes. This cotton staple made in the USA is a modern take on a classic staple. “Three Dots t-shirts have a heavyweight woven cotton that’s snug enough to be flattering as a layer or worn on its own,” says Klausing.

Best white v-neck t-shirt

Calvin Klein: Unisex, ultra-soft for layering


Calvin Klein’s classic v-neck has become an industry-favorite layering piece, thanks to its ultra-soft, silky-feel fabric. “When I buy a white t-shirt for a customer, I look for the quality of the fabric,” says McGuine. “I need the t-shirt to last a few seasons.” This breathable cotton comes in a convenient three-pack and is comfortable enough to wear under other pieces without overheating, and it washes well for a long-lasting investment.

Best white scoop neck t-shirt for women

Pilcro: Size range from petite to plus, 100% organic cotton

Pilcro’s scoop neck t-shirt is an Athropologie exclusive available in a range of sizes from petite to plus and boasts a sustainable 100% organic cotton label. “In 2022, it’s all about sustainability,” says McGuine. Rolled sleeves and a portrait neckline elevate the silhouette for a range of styling possibilities.

Best organic white cotton t-shirt for women

Ninety Percent: Soft Drape, Naturally Stretchy, Net-Sustain Approved

“Poor quality shirts get eaten up in the washer and dryer and then become unusable, which is not sustainable,” says McGuine. There’s value in investing in a piece that will stand the test of time and is sustainably made from the ground up, like the Drew Organic Cotton Jersey from Ninety Percent, which originally sold Net-A-Porter and has just been restocked due to high demand. . Mid-weight and designed for a relaxed fit, this tee will give you room to walk around while maintaining a clean silhouette.

What to consider when buying white t-shirts

It’s not for nothing that some pieces have become bestsellers or have remained wardrobe staples over time. Here, the qualities to consider when buying a white t-shirt made to last.

  • Sustainable materials: When When looking at different options, consider cotton to be the most energy and water intensive crop in the agricultural industry. Whenever possible, investing in t-shirts that contain recycled cotton and sustainably grown materials can have a significant positive environmental impact. This is especially relevant for pieces like white cotton t-shirts that form the basis of your wardrobe and can be reused and recycled through the fashion system if you donate t-shirts that hold up well.
  • Manufacturing: Old-fashioned white t-shirts were often made with a loop wheel pattern, a way of producing fabric through a process that knits cotton threads around a cylinder and eliminates seams on garments. This technique often creates a more durable t-shirt with a hand-woven feel. Some modern iterations of t-shirts, often of Japanese production, still maintain the process. What’s easier to find are coated fibers, organic cotton, and breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that take less time to produce yet are super easy to wear.
  • Objective: If the white t-shirt is meant for layering, a three-pack of unisex basics can often suffice. For something work-appropriate, a ribbed knit or a fitted silhouette can do the trick on their own, while lightweight sportswear fabrics are a useful addition when styling in the summer months.

S&S Truck Parts LLC Announces Merger with Midwest Truck & Auto Parts Inc., Creating Best-in-Class Aftermarket Parts Distributor


SCHAUMBURG, Ill. & MERRILLVILLE, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–S&S Truck Parts LLC (“S&S”) and Midwest Truck & Auto Parts Inc. (“Midwest”) today announced that they have completed the merger of the two companies, creating a powerful alliance between the two best of their category. independent truck parts distributors. The combination nearly doubles their collective business and forms a more diverse, scaled-up platform in the truck aftermarket space with the ability to source and offer a wider selection of high-quality products to clients.

This transaction brings together two world-class aftermarket organizations based in the Midwestern United States with more than 70 years of serving their communities and shared commitments to quality, service and value. With increased scale and an expanded geographic footprint, the combined company will help its customers navigate a complex and challenging global supply chain, increasing available inventory and enabling faster product delivery. In March 2022, S&S Truck Parts was acquired by Investcorp, one of the world’s leading alternative investment companies.

In the combined organization, DJ Hoffman will serve as Managing Director. In the short term, the company expects operations to continue as currently structured.

“We are extremely excited to bring together the teams of S&S Truck and Midwest, two companies with similar values ​​and a commitment to superior customer service,” said DJ Hoffman, CEO of S&S Truck. “Our combination increases the breadth of our offerings for our customers, strengthens the depth of our workforce and business partnerships, and ultimately accelerates our ability to grow and deliver a deeper, modern and efficient customer experience.” We look forward to working closely with the Midwest team and together becoming an even stronger company as we continue to serve our customers.

“We are thrilled to find a high-quality partner in S&S Truck and look forward to combining our capabilities, infrastructure and human capital to drive further business growth,” said Mark Chudacoff, CEO of Midwest. “I have long championed the promise of innovation and partnership, like the one that drove this merger forward. Our combination will deliver clear benefits to customers and company employees, and our commitment to supporting and improving the communities in which we operate will remain unwavering.

Founded in Chicago in 1952, S&S is one of the largest suppliers of medium and heavy duty truck replacement parts. A family business since its inception, S&S Truck today serves more than 1,600 customers in 67 countries, including OEMs, dealerships, warehouse distributors and service shops. Since 1946, Midwest Truck & Auto Parts has been dedicated to producing and distributing high quality transmission products for heavy, medium and light duty vehicles, including components for high performance racing applications. Midwest’s global customers range from large retailers to warehouse distributors.

About S&S Truck Parts

S&S Truck Parts, LLC., is a leading distributor of private label and brand name truck replacement parts. Under its exclusive brand “NewStar”, S&S offers a wide range of products for heavy and medium trucks.

About Midwest Truck & Auto Parts

Midwest, and their proprietary brands, Motive Gear, Richmond Gear, TEN Factory, Powertrax and World American, is a leading supplier of aftermarket transmissions and related products to the heavy-duty truck, light-truck and racing markets. performance.

About Investcorp

Investcorp is a global investment manager, specializing in alternative investments in private equity, real estate, credit, absolute return strategies, GP holdings, infrastructure and asset management insurance. Since our inception in 1982, we have focused on generating attractive returns for our clients while creating long-term value in our investee companies and for our shareholders as a prudent and responsible investor.

Investcorp now has 13 offices in the United States, Europe, the GCC and Asia, including India, China and Singapore. As of June 30, 2022, the Investcorp group had total assets under management of US$42.7 billion, including assets managed by third-party managers, and employed approximately 480 people of 50 nationalities globally in its offices.

For more information, visit www.investcorp.com and follow us @Investcorp on LinkedIn, Twitter and instagram.

Power clings to lead after savvy salvage work


Perhaps this season is indeed when Will Power wins his second NTT INDYCAR SERIES Championship.

Power escaped a dramatic blow – to his car and his points lead – and emerged from the contact-filled Big Machine Music City Grand Prix in Nashville, still leading the championship.

In finishing 11th, Power lost just three points to his nearest challenger, even though he was involved in an incident which effectively eliminated Pato O’Ward and Graham Rahal from the 80-lap race on the circuit. temporary urban of 11 bends and 2.1 miles. .

The incident in Turn 4 was a bang-bang as Power checked for slowing cars in front of him. O’Ward couldn’t avoid hitting the rear of the Verizon Team Penske #12 Chevrolet, which hit Power’s gearbox directly. The damage was not visible to the naked eye, but could be seen whenever Power was forced to manually shift gears afterwards.

“When you get hit from behind, it cancels your shift, so you have to shift manually,” Power said. “You have to lift (remove the pedal) and operate the accelerator. So that made the day very interesting.

O’Ward took a similar hit from Rahal in congestion, ending his run due to a lack of gears. Behind them, rookie Callum Ilott, Dalton Kellett, Helio Castroneves, Scott Dixon and Simona De Silvestro were involved in the chain reaction to varying degrees. Dixon’s car suffered some underbody damage, but he worked through a major chassis adjustment by the #9 PNC Bank Chip Ganassi Racing Honda crew and took the win, the 53rd of his career.

O’Ward said there was nowhere to escape the events ahead of him.

“I don’t know who caused the control,” he said. “I saw cars slowing down, (and) I had to brake. What Graham did to me, I was going to do to Will.

“Unfortunately, there’s only one way to look at it, and that was a big enough hit to probably break a gear or something in the gearbox. When you hit the attenuator with a big enough hit solid, that’s usually what happens. I couldn’t get it in any gear, and that’s our day.

And that could be the end of O’Ward’s championship chase. 24th place dropped the driver of the #5 Chevrolet Arrow McLaren SP down two positions in the standings to seventh place. He is 59 points off the lead with just three races to go.

Instead of leading Marcus Ericsson by nine points as Power entered the Nashville weekend, he leads Dixon by six points. Ericsson’s 14th-place finish dropped him one position, but he’s only 12 points off the lead of the #8 Huski Chocolate Chip Ganassi Racing Honda. Josef Newgarden is fourth after a sixth-place finish in the No. 2 PPG Team Penske Chevrolet. He is 22 points behind Power.

“We thought it was a bit of a wild card race,” Power said. “There was going to be a lot of chaos, and if you can survive it for a bit, which we did, we’re still in a great place. We’re still digging deep, and we’ll see what we can do in the last three (races). »

Rookies are strong but lack results

The results do not reflect the performance of Rookie of the Year challengers Christian Lundgaard and David Malukas in Sunday’s race. Both raced in the top three before having trouble late.

Malukas was the first to get into trouble, his car crashing into the Turn 9 tire barrier hard with fellow rookie Kyle Kirkwood’s car crashing to his left. Malukas finished 19th in Dale Coyne Racing’s No. 18 HMD Honda HMD with Kirkwood 20th in AJ Foyt Racing’s No. 14 Sexton Properties Chevrolet.

Lundgaard raced to second place, where he was on the restart with 11 laps to go. The Dane looked ready to run over Scott Dixon for the lead when he started to slide. Scott McLaughlin skipped it on that restart, then on the final restart with less than two laps to go, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s No. 30 Shield Cleansers Honda was pressed down, dropped five positions and came back to eighth.

Paretta, De Silvestro Add Laguna Seca

Paretta Autosport announced Sunday that it will field De Silvestro in an additional race this season, the season-ending Firestone Grand Prix of Monterey on Sunday, Sept. 11 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

The team has entered the No. 16 Chevrolet in three races this season, including Sunday’s race in Nashville. De Silvestro finished 26th after starting 24th.

De Silvestro also competed in the eighth and ninth races of the season, Road America and the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.


  • Rain delays often reveal interesting things. In this case, Peacock Premium viewers learned that poleman Scott McLaughlin was opposed to spicy cheese. He took a bite of it while filming live with the NBC broadcast crew and was quick to react to its warmth.
  • Speaking of hot, Graham Rahal said Saturday’s weather in the race car was “the hottest I’ve ever been in a car”. Fortunately, Sunday afternoon rain reduced temperatures and humidity, so much so that INDYCAR removed the requirement to use aeroscreen upper ducts that channel air into the cockpit.
  • Indy Lights presented by Cooper Tires points leader Linus Lundqvist of HMD Motorsports with Dale Coyne Racing went flag to flag to win Sunday’s Indy Lights Music City Grand Prix from pole for his fifth victory in top of the series of the season. Lundqvist’s margin over second-placed Sting Ray Robb of Andretti Autosport at the finish was 7.2221 seconds. Hunter McElrea of ​​Andretti Autosport finished third.
  • The Lundqvist seed is now 95 points over McElrea leading the first of four remaining races, Saturday, August 20 at World Wide Technology Raceway, the final oval race of the season at 4:15 p.m. ET.
  • The event at World Wide Technology Raceway is also the final oval on the NTT INDYCAR SERIES calendar. The first practice of the Bommarito Automotive Group 500 presented by Axalta and Valvoline will take place at 1 p.m. ET on Friday, August 19 and will qualify for the NTT P1 prize at 7:15 p.m. ET. Peacock Premium and the INDYCAR Radio Network will broadcast both live. The race, broadcast on USA Network and INDYCAR Radio Network, begins at 6 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 20.

Kenyans prepare for elections amid optimism and high expectations


In the heart of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, cars with mounted loudspeakers roll by pouring out political messages. On the other hand, billboards and advertising screens are flooded with political candidates.

These scenes are being played out across the country as politicians face off in the latest push for votes as Kenyans head to the polls on August 9 to choose the next generation of leaders.

As this key event unfolds, Kenyans share with Xinhua their aspirations and thoughts as they prepare to elect political leaders in what has been touted as a landmark election by local political pundits.

“I remain expectant as the day approaches as it is an opportunity to revamp leadership. I will be voting for leaders who have shown integrity, courage and patriotism while our country was in difficulty over the past two years with the impending COVID-19 and the threat of food insecurity,” said Zabron Kioma, a medical pharmacist based in downtown Nairobi.

This election year, a nation is still recovering from the brunt of the pandemic, the invasion of locusts on cultivated fields, persistent drought and inflation.

But even with these challenges, patriotism and the spirit of Harambee, a Swahili word for tacit agreement on unity, sustained the country through these challenges.

The electorate will choose between four presidential candidates, including leader William Ruto, the incumbent vice president, and Raila Odinga, a veteran opposition.

Kioma, like many sampled Kenyans, urged the new leadership to expand or improve infrastructure, hailing the Chinese-built Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) that links the coastal city of Mombasa to Nairobi, the capital, to stimulate economic and social growth.

“I have a pharmaceutical business in Mombasa so I travel a lot between Nairobi and Mombasa. The RMS allowed me to reduce the travel time between the two cities. It’s efficient and fast. We need more such developments to develop the country,” Kioma said.

Kenya’s economy has risen to sixth on the African continent from 12th when incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta came to power in 2013.

Under Kenyatta’s leadership, the gross domestic product (GDP) fell from US$37.6 billion to US$109 billion, according to official government data.

“Kenyans would agree that the government has performed quite well in its big four program, a plan for socio-economic transformation. It would have been difficult to overcome the pandemic without the kind of effort we have seen in the health sector,” said Peter Kagwanja, former government adviser and political analyst.

By the end of July, the country had reached a milestone in the vaccination against COVID-19 where more than 20 million doses had been deployed. Active cases remain low according to statistics from the Ministry of Health.

Apart from the development, Jasmine Oluoch, a spa manager, is delighted that Kenya has been in harmony with its neighbors as internal conflicts have been brought under control.

“I preach the message of harmony and cohesion and urge Kenyans to vote peacefully. We have enjoyed relative peace within our borders and I hope that status will be maintained by the new leadership,” said said Oluoch.

Local polls in recent weeks have put Odinga, 77, ahead of his main competitor, Ruto.

“It will be a peaceful election because the political divide that existed in previous elections is not there. Again, the electoral body, Independent Electoral and The Boundary Commission (IEBC) has learned a lot from past elections and has since taken care of the technicalities that could cause a dispute,” Kagwanja said.

There is however a segment of Kenyans who are uneasy with the current high cost of consumer goods and fuel, appealing to the new leadership to address this burdensome issue.

“Motorcyclists will expect a drop in the cost of fuel from the current retail price of $1.3 from the new government. It is very difficult to earn a meaningful income at the current rate,” remarked Mike Mugendi, a motorcyclist.

In late July, the government stepped in to protect Kenyans from the high cost of food by lowering the cost of maize flour, the country’s staple food, by activating a subsidy program. The cost of goods has been reduced by 50%.

2022 Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 vs. Maruti Alto 800


From what we know so far, the new Maruti Alto K10 will be sold alongside the Alto 800 in India

Maruti Suzuki India is set to introduce the new Maruti K10 2022 in the Indian market and will be offering the car with a number of updates including a new platform, updated cabin and revised engine options compared to the previous iteration. Here is a new detailed comparison 2022 Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Vs Maruti Alto 800 that you should check out.


For starters, the new K10 will now have revised styling that will not only help it look premium, but on top of that will also feature modern styling cues, similar to what we see with the new Celerio. The Alto K10 will now be based on the brand’s popular Heartect platform and will be significantly larger than the Alto 800.

The Alto 800, on the other hand, will continue to offer a subtle and elegant design while its compact dimensions will make it an excellent city car. A detailed specification comparison is given below in the table:


New Alto K10 Alto 800
Length 3530mm 3445mm
Lenght 1490mm 1490mm
Height 1520mm 1475mm
Wheelbase 2380mm 2360mm


The new Maruti K10 will be offered with the same 1.0L K10C engine that we get in the Celerio and will boast peak power and torque of 66PS and 89Nm respectively. This engine will be offered with either a 5-speed manual or an AMT gearbox, while a CNG version could also be introduced post-launch. The Alto 800, however, gets a smaller 796cc petrol engine that produces 47bhp and 69Nm of peak torque. This engine is only available with a 5-speed manual gearbox, while buyers can also opt for an optional 40 hp CNG powertrain.

New Alto K10 Alto 800
Type of engine 1.0L K10C 0.8L
Power 66 hp 47 hp
Couple 89Nm 69Nm
Gearbox 5-speed MT/AMT 5-speed MT
Emission BS6 BS6


The new Maruti Alto K10 will offer significantly more features compared to the Alto 800 and is expected to come with features such as a large SmartPlay touchscreen infotainment system, power windows, power-operated ORVMs, controls steering wheel, a new instrument console, etc. The Alto 800 is also available with all the necessary features, but lacks the modern bells and whistles.


final verdict

The new Maruti Alto K10 is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, feature-rich daily commuter that not only looks good, but also delivers impressive performance and high mileage. The Alto 800 will continue to go on sale as the most affordable hatchback in the brand’s lineup and will impress buyers with its compact, no-frills package.

Which company makes better workout shorts?


If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you train well (Thank you Deion). Well, when you’re in the weight room or on the road, the distance between looking and working out doesn’t have to be miles. Some of the best workout clothes are designed to work as well as you do, no matter what discipline you want.

One of the most notable categories where form meets function is athletic shorts. These bottom options are designed with premium comfort and breathability in every seam, plus the bravado and grit to get you through every set, every mile without distraction.

Two of our favorite workout wear brands, Ten Thousand and Lululemon, are no strangers to the upper echelon of gym attire; their respective shorts consistently top our list of favorite workout shorts. But which bottom takes first place? Which pair of shorts should you choose when dressing for your next PR?

To find out, I decided to prepare myself and give each brand its moment on the platform to determine which shorts steal the show.

The contenders for the best workout shorts

Ten thousand short intervals


Ten thousand short intervals

  • No-pinch waistband sits comfortably along the midsection
  • Exceptional mobility through a variety of workouts
  • Zippered pockets don’t comfortably fit large smartphones
  • Ultra-wicking non-stick shell limits breathability

Versatile, mobile and downright ready to work, the Interval Short has been a staple of the Ten Thousand stable for some time. With lined and unlined options available, as well as 5, 7 and 9 inch inseam styles, these shorts give you plenty of room to customize your workout wardrobe. A pleat-free waistband sits flat against the midsection, while bonded hems provide a comfortable, bulk-free fit designed for every sweat session.

Lululemon Pace Breaker Shorts


Lululemon Pace Breaker Lined Shorts

  • Out of Mind liner provides lightweight, comfortable support
  • Four-way stretch makes them perfect for stretching and yoga modalities
  • The belt can bunch up, especially during intense training
  • Softer Swift fabric may be prone to tearing with prolonged use

Whether you’re a staunch follower of yoga flows or a record-breaking runner, Lululemon’s Pace Breaker Shorts have plenty of benefits to boost your regimen. Lightweight Swift fabric covers your glutes and thighs effortlessly for a breathable and comfortable feel. Although unlined options are available, I recommend taking advantage of the Out of Mind liner model for its exceptional quick-drying mesh fabric to keep your lower region cool and comfortable.

How to choose the workout shorts that are right for you

When looking for a new pair of workout shorts, you’ll want to pick one that fits your needs. First, consider what inseam you would ideally want in a bottom option. Most short gym inseam lengths range from 5 to 9 inches. 5-inch inseam shorts will land somewhere in your mid-thigh area, and are preferred by runners who want that ultra-lightweight fit.

For those looking for more coverage or protection, like bodybuilding athletes, the 9 inch inseam is a little more appealing. Because my workouts span a multitude of disciplines, I chose to test the 7-inch inseam models of the Pace Breaker and Interval shorts. 7-inch inseams can be a great middle ground for those who want a bit of coverage without sacrificing breathability.

When it comes to fabric, polyester is the textile of choice for most workout clothes. Lately, many brands are turning to partially or totally recycled polyester, or innovative materials like plant-based yarns and fabrics, in an effort to combat the polluting effects of fashion. These alternatives can be more expensive than other options, so keep that in mind when looking to expand your wardrobe. The Pace Breaker and Interval shorts both have a similar composition, with a blend of polyester and spandex or elastane for stretch.

With the prerequisites cleared, let’s dive into battle and see how these two shorts stack up against each other.

ten thousand shorts on gym equipment

Ben Emminger

water bottle and lululemon shorts sitting on hoka shoes

Ben Emminger

Test 1: Durability and performance

To see just how capable these top gym shorts were, I naturally took them to their natural environment – the gym. Through multiple strength and agility training sessions, I noted how these bottoms performed when the tough ones were going. I noticed how well each pair resisted barbell sliding on the outside, as well as how well they held and stretched in squats, lunges, box jumps and more.

No matter what I threw at them, whether RPE 9 barbell rows or ladder exercises, the Ten Thousand Interval Shorts stood up to the task. I really admired the uncompromising exterior which effectively wicked away any moisture present with ease. Plus, the shorts were tough enough to withstand the knurling of the barbell while still being comfortable for every set.

While I admired the stretch of Lululemon’s Pace Breaker Shorts, especially when sitting deep in the hole of a heavy squat, the lightweight Swift fabric gave me a sense of caution in a few modalities. Although comfortable and able to train comfortably, I preferred the more durable shell of the Ten Thousands when strength training.

Test 2: Comfort and Breathability

Outside of performance, you want your workout wardrobe to be comfortable, right? After all, what’s the point of embarking on a fitness journey if your clothes are making you uncomfortable and demotivating for the next day’s session? To test the comfort built into these short options, I wore these picks in place of my typical running shorts for multi-mile hikes, as well as during a few yoga sessions. When you’re contorting your body or running long distances, you want shorts that are light yet supportive.

Despite their minor shortcomings in the gym, the Pace Breakers have proven to be an exceptional option for running and yoga scenarios. The Swift fabric was comfortable and offered little friction when changing yoga poses. The Out of Mind liner was also more than welcome on long runs, thanks to the mesh construction that kept everything nice and comfortable.

I also enjoyed the interval shorts in race-specific training, but felt they were better suited for tempo work and shorter distances. Unlike the Lululemons, the lining of the Ten Thousand Gym Shorts aligns more closely with traditional compression shorts, which limits breathability and can be prone to chafing over time. Also, the exterior, while drying quickly, did cause some sweating there, which wasn’t as present in the Pace Breakers.

Test 3: Features and options available

Workout shorts are the type of item that can make anyone loyal to a particular style. If you’re successful with a cut, you’re more likely to buy multiple pairs. With that notion in mind, I looked closely at each short’s built-in tech specs, as well as online offerings to see if any product model could make a week of training easier. Available inseams, lined and unlined options, colorways and more were all considered when determining which style we’d be more inclined towards a drawer full of storage.

Both the Ten Thousand Interval and the Lululemon Pace Breaker have two side pockets, a zippered pocket and an additional phone pocket in the lining. Also, there are plenty of color options online to organize a wardrobe to your liking. While I don’t trust my most prized possessions in either pocket, it’s not a factor I typically stress when looking at workout shorts. Think about it, how many things do you do Actually wear on your person during training?

Our choice: ten thousand short intervals

Due to the very present durability and performance components built into each pair – as well as my preference for strength training modalities – I had to give Ten Thousand’s Interval Short the win. When I was in the gym, I felt confident, cool, and ready to go, all thanks in part to the shorts I wore. the flat waistband was comfortable but supportive, and I admired the color and inseam options available online. At less than $70, you can create a rotation of quality athletic shorts with this model alone.

While Ten Thousand took the crown in this battle, I’m not hitting Lululemon’s Pace Breakers. If you are someone who tends to prioritize cardio training over hanging and hitting with weight plates, I would recommend these shorts for their comfort and lightweight construction. Plus, you have so many color options at a similar price. Lululemon Pace Breakers can also be worn everyday.

Ultimately, the best gym shorts are the ones that best suit your style. Hopefully this direct comparison can help you unlock that feeling of well-being for a more successful workout.


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Are men’s short shorts sizes exclusive?

Egonlab SS23. Photography via Imaxtree

Free the knee!

Not enough men wear short shorts, in our opinion. But maybe now with Donald Glover as the new face of the hot pants movement, things will finally change.

The Atlanta The actor was recently photographed in Manhattan in a monochromatic yellow outfit that included a bucket hat, sneakers and, yes, cropped shorts, signaling the start of another “thigh summer.”

ICYMI: Last year, Milo Ventimiglia was photographed wearing gym shorts exposing his hamstrings, which led Voice to declare the summer of 2021 as “the summer of the thighs”. The social media reaction to Glover and Ventimiglia begs the question: why aren’t men wearing more short shorts?

On the one hand, menswear can be creatively restrictive. Clothing is generally minimal and predictable, leaving little room for self-expression. But there is more to the story.

Most of the comments about Glover and Ventimiglia were related to their attractiveness, especially their toned physique. There seems to be a misunderstanding that to wear short shorts you have to be thin or muscular, reminding us all that fatphobia is just as pervasive in menswear.

A little history lesson: short men’s shorts were popular in the “everything is fine” decade of the 70s and into the 80s. From Harrison Ford to John Travolta to Tom Selleck, small inseams were at the fashion. Then, in the 90s, we said goodbye to men’s thighs and welcomed low bottoms. It was the dark age of cargo shorts, with lots of pockets and zippers and lots of extra material.

Although cropped shorts were brought back to the menswear catwalks in the 2000s, the garment had yet to re-enter as a summer staple – until now. During Paris Fashion Week spring 2023, the genderless label EgonLab presented a collection of micro-mini shorts. Prada’s menswear show also featured a selection of leather hot pants.

Designers are clearly trying to rewrite the narrative that menswear is boring. The resurgence of cropped shorts could also be linked to broader sartorial trends, such as gender fluidity. But with the widespread adoption of above-the-knee stockings, one important element is missing: sizing diversity.

The body positivity movement has focused more on women’s clothing, and we’ve seen some small changes on the catwalks, in brand campaigns, and in size ranges. But just like the micro-mini skirts that invade women’s fashion, micro-mini shorts for men are only seen on slender models.

In fact, the tall, muscular male archetype has yet to be significantly challenged on the track or in many male size ranges. According Business in vogue, only seven of the 77 brands in the men’s fall 2022 season featured plus-size models. And this spring 2023 season would not be better.

But there has been progress. Take Rihanna, who enlisted non-skinny models for her Savage x Fenty campaigns, or designers like Willy Chavarria, who sent men of varying sizes down the runway. On TikTok, acceptance of the male body is gaining traction, with millions of views on videos discussing the effects of body shaming and the importance of size representation.

The radical return of the once maligned men’s short shorts signals a time to rebel. As risque clothing makes its way into the mainstream, it’s time for a paradigm shift in male body acceptance. Next step: crop tops.

Football Mats Market 2022 Industry Challenges By Players – Douglas, Gear Pro-Tec, Riddell, Schutt – Journal l’Action Régionale


Global Football Pads Market just published research on MarketsandResearch.biz. It provides an in-depth analysis of the current scenario, focusing on essential variables, market strategies and successful growth of key players. The study outlines industry rivals, sales channels, growth potential, possibly disruptive innovations, industry product advancements, and size value/volume, market segments, and market share of top players/products. Current market trends and dynamics are studied, helping to map the global Football Mats market.

It also assesses the future advancements of the marketing platform and other study results. This is a comprehensive guide to understanding industry dynamics and planning business accordingly. Additionally, the Football Pads business costs, supply chain, raw material requirements, and growth and constraining variables are all assessed.

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It provides an unbiased and comprehensive review of existing patterns, drivers, barriers, restraints, development, opportunities/high growth areas to help stakeholders formulate business plans based on current and future market trends. Additionally, the report covers the market share of major companies so that companies/enterprises wishing to enter the market can assess their relative standing against major players and then decide their course of action appropriately.

The study covers the following types of applications:

The market study includes the following countries:

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia, Italy and Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia and Australia)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and Rest of Middle East and Africa)

The report covers the following product types:

  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • Back plates
  • Other

Some of the prominent and developing market players in the global industry include:

  • Douglas
  • Pro-Tec Equipment
  • Riddell
  • Schutt
  • Xenith
  • Mcdavid

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Reasons why one should indulge in this report:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of the global market using comprehensive brand solutions, market share analysis, and effective market positioning strategies.
  • Based on a comprehensive value and volume analysis, determine the possible categories.
  • Current market trends, application solutions, and market landscapes that can benefit companies in the Football Mat market.

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Eurobike 2022 Tech Gallery #8: Cargo Bikes Galore


Eurobike’s loading hall was full of outlandish electric mobility concepts, like this crazy four-wheel front loader from German company Vowag.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a big fan of e-cargo bikes. Sure, they’re heavy and unwieldy, they’re expensive, and they’re nowhere near as nimble as a standard e-bike when it comes to getting around. But if you’re looking at e-bikes as a way for people to replace their automobiles, you also have to provide them with a way to transport their kids and belongings – and if this latest Eurobike show is any indication, the future looks pretty bright.

One of the reasons I’m so excited about the segment is the level of ingenuity and creativity that’s on display here. Unlike road or gravel bikes – or even mountain bikes – cargo bikes have very few restrictions in terms of appearance or design. Here it’s often purely about function rather than form, and with so many different engineers and designers studying the problem and needs, there are so many different solutions and ideas at play.

Upcoming EU cargo bike rules could very well alleviate that a bit – perhaps for the better – but until then it’s the real Wild West out there, and the wealth of inventiveness can’t that lead to good things in the future.

This is our final round of coverage from the Eurobike 2022 show, but be sure to head over to our main Eurobike page for all sorts of other goodies from this year’s event. See you next year in Frankfurt!

Sports & Fitness Apparel Market 2022 is booming worldwide by 2028 -, Puma SE Inc., Gap, Adidas AG Ltd., Fila, TerraFrog Clothing Corporation, GK Elite Sportswear Inc., Mizuno USA Inc., Patagonia


sports and fitness apparel market The research report of the report is a wide-ranging analysis and Impact of COVID19 in the global market and detailed information with segmentation has been added in this intelligence report. In this report, a comprehensive analysis of the current global market of the Global Sports and Fitness Apparel Market in terms of request and supply environment is provided, as well as current price trend and in the the next years. The main global players are presented with their revenue, market to share, profit margin, major product portfolio and SWOT analysis. From an industry perspective, this report analyzes Supply Chainincluding the process graph presentationupstream key raw material and cost analysis, distributor and analysis of downstream buyers. This report also includes global information and regional market Cut and forecasting, major product development trend and typical downstream segment scriptas part of the analysis of market drivers and inhibitors.

Key players in the Global Sports and Fitness Apparel Market Covered are:
Puma SE
Gap, Inc.
Adidas S.A.
Fila, Ltd.
TerraFrog Clothing Company
GK Elite Sportswear
Mizuno USA, Inc.
Patagonia, Inc.
Hanesbrands, Inc.
V.F. Corporation
Anta Sports Products Limited
Lululemon Athletica Inc.
Mizuno Corporation
Li Ning Company Limited
Columbia sportswear company
Bravada International Ltd.
Nike, Inc.
ASICS Company
Hosa International
Reebok International Limited
Peak Sport Products Co., Ltd.

On the basis of types, the sports and fitness apparel market from 2015 to 2025 is majorly split into:
Sports clothing
fitness clothing

On the basis of applications, the Sports and Fitness Apparel market from 2015 to 2025 covers:

Sports and Fitness Clothing Market Report Provides You detailed information, industry knowledge, forecasts and market analysis. The global sports and fitness apparel industry report also clarifies economic risks and respect the environment. The Global Sports and Fitness Apparel Market report helps industry enthusiasts including investors and policy makers to make confident capital investments, develop strategies, optimize their business portfoliosuccessfully innovate and perform safely and sustainably.

Free report data (in the form of an Excel data sheet) will also be provided upon request with a new purchase.

Region Coverage of Sports and Fitness Clothing Market (Regional Production, Demand & Forecast by Countries etc.):

  • North America (S., Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc.)
  • Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, etc.)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, South Africa, etc.)

Answer to the key question in the report.

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Sports and Fitness Apparel market?
  • What are the different marketing and distribution channels?
  • What is the current CAGR of the Sports & Fitness Apparel market?
  • What are the Sports and Fitness Apparel market opportunities ahead of the market?
  • Who are the main competitors in the sports and fitness clothing market?
  • What are the main results of SWOT and Porter’s Five Techniques?
  • What is the size and growth rate of the Sports and Fitness Apparel market over the forecast period?


  • Global Sports and Fitness Apparel Market Research Report 2022-2028
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  • Chapter 4: Global sports and fitness apparel Production, revenue (value) by region
  • Chapter 5: Global Sports & Fitness Apparel Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Regions
  • Chapter 6: Global Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type
  • Chapter 7: Global Market Analysis by Application
  • Chapter 8: Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Chapter 9: Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers
  • Chapter 10: Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders
  • Chapter 11: Effect Factor Analysis of Sports and Fitness Apparel Market
  • Chapter 12: Global sports and fitness apparel market forecast

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Our favorite gear for cycling this summer


Summer cycling is all about staying cool and slowing down, just the way we like it. Whether it’s a picnic on the bike, a trip to the office or the beach, it’s summer and it’s all about making it easier.

Here are 10 essential gear we’re loving this summer.

It’s a cool, functional piece of outerwear that we love. It’s made with an eco-friendly stretch fabric allowing plenty of movement to work those pedals, while looking absolutely fabulous off the bike. It has all kinds of breathability, so no need to worry about sweat from summer cycling. And there are plenty of buckles, straps and pockets for whatever one might need.

Let’s face it, having a flat tire and having to replace or repair a tube on the go or even at home is always a pain. Doing it in the heat of summer just makes it worse. That’s why we loved discovering this electric inflator, a collaboration between Aventon and Fantik. This lightweight and portable inflator is a marvel. It measures less than eight inches or can fully inflate a bicycle tire to the exact PSI with the press of a button. We’ve found it to be a valuable addition to our gear cabinet and even take it along on long group rides with friends on weekends.

Although built with mountain biking in mind, we love the eco-friendly polyester mesh used on the Vista Top. It manages humidity and is super durable, not to mention it looks pretty cool for a weekend at the beach or for a coffee shop in the summer. It has a sculpted hem for easy movement on or off the bike.

Terry Bicycles Vista Top

Able Carry Thirteen Backpack, $128

Lightweight and built for everyday adventure, this little gem of a bag offers versatility and quality without all the unnecessary bells and whistles. We love the minimalist design, the dedicated laptop pocket for those who want to bike to the beach this summer to work on that novel, and the hidden pocket on the left shoulder strap is super handy.

There’s something so sleek yet absolutely utilitarian and smart about this new rear cargo bike crate from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. We love that it’s crafted from reclaimed wood with galvanized metal finishes. And it’s roomy enough to carry all sorts of fun things, from picnic baskets to groceries.

Checkout Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Traveler’s Thousand Lights, $35

Thousand, the brand behind some pretty smashing bike helmets, is finally adding to its line of innovative products for cyclists. What we love about Traveler Lights for bikes and scooters is that they’re lightweight and magnetically attach and detach from their mounts for easy removal and installation. There’s an Eco Flash setting that’s perfect for dawn and dusk rides along with two additional settings, including the 100-lumen nighttime setting and the 250-lumen daytime flash setting.

ABUS mobile safety experts have designed the Pedelec 2.0 helmet with an ideal combination of safety and convenience for city streets. We like the 360-degree visibility and the integrated LED taillight – a big flashing red triangle. There are also plenty of vents throughout to provide plenty of airflow.

Famous bike brand State Bicycle Co. is expanding its line of accessories with a number of adorable bags to carry your summer cycling essentials. What we love is the Cordura fabric and color combinations that make these bags as stylish as they are functional. The range includes two different frame bags, a new tool roll and a saddle bag.

State Bicycle Co. panniers

Looking for something to pick fresh flowers and a bottle of wine for your big date? Do it in style with this summer-ready woven front basket from the good folks at Priority Bicycles. It’s made of artificial rattan woven around a sturdy metal frame, so it’s built to last. We love the vegan leather straps and the brass buckles. So cute.

Duer No Sweat Everyday Shorts, $89

This brand is a favorite of brilliant sea-to-sea urban riders thanks to the level of comfort, durability and style. These shorts look great and we love their super soft fabric and drawstring waist. The secure back pocket is an added bonus, and the length of these shorts is perfect for cycling around town.

The new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado is ready to take on the 2022 Toyota Tacoma


The last years of the second-generation Chevrolet Colorado were tough for the American automaker, and GM had learned its shortcomings and what buyers wanted from the midsize truck. So, after seven long years, Chevy introduced the third-generation Colorado pickup, revamping it from the inside. They fitted it with a new 2.7-liter turbocharged engine and a host of new features.

On the other hand, the Toyota Tacoma is a seasoned player in the mid-size pickup truck segment. Since its arrival, it has satisfied customers with excellent value for money, impressive price-to-power ratio, good security, rock-solid reliability, and low prices and running costs. The question is, how does the 2023 Colorado stack up against the 2022 Toyota Tacoma, the current best-selling midsize pickup in the United States?

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2023 Chevrolet Colorado vs. Toyota Tacoma: Engine and Performance

Chevrolet ditched the previous engines and fitted the new Colorado with a new 2.7-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. If that sounds familiar, yes, it’s the same engine that powers the Silverado 1500.

The 2.7-liter turbocharged engine comes with three settings. That of the WT and LT versions produces 237 horsepower and 259 lb-ft of torque. The Z71 and Trail Boss get a more powerful 2.7-liter Turbo Plus engine capable of producing 310 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. The 237 hp and 310 hp engines are capable of towing up to 7,700 pounds. The flagship ZR2, however, gets a high-output turbo engine that delivers 310 ponies and a big 430 lb-ft of pure punch. However, the ZR2’s towing capacity is limited to 6000 lbs as it focuses primarily on off-road performance.

In comparison, the Toyota Tacoma has two engine options. A 2.7-liter inline-4 in lower models produces 159 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque, along with a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. The more expensive models have a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 278 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, allowing them to tow up to 6,400 lbs. Unlike the Colorado, Toyota offers two transmission choices for the Tacoma. As standard, both engines are mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox, but you can also fit a 6-speed manual gearbox for greater control.

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2023 Chevrolet Colorado vs. Toyota Tacoma: Exterior Design

Chevrolet based its 2023 Colorado on a modern design language, giving it a rugged and modern appearance. The wedge-shaped headlights include a sleek DRL as well as a bi-LED headlight to give it a muscular personality. The front bumpers now feature sharper body lines, making them stronger. Additionally, the black honeycomb grille in the front with a metal casing and the Chevrolet bowtie emblem give the Colorado a classic Chevrolet look. Step aside and you can see how cool the new alloys are with mud terrain tires.

The Toyota Tacoma, on the other hand, now looks older than the Colorado due to its dated design. Nevertheless, he still has that muscular appearance. The black hexagonal grille and U-shaped DRLs give its fascia a distinct look. Although they are the oldest of the lot, we love Tacoma’s alloy wheels.

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2023 Chevrolet Colorado Vs Toyota Tacoma: Interior Design and Comfort

The 2023 Colorado welcomes its occupants with a new interior designed with superior materials combined with a modern and elegant layout. Most parts of the cabin are covered with a soft touch leatherette material, which makes the cabin stylish. The new dash is impressive, with a large slab display and chiseled AC vent design. You’ll find most of the controls nearby and they’re easy to use. For decor, the Z71’s cabin comes with Z71 badging and jet black interior accents, while the ZR2 makes things sportier with yellow stitched accents and Artemis interior trim. The front seats offer 40.3 inches of headroom and 45.2 inches of legroom. The rear seats have 38.3 inches of headroom and 34.7 inches of legroom. The seats offer various functions and excellent comfort on long journeys.

On the other hand, the Tacoma offers a mostly work-oriented cabin. However, TRD models make things sportier with sporty cloth seats and TRD badging. The dashboard design seems too practical, but the ergonomics are superb. Although the feel isn’t quite as chic as the Colorado, the Tacoma’s cabin is decent for everyday life. The Tacoma’s front seats offer 39.7 inches of headroom and 42.9 inches of legroom. The rear seats provide 38.3 inches of headroom and 32.6 inches of legroom. Therefore, Colorado offers more space and comfort than Tacoma. Although the seats have less room than the latter, Tacoma’s seats provide excellent support for longer working hours.

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2023 Chevrolet Colorado vs. Toyota Tacoma: Features

The 2023 Colorado comes loaded with a host of features. The cabin offers vinyl, cloth or perforated leather seats; power front seats with heating, cooling, lumbar support and memory settings. For infotainment, the front comes with an 11.3-inch touchscreen followed by an 8 or 11-inch all-digital dash, heated, leather and multifunction steering wheel, Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, a wireless charger and a premium audio system. system.

Tacoma also offers a long list of niceties. Its interior features a smaller 4.2-inch MID, wireless mobile charger, fabric, vinyl, leather, or black TRD Pro leather seats, and a rear-view camera. However, a power-adjustable front passenger seat, ventilated seats and a fully digital instrument panel are not available. Additionally, the Tacoma offers a smaller 7-inch or 8-inch touchscreen. However, the Tacoma offers a broader set of safety features such as blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert and adaptive cruise control, which the Colorado lacks.

As it stands, the new Colorado is the midsize pickup to choose. But Toyota is working on introducing a next-generation Tacoma soon, and we think it’s worth the wait.

Source: Chevrolet, Toyota

STOVER: McDaniel has built a sports operation like no other at Spring-Ford


It’s something that happens to everyone, especially those who have been doing something for a long time.

As the days pass and the years accumulate, crossing a personal finish line becomes inevitable. People have to deal with having to call it a career and step aside, leaving younger, more energetic people to take the reins of a job or profession in the immediate future and beyond. Energies, ideas, and inspiration become scarcer, and there is always the desire to slow down one’s life as it progresses.

I see that for myself, approaching the age of 68 and being in my 42nd year of local sports coverage. Being at a company that transitioned from manual typewriters to portable computers during this time, the reality of trying to keep up with technological changes sometimes becomes more daunting. One hope is that when people look back on his life and work, the judgment of his worth is favourable.

Spring-Ford head coach Mickey McDaniel calls out his team during a District 1 playoff game against Upper Dublin in 2021. McDaniel is retiring as an AD at Spring-Ford but will remain the coach of school female basketball. (Austin Hertzog – MediaNews Group)

That won’t be a question for Mickey McDaniel, who is heading into retirement after more than a quarter century of service as the athletic director of the Spring-Ford School District. Indeed, Mickey’s contributions to the district’s athletic programs are constantly on display to the student-athletes who participate in the various sports, the coaches who guide those students, and the spectators who come to cheer on their favorite teams to victory.

Over the years I have met Mickey as an AD and coach, I have found him to be extremely cordial, courteous and helpful in terms of information or accommodation.

I have commented many times on how Mickey could have made a lucrative career running seminars on how to be a sports director. His understanding of the duties of the position was second to none.

One particularly noteworthy thing Mickey did for me happened during a PAC men’s basketball semifinal double round that was being played at the old Spring-Ford High School on a Friday night. As well as a capacity crowd in the gymnasium for the first game, an elbow-to-elbow mass of spectators filled every square inch of the adjoining hall… the potential for a major headache developing as some of the fans grew frustrated by the overflow situation and the possibility that they do not enter the gymnasium.

Having been assigned to cover the second game of the twinbill, I wondered if I was going to be able to make it to the gym for the nightcap. I spotted an assistant from Pottstown High, Todd Wallace, and asked him to let The Mercury’s sportswriter at the time, Tom McNichol, know about my situation. Shortly after, Mickey walked into the lobby and waved me in.

His “routine interference” to me, I regarded as service beyond the call of duty. I doubted then, and I do now, that my press pass would have allowed me free entry into the gymnasium through the massive crowd.

Even on mundane and less incidental matters, Mickey was just as conscientious. There was a case where I left a collapsible umbrella in one of the school press booths during a sporting event. I messaged him about it and several months later when I was back at school covering an event, of course the umbrella was in his office for safekeeping.

Mickey’s attention to detail stands out as one of his strongest assets. In Spring-Ford’s many Pioneer Athletic Conference basketball playoffs over the years, noteworthy are the stat sheets and coaches/media “hospitality rooms” he had put in place. place to be used by these people.

The stat sheets were particularly noteworthy, listing every individual and team stat imaginable. And they weren’t just given out at the end of the game either; first semester sheets have been prepared for distribution. This was the case even for state-level games played at Spring-Ford as a neutral site, whether or not they involved PAC teams.

The “hospitality rooms” regularly offered a variety of food and drink to coaches and media taking breaks between games. As someone who has enjoyed both amenities over the years, I can say they were as welcome as the dedicated spaces in the gymnasium where media representatives could work on stories during games.

He was also very innovative, constantly looking for ways to improve the logistical aspects of sporting events. I saw a good example of this at an athletics meeting in Spring-Ford a few years ago.

Mickey had assembled a number of meet workers with laptops in the Coach McNelly Stadium press room. As the various events were completed, he would instruct the riders to take the score sheets to the press box, where they were typed up, printed, and returned to the coaches.

I found it somewhat mind-boggling, the idea of ​​having dating results prepared on the spot instead of getting them hours later like so many years ago. But it was classic Mickey.

I discovered another convenience from him during the high school softball team’s run to the 2022 PIAA Class 6A Championship. On my way back to my car after the team’s quarter-final victory over Penn Manor, I saw the players and their gear being loaded onto a Lazer Limo bus for the return trip to Royersford.

I had never seen anything like it before: a team traveling to an event in such luxurious accommodation. But softball coach Tim Hughes, and several other coaches along the way, pointed out that it was normal convenience for Mickey to field for teams making the state playoffs in their sports.
Now, that makes perfect sense, considering Mickey’s focus over the years has been on giving student-athletes the best of everything.

There are undoubtedly countless other stories about Mickey McDaniel’s long service to the Spring-Ford School District and youth sports in the twin borough community. Such is a reward for the efforts and energies “Mr. Spring-Ford” brought to his post: To make a positive impression on the people from whom he benefited and to improve the sports programs he supervised.

I wish Mickey McDaniel a happy and productive retirement, knowing full well that he will not fully “retire” in the strictest sense of the word. It will classically depict how people who remain active after retiring from work have the best retirement experiences.

To you, Mickey: Thanks for all you’ve done and keep up the good work.

Laredoan has designs featured by an international fashion company


A Laredoan native has reached a milestone in his fashion career as his work is featured in a Famous Footwear fashion campaign thanks to a partnership with his university and British footwear and clothing brand Dr. Martens.

Jude Hinojosa is a fashion designer and artist from the Laredo area. Recently, Hinojosa had the opportunity to feature her designs in Dr. Martens’ All Access Summer campaign. This allowed them to take their designs and career to a new level while completing their Masters program at Central Saint Martins in London.

Hinojosa was one of five students chosen for this opportunity.

As a native of Gateway City, Hinojosa explored their culture and taste for music with the aim of creating several fashion items that allowed them to internationalize their clothes. The designs featured in the campaign are based on their memories of their summer vacations they had with their family in Texas and the Laredo area.

Hinojosa’s fashion designs also focus on creating non-binary clothing from upcycled men’s clothing that is salvaged from charity shops, giving clothes a second chance and a new chance to be worn. Upcycling is taking old or vintage clothes and turning them into something better than their original design.

The Central Saint Martins fashion program is internationally recognized for its creativity, innovative and independent teaching, and network of fashion insiders. Its alumni have shaped the global fashion industry, from household names such as Alexander McQueen, Kim Jones and Stella McCartney, to changemakers like Grace Wales Bonner, Nensi Dojaka, Craig Green and Phoebe Philo.

“My recycled menswear comes from a non-binary perspective,” Hinojosa said. “I am non-binary. I always was. But for much of my life, I had to live a cis male lifestyle. It wasn’t my truth, but even though I tried my best to be part of a world I couldn’t connect to by heart, I witnessed the softer side of masculinity – sensitivity. as well as the lack of expression.

Hinojosa said these emotions found as they tried to discover themselves offered new options in menswear by taking pre-existing “masculine” clothes and turning them into emotional yet familiar pieces. According to Hinojosa, the clothes are meant to serve as choices or even inspiration for people who want to represent their style more faithfully to themselves.

“Working for Dr. Martens has been a great experience,” Hinojosa said. “They allowed me to express my creativity in menswear as I see it and gave me the opportunity to pair my look with such an iconic shoe brand. I woke up to an email with the news. While that might sound a bit anti-climactic, it meant the world to me!

Hinojosa said the partnership with the international fashion design company will eventually help them be more successful in their careers as they pursue their master’s degree. They said one of the best things about the opportunity was the fact that such a great brand allowed them to express themselves through clothing as well.

“Dr. Martens has given me an international platform to show off my work and express myself as a designer,” Hinojosa said. “Their support will be something I will cherish and remember as I continue to solidify the foundations of my career The expression of my creativity is essential.

Hinojosa said her goal is to create a brand that is true to the ethics she lives by. According to Hinojosa, those ethics are sustainability with recycling, expanding men’s clothing options, and supporting the work of non-binary contributors, women, and allies.

“I intend to mix menswear and art,” Hinojosa said. “Ultimately, I want to be immersed in the fashion world as a direct contributor with my ideas. I’m very open to seeing where life takes me, however, my goal is to design my experiences and deliver them. to anyone who resonates with them.

For the classic rock lover, Hinojosa said the music of the 1950s and 1960s was the inspiration for their fashion designs. They said songs like Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” and The Supremes’ “Baby Love” spark happy memories of summer vacations with their family.

“Music triggers emotions that I use in my process,” Hinojosa said. “Although each work is impacted by different inspirations, the basis of my pieces is consistent: memory, emotion, self-expression.”

They said all of their memories are what they delve into when trying to come up with a new design. They also said that wearing clothes is also about creating memories.

“For me, clothes are all about memory,” Hinojosa said. “Wearing a physical piece that represents a moment in your life. Recycling second-hand clothes retains what we cherish from the past and (can) become part of us as we create new memories now and in the future.

Besides music, Hinojosa said the culture of their hometown of Laredo also helped them structure several elements as they feel memories represent the individual and help shape who the individual is and what they wear.

“I was born and raised in Laredo where I had the privilege of experiencing a blend of American and Mexican traditions,” Hinojosa said. “It was in my hometown that I first felt the joys of the comic book stores, the ropa usada warehouses, the pinatas swinging on the trees and the sounds of the Matachines in December. One of my favorite things to do while visiting is to walk around the city center and visualize the past. Seeing me as a child shopping with my parents. Thinking of those who walked the same streets a century ago and imagining what Laredo looked like through their eyes. It is my memories of the city that inspire me in what I do.

Hinojosa said their main inspiration for their designs was thinking about summer, as it always brings back memories of family vacations.

“We would all pile into the car and turn on the radio station while we were on the road,” Hinojosa said. “There would be a certain point where the station would become static. It was our signal that we left the city limits. We were looking for the 1950s/1960s rock ‘n’ roll station that the radio was picking up as we neared San Antonio. However, we would never remember where the station was on the radio, so we paced back and forth between the sizzling noise and random music until we found it!

“We were always so excited because when we heard the music, we knew summer had officially started for us! For my look, I wanted to capture that memory with pieces that would move with the wearer and allow for bursts of vibrant color, whether on a walk or a dance!”

For anyone interested in purchasing the fashion apparel created by Hinojosa, they are currently creating a collection that will be available for purchase next year. They told people to keep their eyes peeled for when their clothes will go on sale.

Hinojosa and their fashion designs can be followed through their Instagram account @jude_hino_josa.

2022 Skoda Kodiaq Sportline review


Skoda’s flagship seven-seat Kodiaq straddles the medium and large SUV segments and offers intelligent use of space and strong driving dynamics.

Our family of four got a taste of the mid-range Sportline, but does the make and model still represent value and smarts?


Jul: I have a serious soft spot for the Kodiaq from Skoda.

Ian: Why?

Jul: It is difficult to identify the rules of attraction. It is imposing but not too big, stylish without forcing and living up to its advertising slogan “Simply Clever”.

Ian: Well, pretty smart. It can accommodate about seven seats and offers reasonable performance. Skoda is still a fringe brand, so you feel less like a sheep than you would in a Toyota or Kia.

Jul: Our Kodiaq is the bad boy. Being the Sportline, it’s black on black on black.

Ian: Like a middle-management mafioso who can’t quite get a black Mercedes AMG for back-to-school yet.

Jul: If you want.

Ian: Goodies include Matrix LED headlights, animated rear turn signals, 20-inch alloys and black grille, roof rails, mirrors and badging.

Jul: What is all this costing me?

Ian: A reasonable $57,990 car, but Skoda’s value isn’t what it used to be. Option packs quickly add to the bill.


Jul: It’s really luxurious inside.

Ian: Due to the aforementioned options. It’s $1900 to upgrade from Alcantara to leather sport seats with ventilation; the $1900 panoramic sunroof and a $3700 luxury package offer heated front and rear seats, a power passenger seat and advanced driver aids. Without the latter, the security kit is really lacking.

Jul: So what’s the final bill?

Ian: Expect. There is more. Paint costs $700 and a $2900 tech pack adds adaptive chassis control, Canton audio, hands-free tailgate and park assist. Try $69,160 to drive away.

Jul: Is it Kodiaq RS money?

Ian: It’s $74,990 with those options included, plus you get an extra 48kW from its 2.0-liter 180kW engine.

Jul: It’s me sold. The Sportline is still charming. Ideal for having a digital dashboard, wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging and a 9.2-inch touchscreen.

Ian: It’s sporty. The steering wheel is chunky, there’s faux carbon dash trim and racy red lighting on the driver display, doors and footwells.

Jul: There’s an umbrella in the door, as well as handy luggage nets and massive storage compartments.

Ian: Not so clever, the center cup holders are too small for my coffee mug or sports bottle. On the plus side, there is good storage in the doors, which also house a small bin.


Jul: I’m waiting for Sport in Sportline.

Ian: To keep waiting. There’s only 132 kW from the turbocharged four-cylinder petrol, and it has 1750 kg to displace.

Jul: It is an impressive cruiser. Quiet, comfortable and the radar cruise control works with the sound system to keep me happy.

Ian: I found the seats too firm, but the driver aids are subtly non-invasive. Its dual-clutch gearbox is super smooth when up to speed but jerky around town. It’s also slow at the start, which surprised me more than once at crossroads.

Jul: No chance of a quick three-point turn, something moms need in school. There is a big delay between Drive and Reverse.


Ian: These are cost options, but the hands-free tailgate and bird’s-eye camera are great for the supermarket.

Jul: The normal rear view camera is surprisingly low quality. The massive trunk makes up for it, and you can even stow a few shopping bags with all seven seats up.


Ian: He has impressive cornering skills. The optional Adaptive Drive Mode adjusts things like damping and steering in Sport Mode.

Jul: I love these driving modes. The ambient lighting becomes green in Eco, blue in Comfort and red in Sport. There’s even a snow mode and everything turns cool blue. It tickles me.

Ian: It’s great fun to throw around the corners and the gearbox is at its best at high speeds. The paddle shifters are a welcome bonus. Grip from the Pirelli tires is good, but they’re quite skinny, so you feel harder bumps through them.

Jul: It’s fun on back roads, but ours is priced so close to a Kodiaq RS that I’d pay the extra for more power and drama.


Ian: I’m afraid our children are being raised in a heated leather seat bubble.

Jul: They’re spoiled in the middle seats, which recline, slide back and forth and have mini footrests. The sun blinds are practical, while the huge sunroof bathes the cabin in light.

Ian: Their own air conditioning is good, but do you know what’s just not smart? No rear USB ports. For a family SUV? It just doesn’t make sense.

Jul: It’s also a bit of a mission to get to the two rear seats.

Iain: They are better for children. I’m six feet tall and my head is on the ceiling and my knees are stuck.

Jul: We average 8L/100km on the highway and 9.1L/100km in total. Not great as it needs 95 fuel, but at least an $1800 five-year service pack is decent value.

Ian: As for adventure, there’s room for a lightweight off-roader. It tows 2000 kg but the weight of the downball is 80 kg.


Jul: The Kodiaq is striking to look at and gorgeous inside, but those options make it expensive compared to rivals from Kia, Hyundai and Mazda.

Ian: It’s great to drive and look at, but it lacks standard safety equipment, there are no rear USB ports and it’s pretty thirsty. It’s not the smart, economical choice it once was.


THE PRICE From $57,990 by car

WARRANTY AND SERVICE Warranty 5 years/up to km, $1800 for 5 years

ENGINE 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo petrol, 132 kW and 320 Nm

SECURITY Nine airbags, automatic emergency braking, radar cruise control

THE THIRST 8.2L/100km

SPARE space saver

BOOT 270-765 liters

Originally published as 2022 Skoda Kodiaq Sportline review

Travel gear is top rated by Amazon shoppers


The products and services mentioned below have been selected independently of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any product or service through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

Traveling should always be enjoyable. It lets you see new places, try different things, and get out of a rut. But it can also be stressful. You need to decide what to pack, make sure you have all the documents you might need, and make sure you’re at the airport early enough. Plus, buying new travel gear can make you worry that it won’t hold up to being carried around.

According to a recent survey by Wyndham, 37% of travelers have canceled or delayed their trips due to the stress of planning their vacation. Nearly half of respondents said packaging was a major stressor and 61% worried about spending too much money. One way to reduce your trip planning anxiety is to make sure you’re not wasting money on substandard luggage, accessories, and other travel gear.

Amazon is always a great place to search for product picks that have been bought and used by thousands of people, so we turned to the website’s section of “Customers’ Most Loved” items in the gear category. trip to come up with a good list of recommendations. Here, Amazon maintains a comprehensive storefront of various products with over 1,000 reviews and at least a four-star rating.

Here are our 10 favorite pieces of travel gear that can help you plan your next trip with less stress.


This set of four luggage includes a 26-inch wheeled suitcase, a 20-inch wheeled suitcase, a boarding tote that can slip over the luggage handle, and a toiletry bag. The set has nearly 8,000 five-star reviews, with customers saying the pieces are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and good quality at a great price. Priced at $129.99 to $139.99, colors include black, lilac, navy, rose gold, and tan.


This unassuming duffel bag is perfect for overnight or weekend trips, as it is also a hanging garment bag. Open the bag and expand it to pack suits or dresses without worrying about creases. It also has interior and exterior pockets for shoes, keys, toiletries and more. The bag has over 6,500 ratings so far and 4.5 stars overall. It’s available in six colors for $43.99 to $69.99.


This laptop bag has been designed to allow you and your essentials to pass through airport security quickly and easily, as it allows scanning of a laptop in a case. Additionally, the bag features zippered laptop access, padded tablet pocket, main compartment with accordion document holder, RFID protected organizer compartment and multiple exterior pockets. At $89.99, the backpack has over 20,400 ratings with 4.7 stars overall, and it’s available in 10 colors.


These compression bags can help you save up to 80% of the space needed to pack your suitcase. Unlike similar bags, you don’t need a vacuum cleaner for these. Instead, place your folded clothes inside, close the bag with a zipper, roll the bag toward the venting end, and pack it rolled up or stretched flat.

“It’s the only reason I was able to pack carry-on luggage, which I was extremely grateful for as I was constantly moving from cities and hotels,” an Amazon reviewer wrote. “Definitely recommend if you need to pack two weeks worth of ski clothes and pants in a hand luggage!”

This set of travel compression bags includes six medium and six large bags for $16.39. Other sizes are also available at different prices.


How many phones, tablets, laptops, headphones and chargers do you take when you travel? This electronic organizer has two zippered layers and plenty of pockets to keep cords, chargers and small devices safe, untangled and easy to access. With over 3,400 ratings and 4.4 stars overall so far, this handy travel gear costs $12.99.


Pack your favorite toiletries without worrying about the bottles breaking, leaking, taking up valuable space, or being ripped off by the TSA because they’re too big. These reusable travel bottles are made from premium food grade silicone, so they can withstand knocks and knocks without cracking. Plus, you can customize the capacity with the collapsible design, and the leak-proof lids provide peace of mind.

At $7.99, this set includes four TSA-compliant travel bottles, 1 milliliter spray bottle, and contents identification card.


Keeping your important IDs, documents and financial information handy is crucial when traveling. Gear that helps you protect and organize your cash, cards and other essentials will save you time and stress. This organizerpriced at $24.99, has pockets and slots for a phone, coins, memory or SIM cards, cash, passports, pens, keys, credit cards, cards boarding and larger documents.

“Very useful, especially for a large family,” wrote one reviewer. “So much easier to travel with the kids. Goodbye to the stressful times of rummaging through my bags for passports and documents while my children cry.


Don’t get caught in a sudden downpour without protection. This travel umbrella has 4.6 stars overall and over 50,000 ratings at the time of writing. It features a vented double canopy which is more windproof than traditional umbrellas. It weighs less than a pound, slips easily into a bag or purse, and opens with the push of a button. Priced at $26.95, this umbrella comes in six colors, such as stripe, sky blue and sunny yellow.


Traveling with young children poses many unique challenges. These soft earmuffs protect babies and toddlers from loud noises, and many customers report that they work well in flight.

“My 2 month old wore them on a 3.5 hour flight and didn’t cry once,” wrote one reviewer. “He didn’t wake up when other kids were screaming and crying.”

The unique design prevents pressure on baby’s weak spots. They are light, soft and easy to use, according to the ratings. These earmuffssold for $29.99, are available in six colors.


Flights may be delayed. Thunderstorms can cause power outages. Either way, you won’t be caught without a charged device if you’ve packed it with your travel gear. This slim profile power bank will charge two devices simultaneously through its USB ports.

“Easy to use, charges well, small and compact, great for purses,” wrote one reviewer. “Take on the plane, ideal for charging mid-flight on smaller planes without plugs.”

This portable charger has 4.4 stars on Amazon and nearly 4,000 reviews to date. Usually $38, this gadget has been cut almost in half, on sale for $19.75 at the time of this writing.

What travel gear can’t you imagine leaving at home when you go on a trip?

Editors’ Favorite Wellness Products – Prevention Picks July 2022


To Prevention, we take pride in choosing the best products for our readers. Our mission has always been to highlight the best, expert-backed selections that truly solve a problem for you, make your day easier, or bring joy to your life.

That’s why we organize Prevention Picks every month, where our editors handpick the products that have truly made a difference in their lives. From brand-new launches to tried-and-true favorites, we’re screaming beauty products worth your money, fitness gear that’ll enhance your workouts, handy gadgets for your home, healthy foods that stand out from the crowd, and more. Again. This month, you’ll find essentials that will elevate your routine.

Ahead, take a look at our latest finds – they make great gifts too. And who knows, you might end up getting a few!

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10 second liquid eyeshadow

I’m not a big eyeshadow girl, but this one from Kosas might have changed my look. This is the easiest eyeshadow I’ve ever used with the most beautiful neutral shimmer finish. Just slip on the lid and go rock-solid. I recently brought this on a girls’ trip to Miami and the whole group wanted to join in, it’s so good (and universally flattering)! —Dori Price, freelance beauty writer


Eau de Parfum – A’mmare

If you can’t hit an exotic Mediterranean beach this summer, this new fragrance from a century-old perfume house in Capri, Italy, transports you in a single spritz, both in scent and in the whimsical design of the ocean bottle. It envelops you in the aroma of warm, sunny salty air tinged with citrus, herbs and musk, thanks to a blend of notes like bergamot, rosemary, aquatic essence, mint and yes, salt crystals. —April Franzino, Beauty Director


All-Natural Clumping Litter, 20 Pounds (6506), (Pack of 1), 320 oz.

I used to notice SO MUCH dusty residue in and around our cat litter boxes, which worried me considering our cats’ tiny lungs were probably full of that stuff too! So we opted for the all-natural SmartCat clumping litter. The cats seem content and I no longer have to worry about clogging their lungs with nasty dust or cleaning up that dusty mess. And the product is definitely eco-friendly, which is another bonus! —Sue Kaktys, Production Coordinator


Tikka Headlamp – Compact and lightweight 300 lumens headlamp for proximity lighting for hiking, climbing and camping – Blue

This headlamp was absolutely perfect for walking to the laundry room at Family Camp in northern Wisconsin, but when I get home I still like to use it when I read in bed! Better light than my bedside lamp, and no fun shadow on my book or journal. you can adjust both the fit and the angle of the light, and it has three brightness levels, plus a red light setting, which is great for getting to your stargazing spot. —Sarah Smith, Editor-in-Chief


I know, I know, another celebrity beauty brand. But believe me, this one lives up to the hype. I am extremely picky about the products I put on my lips (I hate having chapped lips). So when Hailey Bieber’s new Rhode line came out, I was excited to try the peptide lip treatment. It gives my lips the powerful shine I love with the moisture I need, and I especially love the watermelon flavor. Perfect for summer. I often wear it alone for a glassy yet nourished look. It is worth joining the waiting list. —Catharine Malzahn, beauty assistant


Nail repair for damaged nails – Nail strengthener for thin nails, Nail strengthener for damaged nails – Nail products with exfoliator, primer and moisturizer for brittle nails

My nails have been quite brittle from some gel manicures that I didn’t remove properly (culprit!) but this nail repair system has really helped restore some shine to my nails. Developed by a dermatologist (Dr. Dana), the three-part system works to nourish nails by hydrating and exfoliating them. The kit includes a glycolic prep for nail exfoliation, a priming wand to remove damaged nail cells, and cuticle oil to strengthen nails. I’ve been using the system once a week for about a month and I really see a difference in my nails. My ridges look less pronounced, my nails are stronger and they are definitely shinier! —Emily Goldman, Editor-in-Chief


Protein & Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal – Honey, 1 Pack – High Protein, Low Sugar Snack – Vegan, Kosher, Grain & Dairy Free – Non-GMO

I’m a big fan of the Three Wishes cereal line for several reasons: the taste and the crunch; low sugar/high protein nutritional content; that it is gluten-free; and did I mention the taste and the crunch?! With only 6 ingredients and 4 flavors (including cocoa!), Three Wishes Cereal is a healthy breakfast and yogurt mix. —Lisa Bain, Executive Director, Health Newsroom


Santa Barbara vegan sandal for women

I had a pair of classic Naot sandals for years, before breaking them and making them unwearable. During this time, I stopped buying leather products and thought I would never be able to wear my favorite sandal again. I recently discovered that the brand offers a vegan option in cork, latex and microfiber for everyday walking that is completely leather-free! The best part is that the vegan version is just as comfortable (if not even more comfortable) than the classic option. They go with everything and are the most comfortable shoes I own! —Arielle Weg, Associate Editor


Dewy Skin Primer at Nordstrom

I’m the type of dry-skinned person who likes a luminous (albeit fake) and hydrated complexion. Not just a subtle highlight – I want to visibly glow across the room, so I follow a good moisturizer with a primer like this before going in with a radiant foundation ( You guess it). It gives me an immediate fresh and hydrated look without feeling too sticky. And that glow stays true even when the makeup is on top. It’s the perfect summer starter, if you ask me. —Kayla Blanton, freelance writer

As a makeup lover, I only stick to a few easy things to put on my face every day. I generally avoid liquid foundations as they tend to be heavy on my face, but this makeup powder from Clinique is as light as your normal finishing powder while still giving you the coverage of a liquid foundation. This is my go-to for a minimal makeup routine! —Madeleine Haase, Associate Editor


Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment

My obsession with hair products knows no bounds, but Amika is always one of my top picks. My new favorite is this in-shower repair treatment that leaves my hair soft, shiny and strong. And, you really can’t beat the scent (which lingers in your hair after rinsing, unlike most shower products). Simply apply to your hair after a conditioner or mask and rinse. It’s the fastest way so far to your best hair day. — Shannen Zitz, Editorial Assistant


Push Up Lashes Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara

As much as I wish I could say I was born with long, voluminous lashes, I have to give this mascara all the credit. After years of searching for the perfect mascara (believe me, I’ve tried them all), I finally struck gold about a year ago and have been using this one ever since. The wand has a flat side that first coats your lashes and adds volume before going in with the bristle sides for combing and lengthening, completely eliminating clumps. Also, it’s the only mascara I have that doesn’t smudge in DC humidity, a surprising (and very annoying) issue I’ve faced since moving there for the university. Total game changer! —Jenn Gonick, Managing Editor

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Our 9 favorite menswear deals from the semi-annual Bonobos sale


Note: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits.

Some men are decidedly adventurous with the way they dress. We applaud that. But we also recognize that other guys shouldn’t be relegated to second-class style just because they’re not comfortable wearing 5-inch shorts or pink slip-on mules to the office. It’s totally possible to wear minimal, timeless pieces and still look like a million bucks. Ask the bonobos.

The menswear brand is not what we might call the low. In fact, quite the opposite. Providing proven staples for the office, home, gym and everywhere in between since 2007, Bonobos understands that quality basics are the backbone of any impressive wardrobe.

Already a fan of the Bonobos or intrigued by the promise of superb discreet offers? You’re lucky. From now until August 4, you can enjoy the fruits of the semi-annual Bonobos Sale, a banana-busting event that advertises savings of up to 70% on hundreds of best-selling styles from the brand. Coded HIGH SUMMER is giving you an extra 30% off sale styles, with everything from summer jeans to chic sweater polo shirts to office Oxfords up for grabs.

You can shop our favorite nine picks from the Semi-Annual Bonobos Sale below, or check out the entire sale here.


a pink Bonobos button up short sleeve shirt on a gray background


a pair of Bonobos light faded folded jeans on a gray background


Two side-by-side shots of Bonobos on a beige background with a brown checkered woolen Jetsetter suit


a pair of Bonobos green golf shorts on a gray background


a model in a white knit Bonobos Oxford shirt on a gray background


Two side-by-side shots of Bonobos on a beige background with a pair of moss green stretch chinos


a Bonobos gray sports t-shirt on a gray background


a red vest of Bonobos on a gray background


Logitech G’s innovative gears rock the gaming world at CONQuest 2022


MANILA, Philippines — More than 30,000 social gamers and fans flocked to the SMX Convention Center this weekend for the country’s premier gaming, tech, anime and pop culture festival, CONQuest 2022.

The largest gathering of consumers since the pandemic, attendees were treated to live music, amazing cosplay, and the latest games and gear.

Global leader in gaming technology and equipment, Logitech G, showcased its premium gaming headsets at its booth, the G435 Wireless Gaming Headset for Mobile and PC, G335 Headsets, G733 Headsets and the G333 gaming headphones, among others.

Logitech G gaming gear was highlighted during its live stream, live interviews, live product unboxing with influencers, and a fun match with a lucky fan. Attendees enjoyed exclusive promotional packs, huge discounts, and free products. During its onstage segment, Logitech raffled off a G435 wireless gaming headset.

Rivalries between college games also resurfaced at CONQuest, with famed creators Kyedae and V33Wise further fueling the excitement at the gathering.

It was a weekend of celebrating passions, discovering art, new games, gadgets and technologies on seemingly endless booths, learning at trade shows, industry summit and panels communities and immerse yourself in the retro and indie development arcade.

Logitech G headsets for social gamers

The G733 Wireless Gaming Headset and the Lightspeed G435 Wireless Gaming Headset use LIGHTSPEED wireless technology that allows users to stay connected even up to 20 meters away while enjoying an unforgettable audio experience.

The Lightspeed G435 Wireless Gaming Headset can also be connected via Bluetooth. It is environmentally friendly, partly made of recycled plastic and certified CarbonNeutral.

The G335 Wired Gaming Headsetyou is plug-and-play and at 240g, it’s one of the lightest gaming headsets on the market. The G335 is Discord-certified for crystal-clear audio and seamless communication and can be used with almost any gaming platform via a 3.5mm audio jack. It offers gaming-grade audio quality, integrated controls, a volume roller located directly on the ear cup and a flip-up mic.

Available online and in local stores

Logitech gaming gadgets are available on the Logitech flagship store in Lazada, Official Logitech G Store at Shopee and other partner retail stores nationwide. Logitech products are also available at partner outlets, PC Express, Silicon Valley, DataBlitz, Octagon, Electroworld, Complink, iTech, Techwarez, Gameone, Interpace Computer Systems, GameXtreme, TTI, GameOne, DynaQuest PC, Digi-Serv Solutions , Concept Computer, NUTECH, DFE (Davao Futurebright Enterprises), Villman, PCWorx, Abenson, Digistore and Greenware.

Visit the Logitech G website and official Facebook page to learn more.

TVR is reportedly working on an all-electric sedan and SUV to follow the Griffith


After several development delays, the long-awaited TVR Griffith is set to hit the market in 2024, offered in both V8 and fully electric versions. However, the resurgent TVR brand will not be limited to a single model, as it is reportedly working on additional electric vehicles with the aim of becoming a global luxury carmaker.

As reported by Coach, the new TVR-branded models, which have yet to be named, are expected to sit on a new dedicated skateboard EV architecture, which will be provided by a “well-established and world-leading” partner. Plans haven’t been finalized yet, but there are rumors for a sedan and an SUV, featuring high-efficiency EV powertrains. If the reports are true, this will be the first time TVR has entered these segments, since its entire history has centered around sports cars. However, Les Edgar, president of the new TVR, mentioned an SUV in 2015, saying they would consider one given that the first sports car would be a success.

Also Read: Gordon Murray is Working on Two Mainstream SUVs with Electric Powertrains

Speaking of the latter, development of the Griffith began in 2014 with the help of Gordon Murray. The sports car premiered in 2017 in production-ready form. It featured a naturally aspirated V8 from Ford, tuned by Cosworth, mated to a manual gearbox sending power to the rear axle. Initial plans for a 2019 market launch have been repeatedly delayed, and the company is now eyeing a 2024 release.

Fortunately, Edgar said the Griffith V8 will stay very close to the 2017 concept in terms of specs. The Griffith EV will follow six months later, possibly with higher power output for improved performance. The TVR president thinks some of the “several hundred” buyers who have already placed their orders may want to switch from V8s to EVs, but seems confident about overall demand. Pricing for the V8 will start from £90,000 ($109,303), while the EV is expected to be more expensive.

As far as production premises are concerned, the decision has not yet been taken on the future of the Welsh factory in the UK, Edgar leaving the possibilities open for other manufacturing sites: “The UK will always be the center of this brand, but we expect to be nimble enough to consider production in other locations as we look to expand our plans globally.” TVR will soon be opening three Brand Experience Centers in the UK, where potential customers can view the Griffith in person.

Best Workout Leggings for Women 2022


Chances are you have more pairs of workout leggings in your closet than in previous years. The growing range of styles available include moisture-wicking materials, breathability, and a flattering silhouette that make them hard to resist putting on, even if a HIIT workout isn’t on your to-do list. And because they’re so versatile, you can never have too many, whether it’s for the gym or for everyday use. For those looking for the perfect pair, we’ve found some of the best workout leggings for women to come.

From fleece-lined versions to mesh-panelled versions, below you’ll find options for every possible activity (as well as your WFH outfits). These pairs have been tried and tested or come highly recommended – and they start at just $23, proving you don’t need to spend big bucks on quality workout leggings.

Best Workout Leggings Overall

Sweaty Betty: a pair that meets all standards

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Colors: Black, Black Fade, Black Geo, Black Print, Green Print | Materials: 62% polyamide, 38% elastane

If you frequently have trouble with a gaping waistband, the glued waistband on these leggings has extra compression for support. The high cut and compression material provide an overall flattering and comfortable fit. And they’re squat-proof, so you can wear them for running, lifting, yoga, or pilates.

What the reviews say: According to a Sweaty Betty reviewer, “These are real bombs! Super compressed, bodycon, fabulous butt lift, perfect length, extremely flattering. However, users are mixed on whether the waist goes down, and some say these leggings run small.


  • Sweat-wicking and quick-drying fabric
  • Two side pockets

The inconvenients:

  • Some don’t like the front seam

Best High Waisted Workout Leggings

Vuori: a very high waistband with a comfortable fit

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Colors: light pink flower, pink heather, pale camo, navy heather, black heather | Materials: 87% recycled polyester, 13% elastane

Sportswear brand Vuori are known for their thoughtful technical details and these leggings feature many of them. It’s made from sweat-wicking fabric, it has a hidden zip pocket to store things like keys and cash and it has no side seams which helps with freedom of movement and no chafing.

What the reviews say: Users love the ultra-soft feel and perfect fit of the “dreamy” fabric, although some would prefer the side pockets over the zippered pocket.


  • Available in three different lengths: regular, short, long
  • Super soft feel

The inconvenients:

  • Some say there may be pilling

Best Workout Leggings for HIIT

Outdoor Voices: activewear for serious workouts

Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: Black, green, black dots, yellow, raspberry | Materials: 72% Nylon, 17% Lycra, 11% Polyester

These leggings from Outdoor Voices have a structured waistband, which helps them stay in place while you do all your burpees. Made from the brand’s signature TechSweat fabric, these moisture-wicking leggings are specially designed for HIIT workouts and the sweat that comes with it. .

What the reviews say: “The belt is incredibly life changing for squats, lunges, HIIT and weight lifting,” says one reviewer. “The compression is perfect. I don’t know how they do it, but they slide on perfectly, stay put like no other leggings and look amazing. Users also say they wash well, but some comment that some lighter colors are sheer.


  • Lightweight
  • Compressive fabric retains its shape

The inconvenients:

  • Some say the belt is too stiff

Best Waist Inclusive Workout Leggings

Girlfriend Collective: leggings for all body types


Sizes: XXS-6XL | Colors: Plum, navy, black, green, brown, white | Materials: 79% recycled plastic bottles (RPET), 21% elastane

Girlfriend Collective brings transparency and size inclusion to the activewear category with its line of eco-friendly workout gear. Available in sizes XXS to 6X, these compression leggings made from sustainable recycled materials feature a high waist, double side seams and double side pockets, proving they’re as functional as they are comfortable.

What the reviews say: “I like their compression without feeling uncomfortable,” said one reviewer. “And they don’t slip during training.” Another user points out, “The hype on these is warranted. The fabric is super thick and of excellent quality, not at all transparent.


  • Two spacious hip pockets
  • Four-way stretch
  • Anti-perspiration

The inconvenients:

  • Some say they need to size up

The Best Lightweight Workout Leggings

Hoka: training equipment with UV protection

Sizes: HS-XL | Colors: Black/red, blue, black | Materials: 78% polyamide, 22% elastane

You might know Hoka running shoes best, but don’t sleep on the brand’s workout gear. For warm days, these ultra-soft brushed tights with UV protection are an ideal choice.

What the reviews say: “I’m a runner and I’m getting into the world of ultra-marathons,” says a Hoka reviewer. “These leggings are super comfortable, fit me like a glove and stay in place.” Other users love the pockets and like that they hide sweat, but some say they wish there was a drawstring at the waist.


  • Four pockets and two suitable smartphones
  • Soft and brushed touch

The inconvenients:

Best Reflective Workout Leggings

Nike: a pair that glows in the dark

Nike Dri-Fit Run Division Fast Women’s Running Leggings

Sizes: XXS-2XL | Colors: Black, indigo, lavender | Materials: 80% polyester, 20% elastane

If you’re a jogger or night runner, then your dream leggings will likely come with a few details to enhance visibility, as is the case with this pair featuring a reflective print. Your ideal leggings may also feature pockets to store your essentials and moisture-wicking fabric to help you stay dry. This pair of Nike ticks both boxes.

What the reviews say: “The waistband is snug enough, and the drawstring provides extra reassurance,” says one reviewer. “They provide the perfect amount of compression for every workout – my first was a Nike Training Club HIIT workout, and I haven’t touched it once.”


  • Drawstring at the waist
  • Zipped pocket at the waist for a mobile phone

The inconvenients:

forbes.comNike Promo Codes | 20% off in July 2022 | Forbes

Best Inexpensive Workout Leggings

Baleaf: an economical option

Sizes: XS-XXL | Colors: Black, Grey, Navy, Purple | Materials: 80% nylon, 20% elastane

With 8,000 positive reviews from Amazon, these cropped nylon and spandex leggings have chafe-free seams, a high waist and a very affordable price. They have a small internal pocket the right size for a key or credit card. Although they are quite stretchy, they don’t have strong compression or thick enough fabric to withstand squats, so they’re better suited for walking or gentler activities.

What the reviews say: Many buyers say these leggings are comfortable. “These are the most comfortable leggings I’ve found,” says one reviewer. “They are very durable and are not transparent like some others. One issue I’ve had with other brands is groin chafing and these don’t.


  • No seams inside the thighs
  • Deep side pockets

The inconvenients:

  • Not as compressive as other styles
  • Some users say they run a little big

The Best Hassle-Free Workout Leggings

Zella: a must-have pair

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Colors: Gray | Materials: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane

Made from a lightweight polyester and spandex blend that will hug your legs without adding much compression, these leggings are a good option for low impact workouts.

What the reviews say: Reviewers (7,000+) love that the high waist won’t bunch up, slip or roll over while you work out.


  • Not too tight fit for low impact
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • More affordable price than many other brands

The inconvenients:

  • Some have quick wear issues

Best Workout Leggings With Pockets

Bandier: stylish leggings with room for the essentials

Sizes: XXS-3X | Colors: Black, yellow, gray, green, navy blue, beige, camouflage | Materials: 50% nylon, 50% elastane

When it comes to leggings with pockets, the stocking size tends to vary. Some pockets are shallow, with only enough room to store your headphones or locker key, while others are designed to hold bulkier items like a cellphone, for example. If you prefer the latter, try this quick-drying pair.

What the reviews say: Overall, buyers love them for their comfort and amazing fit. According to one reviewer, “They stay in place, have just enough compression, and the fabric is high quality.” Another says, “These have great compression without being uncomfortable.”


  • Lots of color options
  • Spacious pockets
  • Soft fabric that washes well

The inconvenients:

  • May not work for small frames
  • Some say it runs large in the waist

A portable wooden chair from Trippy Outdoor ready for any adventure


Portable chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers are always developing new gadgets to keep their products compact, portable and durable. A cool one we came across recently is the Tripster from Trippy Outdoor. The company embraces a groovy “flower power” vibe, but the craftsmanship and functionality of its products are exceptional.

The Tripster is a great piece of gear to have for various outdoor activities. Its sleek and lightweight construction makes it easy to carry. Living up to the mark, they build this transforming seat out of wood and metal. At just 8 lbs, it’s lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold up to 1,000 lbs.

According to Trippy Outdoor, the inspiration behind its design comes from the 8th century. As you can see, the classic silhouette remains timeless and looks great with a few modern embellishments. The two-piece system uses sturdy seven-ply maple with an aluminum backing.

The main section of the Tripster sports an ergonomic curvature with vertical and horizontal cutouts. Two other cutouts near the metal assembly serve as carrying handles. The seat features four strong magnets to hold it securely in place for storage or transport. Meanwhile, the latter slides into a slot that firmly holds the leg against the aluminum support at the back.

Instead of nails, Trippy Outdoor opts for hex bolts to hold the pieces together. You can get it in eight colors and ship it to you in a cardboard box with great artwork. In addition to the Tripster chair and the documentation, the packaging also contains gifts. You have stickers, a poster and a ceramic mug. Finally, the lacquer on the wooden parts allows it to be used in all conditions.

Check the price

Images courtesy of Trippy Outdoor

2022 Porsche Macan GTS Review: Jack-of-all-trades


Sabel Courtney

Chances are you never heard the term “macan” until around 2014. Before Porsche chose the term to be the name of its second smaller SUV, it was the kind of unlikely term that most of us encountered; after all, the Malay name “tiger” probably doesn’t come up too often, unless you live in Indonesia or have family there who were obsessed with Joe Exotic and wouldn’t shut up about his topic during these early 2020 Zoom sessions.

Over the past eight years, however, macan has become a household term in affluent neighborhoods across America. It became Porsche’s best-seller here by a country mile, moving an average of around 20,000 units a year. Part of that is, well, it’s the most affordable way to buy a new car with a Porsche badge on the hood; part of that is also that it’s an accessible luxury crossover SUV in a world that can’t seem to get enough of accessible luxury crossover SUVs.

And while the next-gen Macan is expected to be the next step in Porsche’s slow and steady climb towards an all-electric future, the Zuffenhausen gang haven’t ditched the existing petrol model just yet. For the 2022 model year, the Macan lineup received a subtle but comprehensive refresh, which brought a new variant to the top of the tree: the Macan GTS.

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The Macan GTS reaches the pinnacle of performance

The Macan may no longer have a Turbo version in its ranks – that version was dropped as part of the latest refresh – but the GTS certainly doesn’t disappoint as the best performer in the range. Its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 develops 434 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque, all transmitted to all four wheels through a dual-clutch transmission that changes gears almost instantly on the way to all four wheels. Compared to, say, a 911 Turbo S that might not seem like much, but then again, it’s not a sports car; it’s a vehicle the size and shape of a Honda CR-V.

(Plus, for what it’s worth, the Macan GTS is the most affordable way to get 400+ horsepower in a new Porsche. Do what you want with it.)

To really unlock everything the Macan GTS has to offer, you’ll need to activate Sport mode. With the suspension locked in its stiffest setting and the gearbox having a vested interest in keeping the rpm close to the top of the powerband, it responds…well, if not like a 718, then at least like a killer hot hatch or sport sedan.

Thanks to its razor-sharp reflexes – the quickness of the steering, the instantaneity of the twin-turbo V6 when boiling, the bite of the brakes when you hit them hard to lose speed in a corner, which feels like an uncanny lack of body roll when diving into said corner – the Macan GTS really drives with an enthusiasm not found in most cars, let alone SUVs. It may share bits of its skeleton with the likes of the old Audi Q5, but this Porsche does indeed drive like a Porsche in all the best ways.

Inside, this Porsche is very Porsche

Porsche interiors never stray from each other, in terms of design; Whichever car you choose today, you can expect a large, center-mounted tachometer with further gauges on either side, a tri-fold steering wheel, a crisp, colorful touchscreen above a bunch of buttons and an ignition switch on the left-hand side of the wheel.

Even after its latest redesign, the Macan’s guts remain the least modernized in the current Porsche lineup, the 992-generation 911 and Taycan seem half a generation further into the future than this car. And admittedly, some of the changes look less like improvements and more like cost-cutting measures; the haptic glass touchscreen of “buttons” surrounding the gear lever is a step back from the old hard buttons, which were easier to use without looking.

Still, there’s no complaining about the weatherproofing and quality of the interior; as with all new Porsches, everything seems well done in the manner of an expensive car should feel. And there are still plenty of details to appreciate; that might sound overkill for efficiency-minded German engineers who would say a little rocker is all you need to handle an electronically controlled gearbox, but there’s just something satisfying about the feel of the lever gears between the seats.

Of course, the capabilities of the Macan GTS don’t come cheap.

Porsches are expensive; in other news, the water is wet, more at 11. But it’s one thing to see a high price tag on a sports car; it’s quite another to see an SUV the size of a Ford Escape with a price approaching six figures. Despite all its capabilities, the Macan GTS is equal to any other compact crossover when it comes to life’s daily tasks.

That said, it will make those tasks much more fun. Sure, you could have a base Boxster and a Toyota RAV4 for the same price, but then you’re paying more for insurance, more for maintenance, etc. You could spend the same piece of dough on a GMC Yukon Denali or Lincoln Navigator and have a lot more usable space – but you’d be driving a truck and you’d have the fuel bills to match.

If you have the money to park the Macan GTS in your garage, but there is only one space inside, and you need a high-end crossover for example, a Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing or a basic Panamera “I would say it’s worth it.

2022 Porsche Macan GTS

Base Price / Tested Price: $81,250 / $95,180

Powertrain : 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6; seven-speed dual-clutch automatic; all-wheel drive

Powerful : 434

Couple : 405 lb-ft

EPA Fuel Economy: 17 mpg city, 22 mpg highway

Seats: Four comfortably, five in the blink of an eye


How to Talk About Porsche: The Ultimate Guide to the 911

Know what you’re talking about when the Porsche 911 pops up.


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Become a training warrior with the best steel maces



When you’re strength training, there’s something inherently satisfying about moving heavy weights. The adrenaline rush of lifting a massive deadlift or bench pressing a new PR keeps us hungry for more and more progress. Functional strength equipment, like kettlebells, can also provide that warrior boost as you swing and press these primitive instruments for set after heart-pounding set.

Steel maces – or macebells – are another fantastic fitness accessory, providing an asymmetrical load that can target multiple muscle groups for a truly dynamic routine. With a look reminiscent of the caveman days, these elongated clubs can be the perfect ingredient for a full body workout. However, not all macebells strike with the same enthusiasm. Here are our picks for the best steel maces to add to your fitness routine.

The benefits of training with steel masses

Much like the aforementioned kettlebells, the benefits of training with steel sledgehammers lie in the unbalanced structure of the equipment. Weight is concentrated at the rounded end of the shaft, while you grip the functional fitness accessory along the knurled handle. Controlling this imbalanced weight requires multiple muscle groups to work cohesively, which makes macebells optimal for dynamic training.

Additionally, macebell exercises can help you improve grip strength as you hold on to the knurled handle throughout the prescribed exercises. Your forearm flexors and extensors are constantly challenged as you work in different modalities, and the overall thickness of the steel mass lends itself to better grip training.

Finally, due to the dynamic composition of the macebell exercises, training with these fitness accessories can also double as a form of cardio. As you perform moves, your core increases, giving your workouts a double-edged sword.

What to look for when choosing a steel sledgehammer

When looking for a steel mace to add to your exercise routine, the first factor to consider is the weight of the equipment. Macebells typically weigh between 5 and 30 pounds, but don’t think you need a heavier weight to speed up your training progress. The unbalanced nature of the macebells puts a different strain on your body, and if you’re new to the discipline, a lightweight model might be more than a challenge. A good starting weight is around 10 pounds.

Next, you want to look at the handle featured on your steel mace. Most macebells feature diamond knurling, similar to a standard barbell. This is designed to dig into your palms for better weight security.

Finally, the most durable macebells are made of steel and cast iron, but there are rubber and plastic options available. While these options may be cheaper, we recommend opting for the more durable metallic silhouettes.

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How we tested

To see which steel masses hit the mark for premium functional fitness, we replaced our traditional kettlebell exercises with macebell training. As we worked through the different modalities targeting our core, shoulders, and other muscle groups, we noted how good each steely mass felt in our hands. Features like knurling, coating, and overall aesthetics have played a role in keeping this list alive. Now let’s dive in and see which masses landed with the most impact.

Editor’s Note: Unless otherwise stated, prices listed are for steel sledgehammers weighing 10 pounds. A 10-pound macebell is a great starting weight for anyone looking to add this form of functional fitness to their repertoire.


Set for Set Steel Mace

  • Slotted knurling for a variety of hand placements
  • Powder coating may chip slightly over time

If you’re looking to re-energize your functional training, the Set for Set Steel Mace is our go-to pick. We liked the split knurling system that allowed for easier hand placement, and the matte black powdercoat gives it that aggressive, out-of-the-box aesthetic. The handle is slightly thicker than other macebells, which might be a problem for those with smaller appendages.


Onnit Steel Mace

  • Accessible knurling that’s secure yet comfortable
  • No 30-pound option available

Onnit makes fitness equipment with attitude – just look at their Primal Kettlebells. The brand’s range of steel maces continues this aesthetic with a fully knurled handle that provides excellent grip. The knurling is aggressive enough for ample security, but won’t tear your hands apart. Additionally, Onnit offers a plethora of workout tutorials through the Onnit Academy to help you get started with mass training.


Yes4All Steel Mace Bell

  • Shorter stack height, ideal for shorter athletes
  • Welds can be suspect of cracking which limits durability

If you don’t want to break the bank with your first steel sledgehammer, this 10-pound option from Yes4All can provide plenty of functional training opportunities, all with less of an impact on your wallet. The split knurled grip gives you multiple hand placement options, and the one-year warranty ensures confidence if your workout gets a bit too intense for the device itself.


Retrospec steel macebell

  • Full knurling provides superior grip wherever you place your hands
  • Powder coating may be too aggressive for some users

Don’t worry about losing your grip with this effective steel mace. The diamond pattern is present on the majority of the handle, which allows you to vary your grip without fear of less security. The all-steel design of this Retrospec sledgehammer also indicates exceptional durability, so plan to keep this practice tool in your arsenal for a while.


Synergee Steel Mace

  • White labeling is easy to read for easy weight identification
  • Knurling could provide more grip

With a highly visible white label and split wheel design, the Synergee Steel Sledgehammer can be a great introductory tool for this functional training discipline. While we’d like to see more aggressive knurling for our taste, this macebell offers the widest weight range from 5 to 40 pounds, giving you a variety of resistances to choose from for your personal training needs.

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, the 10-pound macebell is sold out. Price shown is for the 15-pound model.


CAP Barbell Steel Mace Series

  • 1.25 inch handle is easy to grip
  • The highest weight available is 25 pounds

For athletes with smaller hands, we recommend the CAP Barbell series of steel maces. As makers of some of the most trusted fitness equipment, we appreciate CAP’s attention to detail in the dry powder finish and diamond knurling. Additionally, the thermal fusion coupling method used in manufacturing promotes exceptional durability.

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, only the 15-pound macebell is available.


Onnit Steel Clubs

  • Available in single or twin packages ranging from 5 to 45 pounds
  • Not as versatile as other steel maces

Steel clubs can add even more versatility to your mass training, and we really appreciated the hammered quality in this paired set from Onnit. With a different center of gravity than other steel masses, we were able to mix our training effectively without any fear of losing grip or safety. The powder coated finish ensures durability and the high contrast lettering makes it easy to identify the club weight before use.


Hammer Tribe WOD

  • Rubber head can be used on hard surfaces as well as tires

Sometimes you just need to hammer your drive in, and what better tool than a sledgehammer? This fitness accessory from Tribe WOD bolsters typical construction equipment with a rubberized head that can take a beating without the need for a tire. The standard model weighs 25 pounds, but for more intensity, Tribe WOD also offers additional weights so you can tailor your resistance to your liking.

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SAINT PERRY brings the style with a dynamic selection of luxury clothing for men and women


Luxury fashion brand SAINT PERRY brings style with its vibrant selection of chic men’s and women’s clothing, inspired by the haute couture runways and reinvented for everyday wear.

Since its launch in 2019, SAINT PERRY has championed the spirit of individuality and discovery in the fashion industry. The brand is dedicated to reinterpreting luxury apparel to create fashionable, timeless garments that are accessible to a wider audience and fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.

The SAINT PERRY Experience

“When we launched SAINT PERRY in 2019, we didn’t want to be just another online clothing store or fast fashion retailer. As advocates of individuality and discovery, we want to help our customers elevate their look with statement pieces that are affordable but never compromise on quality or craftsmanship,” says a brand spokesperson.

“Every print, pattern, fabric and fit is considered in light of comfort and the ability to inspire unwavering confidence in the wearer. Presentation matters, and we want our customers to feel that SAINT PERRY not only helps them express their personality , but that our clothes make them feel more balanced, positive and ready to face the world,” the spokesperson continues.

“As Bill Cunningham so eloquently put it, ‘fashion is the armor with which to survive the reality of everyday life.’ However, there is no law that says your armor can’t be sleek, bold, chic, or fashion-forward.Modern life is demanding, and our clothing must meet the contrasting demands placed on us daily.At the same time, we want our clothes reflect who we are and our sense of style.

From fragile and accessible to rugged and durable, SAINT PERRY’s eclectic range of clean-cut pieces and minimalist must-haves appeals to a generation of diversity, fluidity, fun and creativity.

“Our mission is to democratize fashion by making chic accessible. But the dream goes beyond offering a dynamic selection of top quality clothing. Our virtual storefront is designed to ensure a smoother-than-silk online shopping experience, backed by exceptional service from our dedicated customer support team.

“Nothing pleases us more than seeing our clients take the time to get involved. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your professional appearance, looking for high-quality staples, or reinventing your look, we’re excited to join your style journey and help you express yourself through our sophisticated clothing line” , concludes the spokesperson.


SAINT PERRY is a luxury fashion brand that offers a dynamic selection of stylish men’s and women’s clothing, inspired by the haute couture runways and reinvented for everyday wear. Since its launch in 2019, the brand has championed individuality and discovery in the fashion industry. SAINT PERRY is dedicated to reinterpreting luxury clothing for men and women to create fashionable and timeless garments that are accessible to a wider audience and that fit perfectly into any wardrobe.

Social media links

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/SAINTPERRYS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAINTPERRYs
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saintperry_/
Pinterest: https://za.pinterest.com/SAINTPERRYs/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKimYeqRjiNCTa-CxIotHtw

Media Contact
Company Name: SAINT PERRY
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +1 470 539 0200
Country: United States
Website: https://saintperry.com/

Up To 37% Off 3 Piece Luggage Sets


WERE IN in the midst of peak summer travel, which means it’s a good time to make those much-needed luggage upgrades. Maybe you’ve dusted off your bags for your next vacation and noticed they’re a bit shabby and worn? Or maybe you recently suffered a wheel burst in the middle of the airport as you rushed to your gate? Whatever the reason, upgrading your luggage is as much a luxury as it is a necessity.

Read more: The best travel bags

The good news about buying luggage these days is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Take for example this Coolife 3 Piece Luggage Set we just found on sale (37% off)! Considered an “Amazon’s Choice” certified product, this hard shell luggage set has over 13,700 five-star reviews and is available in a wide range of colors. It’s normally $300 (which is already a bargain on its own), but now you can get the 3-piece set for over $100 off!

Courtesy of the retailer

Set of 3 hard shell luggage


$199.99 (33% off)

The best thing about this Coolife luggage set is, of course, its value. With the set, you receive three suitcases of different sizes: a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch medium bag and a 28-inch large bag. Our favorite feature is the spacious interior design, which (1) makes it easy to store as much cargo as possible and (2) offers neat storage when not in use. To expand on the latter, the Coolife luggage set can be stored in itself. So you can make three bags in one and only store the large bag saved in your closet or under your bed!

Looking at the reviews, most people praised the sleek styling and durability of the Coolife. A contributor bragged about the lifespan of the hardshell, “I really wasn’t expecting much, I thought maybe a year or two of traveling with them and they would be over! No, they are holding up well and I would recommend them to anyone, especially travelers infrequent, these will probably last a lifetime.” Another reviewer added how well this Coolife set fared with international travel, “My son took this luggage to Costa Rica and it works great. It has withstood international travel and still looks brand new. We were so impressed we purchased the 4 piece set.”

Getting a new setup on light and hard luggage for under $200 is a rare find. You can mark the all black 3 piece set for exactly $100 off (33% off), or you can choose from several other colors (like silver, neon green, blue) and save about $110 (37% off). And if you’re looking for the hookup on a 4-piece set, Coolife has this one for a discount too! The 4-piece set comes with the same luggage you get in the 3-piece, plus a 16-inch mini carry-on.

Courtesy of the retailer

Set of 4 hard shell luggage


$209.99 (30% off)

If you ask us, this is one luggage deal that’s just too good to miss. Buy one of these Prime-eligible sets now and have it delivered to your door as soon as possible. Let the bags serve as your quick fix for your next vacation, then watch how they hold up for all your future trips!


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BMW recalls 440,000 R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS bicycles for…


BMW has ordered a recall of its flagship GS models, the R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS.

BMW has recalled the R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS models produced between 2013 and 2021 for the installation of a ventilation valve on the cardan shaft.

A total of 440,000 bicycles are subject to the recall, produced between 2013 and 2021.

The problem for which BMW is recalling the aforementioned models is related to the damage that can be caused to the cardan shaft, which leads to a loss of drive.

German publication Motorrad says the faults have also affected the R 1200 RT and R 1250 RT since 2013, but in the GS models the problem is exaggerated due to the bike’s design; especially the angle of the swingarm bend between the gimbal tunnel and the rear axle gearbox, as well as the longer suspension travel on the GSs compared to the RTs.

To remedy the problem, BMW will drill a small hole in the rear of the motorcycle, near the transverse joint, and insert a valve in the hole. This valve will allow air and moisture to flow out of the cardan tunnel, without any entry from the outside.

BMW will of course offer this modification free of charge and suggest that there is no need to make urgent appointments with your local dealer to fix the problem immediately – it is advisable to wait for your next scheduled service appointment, according to Motorrad.

BMW has been aware of the problem for some time and since October 2021 has equipped all newly built R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS motorcycles with the ventilation hole.

Source: Motorrad; there was no official notification of the recall on the FEMA database.

Top 10 Adventure Motorcycles [sub-1000cc] | Best adventure bikes from Ducati, Yamaha and more

Carrie Underwood details incredible experience with seldom-seen sons in new images: ‘We didn’t know what to expect’


Beatrice Colon

Carrie Underwood her country roots never stray too far, even when she’s on vacation with her family!

MORE: Carrie Underwood shares never-before-seen video that has fans talking

She took to Instagram to reveal her last getaway with her husband, Mike Fisher, and their two children, Isaiah Michael and Jacob Bryanand there is no more country than that.

The star took his family and spent a few days in none other than Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s Iconic Theme Park in the Pigeon Forge neighborhood of Knoxville, Tennessee. Carrie shared adorable photos of the family’s time at the amusement park, featuring her rarely seen sons having fun as they enjoyed rides on the amusement park’s roller coaster.

Loading player…

WATCH: Carrie shares an incredible throwback

MORE: Carrie Underwood shares incredible view of endless garden on 400-acre family farm

“We spent a few days @dollywood recently and I feel the need to share!” she wrote, and included a beloved photo of her alongside her hubbyboth dressed appropriately for the occasion, wearing athletic training gear.

The singer explained, “What an amazing experience! We didn’t know what to expect, but our time there was beyond amazing!”

Other photos in the heartfelt post included one of Mike crouching down to hold his son’s hand as they walked through the park, clips of the family enjoying different ridesand another adorable one proving how much fun his kids were having, as it showed one of his boys passed out on his dad’s lap after a day full of adventures.

Carrie made Dollywood an epic experience

Carrie gave a sweet thank you to all those who made their stay so pleasantwriting: “Everyone was so friendly and helpful and the kids had a blast doing all the rides!”

MORE: Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher have very different approaches to socializing

MORE: Carrie Underwood reveals exciting cause for celebration with fans

She admitted that she can’t wait to go backrevealing, “I think this is going to become a yearly thing for the Fisher clan!”

The couple seemed to be having as much fun as their two boys

Fans marveled at the cute photos and loved their own experiences at Dollywood, commenting, “We were so blown away by Dollywood too! I’m so glad you had fun!” and, “Good to see you both with the kids. Hope you weren’t overwhelmed by the fans and were able to enjoy some family time,” plus another fan wrote of endearingly: “That’s awesome, glad you all had a good time! I love that you have a little shirt in your hand, total movement of mom and so precious.”

The country star concluded the family update with, “Thank you #Dollywood for the good times and the memories! See you soon!”

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American actress Sofia Carson wears Lebanese brand at ‘Purple Hearts’ premiere


DUBAI: American singer and actress Sofia Carson paid tribute to her new film ‘Purple Hearts’ on the red carpet by sporting a dark purple dress by Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab at the film’s premiere.

The actress, who stars in the Netflix film, attended the premiere at the Bay Theater in Pacific Palisades, Calif., wearing a dress from Saab’s Fall 2022 collection.

The dress featured a tight pleated purple skirt, as well as a flower embellished bodice with a high collar in black.

The 68-look ready-to-wear collection from which the dress originated was unveiled in Paris in March and was about “strong women, strong characters, a bit of rock ‘n’ roll,” the designer told Vogue US at the time.

So it’s only fitting that the dress was shown off by singer and actress Carson, who is signed to Hollywood Records and has a number of singles under her belt.

The multi-hyphen recently starred in Netflix’s “Purple Hearts,” which tells the story of an aspiring singer-songwriter and soldier who falls in love against all odds.

Despite their many differences, protagonist Cassie, a struggling singer-songwriter, and Luke, a struggling Marine, agree to marry solely for military benefits in the film – but when tragedy strikes, the line between the real and the fake begins to fade.

“My purple heart is full. To infinity and beyond,” Carson posted on Instagram on Saturday, adding a heartfelt note to director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum that read, “Five years ago we started this journey together. Five years of dreaming, believing, fighting for and creating our world of “Purple Hearts”, hand in hand every step of the way. My heart thanks you forever. We’ve dreamed of this night for five years… My Liz, we made it. And I can’t wait for the world to see the magic you’ve captured.

As well as dressing Hollywood stars on the red carpet, Saab has had a stellar month and recently unveiled its first-ever menswear collection at Paris Haute Couture Week in early July.

The men’s collection was stately and featured royal velvet capes and suits that paired perfectly with the women’s line. The designer stayed true to his style and ensured that the menswear offering was equally opulent with his luxurious embroideries and embellishments.

Inspired by the pearlescent glow of dusk, the designer’s new couture collection was marked by shades of vermilion, rose, metallic gold and deep blue, reflecting the sky as the sun makes its hazy descent for the day. . Shown at the Carreau du Temple in Paris, the dresses rivaled the dramatic surroundings and stood out with their geometric embellishments, feathers, shimmering beads, crystals, gemstones and sequins.

Tom Brady gifts WNBA star Kelsey Plum a signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey


Las Vegas Aces star Kelsey Plum is having a stellar year in the WNBA, averaging career highs in points, assists and field goal percentage. His breakout season caught the attention of many fans, including Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

After seeing her perform in person earlier this season, the seven-time Super Bowl champion showed his respect by sending her a gift package with some cool gear. Plum posted a video to his Instagram Story on Friday showing off the contents, which included a TB12-signed Brady Buccaneers jersey. She also received TB12 brand products from Brady.

Brady saw the video of Plum’s reaction to the package and responded with a dedication on Twitter.

Plum is a self-proclaimed Brady fan, and she made an impression on him when they met on May 31. Brady sat on the court for the Aces’ game against the Connecticut Sun, and Plum knew she had to make their interaction memorable.

“They were like… he’s sitting in the Gucci row [courtside seats at the Michelob ULTRA Arena]. And I was like, ‘say less,'” Plum said during the post-match press conference.

So when Plum came out of the tunnel for the second half, she waved at Brady, then barked at him, citing his spunky attitude and competitive edge.

“I wowed him, gave him a big hug. I was like man, you’re a dog, I love you, ‘woof woof!’ He looked at me and he said ‘yes’ so we connected,” Plum said of Brady’s reaction to the gesture.

Plum’s play this year culminated in her first All-Star nod, where she earned MVP honors after dropping 30 points. He tied former Minnesota Lynx forward Maya Moore for most in an all-star game in WNBA history.

Borderlands Players Stuck in Loading Screens After Gearbox Pushes Updates to Multiple Franchise Games


For those who play older entries in the Borderlands franchise, you may have noticed that a title update was released last week. Not only that, but you might also have noticed some new glitches popping up along with game loading issues. If so, don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Apparently the patch (client side) for Borderlands 1, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection was supposed to be released to change the game’s newsfeed, and not related to gameplay, but it has since brought problems to the players. Here are some of the reports that have emerged from the community:

My game is frozen. of Borderlands

On Twitter, Gearbox has admitted that the latest game update has caused issues and they are working hard to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Today we released updates for BL1, BL2 and TPS. These updates brought changes to the game news.
We are currently investigating issues that have surfaced since the updates were released, including the way some text displays and console players getting stuck loading the game.

We know that some users are still having this problem. We are working hard to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Will this hotfix require a new hotfix? We can’t say for sure, but if so, we’ll be sure to let our readers know. If you’re a Borderlands player who’s encountered this issue and found a workaround, let us know in the comments.

Switch up your golf style with these menswear-inspired women’s golf shirts


Men’s inspired women’s polo shirts from Tory Sport.


Welcome to Give Me That, a GOLF.com column where we’ll highlight a notable item that we think you might like. Whether it’s an item of clothing, an intriguing electronic device, or anything in between, we want to share these articles with you because they’ve generated quite a bit of chatter from our water cooler (or , these days, on our Slack channel). So sit back, scroll down and follow the latest golf gear on offer.

So many women’s polo shirts fit the same mold – a fitted, feminine silhouette in a color like teal, coral or hot pink. If that’s not your style, it can be difficult to find equipment at standard golf retailers. That’s why I love these menswear-inspired boxy polo shirts from Tory Sport. The brand certainly builds on its heritage of contemporary fashion (it’s a segment of Tory Burch), but also offers the sporty features that golfers need.

These shirts have a preppy and retro spirit. They are available in unique color combinations not traditionally seen in the women’s golf market. We especially like the boxy, comfortable fit that translates on and off the course. If you’re looking to change up your style of golf, use the buttons below to shop these styles today!

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you purchase a related product, GOLF.COM may earn fees. Price may vary.

Oversized cotton piqué polo shirt


This trendy menswear-inspired boxy polo shirt comes in a unique color that’s sure to stand out on the course.

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Yarn-dyed oversized polo shirt


This trendy boxy polo shirt inspired by menswear has a classic country club look that feels sleek and sporty.

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Oversized cotton piqué polo shirt


This trendy menswear-inspired boxy polo shirt comes in a unique color that’s sure to stand out on the course.

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Emilie Haas

Contributor Golf.com

Global Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market Insights to 2022 | Industry Stats, Emerging Demands, Forecast to 2030


Global Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market Report provides an in-depth overview of Automotive Advanced Shift Systems industry along with the analysis of cost structure, supply chain, development management techniques, retailer analysis , financial support, business strategies and marketing channels. Global Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market Research Report Provides Point-by-Point Analysis In-depth analysis of global market size, regional and country level market size, segmentation market growth, market share, competitive landscape, sales analysisthe impact of domestic and global market players, value chain optimization, trade regulations, recent developments, opportunity analysis, strategic market growth analysis, product launches, l regional market expansion and technological innovations.

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The objective of the report is to present a comprehensive analysis of the Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market including all industry stakeholders. The past and current status of the industry along with the forecasted market size and trends are presented in the report with complex data analysis in plain language. The report covers all aspects of the industry with a dedicated study of major players which includes market leaders, followers and new entrants. POSTER, SWOT and PESTEL analyzes with the potential impact of micro-economic factors in the market have been presented in the report. The external and internal factors that are believed to affect the cases positively or negatively have been analyzedwhich will give a clear futuristic view of the industry to decision makers.

List of the Major Key Players of Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market:

ZF Friedrichshafen, Ficosa Internacional, Kongsberg Automotive, Silatech, Stoneridge, Robert Bosch, Kuster Holding, Fuji Kiko, Remsons Industries, Jopp Group, WABCO, Lumax Industries, Dura, Kostal, Eissmann Group, GHSP, Orscheln Group, Atsumitec, Delta Kogyo, M&T Allied Technologies, Magneti Marelli

By Product Type, the market is primarily split into:

Automatic gear change, Shift-by-Wire

By application, this report covers the following segments:

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV, Non-electric Vehicle

Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market Report Covers: manufacturer data including price, revenue, gross profit, service record, trade distribution, etc.., this data helps the consumer to know the competitors better. The Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market report offers an in-depth analysis of market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities etc Аlоng wіth quаlіtаtіvе іnfоrmаtіоn, thіѕ rероrt іnсludеѕ thе quаntіtаtіvе аnаlуѕіѕ оf vаrіоuѕ ѕеgmеntѕ іn tеrmѕ оf mаrkеt ѕhаrе, grоwth, орроrtunіtу аnаlуѕіѕ, mаrkеt vаluе, еtс. for the coming years.

Scope of Automotive Advanced Gear Shifter Systems Market Report:

With the slowdown in global economic growth, the Automotive Advanced Gear Shifter Systems industry also suffered some impact, but still maintained relatively optimistic growth, over the past five years, the Automotive Advanced Gear Shifter Systems market size for maintain the average annual growth rate From 2014 to 2020, analysts estimate that over the next few years the market size of Automotive Advanced Shift Systems is expected to grow at a considerable rate during the forecast period, by 2030. This report covers Manufacturer’s data including shipment, price, revenue, gross profit, maintenance record, business breakdown, etc., these data help the consumer to know the competitors better.

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Crucial pointer covered in the report:

Understanding of advanced automotive shifting systems: This section of our report outlines the relevant topics we researched and the direction in which we see the industry heading. These include, but are not limited to the segments discussed, company descriptions, and key statistics regarding customer growth. This section provides a detailed analysis of the current and future growth factors for the service, type, technology, vertical, and regions.

Dynamics of advanced automotive shifting systems: This section provides a detailed analysis of the growth factors, restraining factors, and business opportunities. In addition, the report provides a detailed analysis of the impact of COVID affecting growth, along with a particular focus on industry policies, regulatory framework and current issues impacting growth at country level/ international.

Regional Outlook of Automotive Advanced Shift Systems: The section by country is a breakdown by country of the correspondence between production and consumption rates.

Competitive Landscape of Automotive Advanced Shift Systems: This section provides comprehensive share analysis and in-depth analysis of the top 10 players covered in the report.

Automotive Advanced Gear Shifting Systems Market Insights Will Enhance Revenue Impact for Companies Across Various Industries :

➼ To provide a suitable framework for understanding the attractiveness quotient of various products/solutions/technologies in the Automotive Advanced Shift Systems market
➼ Guide stakeholders to identify key issues related to their consolidation strategies in the Global Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market and propose solutions
➼ Assess the impact of changing regulatory dynamics in regions where companies want to expand their footprint
➼ Provides an understanding of disruptive technology trends to help companies make their transitions smoothly
➼ Helping leading companies recalibrate their strategy before their competitors and peers
➼ Offers a glimpse of promising growth for top players aiming to maintain leading position in supply-side analysis of Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market.

This Report lets you identify opportunities in Automotive Advanced Shift Systems Market by means of a region:

⦿ North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
⦿ Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey, etc.)
⦿ Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam))
⦿ South America (Brazil etc.)
⦿ The Middle East and Africa (North Africa and GCC countries)

Reasons to Buy Automotive Advanced Gear Shifter Systems Market Report:

➼ In-depth market analysis at global and regional level.
➼ Major changes in market dynamics and competitive landscape.
➼ Segmentation on the basis of type, application, geography and others.
➼ Historical and future market research in terms of size, market share growth, volume and sales.
➼ Major changes and assessment of market dynamics and evolution.
➼ Emerging key segments and regions
➼ The main business strategies of the main players in the market and their main methods.

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For the Automotive Advanced Gear Shifter Systems market study, the following years are considered to estimate the market size:

Historical year: 2015 to 2020
Estimated year: 2022
Forecast year: 2022 to 2030

Business advisory services

Global consulting services offered by Stratagem Market Overview Significantly improving overall performance helps overcome business challenges, saves costs, increases throughput, helps align existing capabilities for future opportunities, and helps envision and execute new strategies.

We help our clients gain a competitive advantage in a market by offering consulting services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital business strategy
  • Customer acquisition and synergy planning
  • Strategic Consulting and Operational Excellence Consulting Services
  • Governance, risk, fraud and compliance consulting
  • Mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships
  • Business Process and Transformation Consulting Services
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  • Business consulting and transformation
  • Market expansion and vertical branding


New TVC published, reservations open


Maruti Suzuki has released a new CTV for the just-unveiled Grand Vitara mid-size SUV. Pre-bookings for the Grand Vitara are now open across India. The Grand Vitara will be sold through Maruti Suzuki’s NEXA dealership chain, where it will replace the S-Cross. Production of the new SUV will begin next month at Toyota’s Bidadi plant, off Bangalore. That’s right, Toyota will build the Grand Vitara alongside the Hyryder and ship it to Maruti Suzuki. Notably, the Hyryder and Grand Vitara share almost everything except exterior styling and timing system. Pricing for the Maruti Grand Vitara will be revealed on launch day, which is expected late next month.

Leaked documents indicate that the Maruti Grand Vitara will be priced very competitively, with the base version starting at Rs. 9.6 million. Now that’s a full lakh cheaper than what the Grand Vitara’s biggest competitors are selling for – the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. If Maruti Suzuki can indeed sell the new SUV at this price, good sales and long waiting times are to be expected. Be prepared to pay around Rs. 20 lakh (on-road) for the Strong Hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara, whose mileage of almost 28 Kmpl will give even diesels a hard time.

Yes, the Grand Vitara will be the first Maruti Suzuki car to feature a powerful hybrid powertrain. Borrowed from Toyota, the powerful hybrid powertrain consists of a 1.5-litre petrol engine (91hp-122Nm) running on the Atkinson cycle mated to an electric motor that produces 78hp-144Nm. combined power amounts to 115 hp and the Grand Vitara can even be driven in fully electric mode.

The SUV will travel around 25 kilometers on battery power, which should make getting around town hassle-free and extremely economical. Speaking of city commuting, the potent hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara will use a 5-speed CVT automatic gearbox. The strong hybrid variants of the SUV will be front-wheel drive.

Maruti Suzuki also offers an all-wheel drive configuration on the Grand Vitara. For that though, you’ll need to buy the mild-hybrid petrol-engined version of the Grand Vitara with a 5-speed manual gearbox. That’s right, the Grand Vitara will also be available with a K15C 1.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine with 102 Bhp-135 Nm on tap. This engine will receive 5-speed manual and 6-speed torque converter automatic transmissions. All-wheel drive will be offered only with the manual gearbox while automatic trims will drive the front wheels of the SUV.

Regulars of a Vital climbing gym in Greenpoint


Photo: DeSean McClinton-Holland

Galina Parfenov (picture above)
Climbing Coach, New Haven, Connecticut

Do you shuttle daily from New Haven?
No, I go around to a bunch of different gyms all over Connecticut and the city, depending on the day. When did you first climb? I was 12, in seventh grade. I was taking art classes outside of school and my art teacher asked me if I wanted to go rock climbing with her. I was like, “Sure, why not?” I was wearing skinny jeans and I remember thinking, It’s probably not the best outfit.

How did you become a coach?
I was a biochemistry major, but I think that was my senior year when I was like, Wow, I really don’t care about any of this. I finished school, moved back to Connecticut, found a tiny little gym very close to my parents’ house, and literally wrote the owner an email asking if I could sit and watch and learn a bit more about coaching. He emailed me back and he was like, “Yeah, you really don’t qualify, but I found your YouTube” — I had some viral climbing videos that everyone knew me — “and you seem a little badass, so come on.

Justin Signo

Unemployed, Williamsburg

Climbing should be hard on the body.

Yes. The first time, my hands shredded. I was trying to get TSA PreCheck a day after climbing, and they were kind of surprised because I had no fingerprints – because when you climb you lose your skin and stuff.

Jai Chablat-Yates

Model, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Robert Kydd

Control Engineer, East Village

Terry Fay Hamilton

Screenprinter, Jersey City

Tatiana Fenner

Filmmaker, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Allyson Bagalay

Nurse, East Village

Caleigh Gardon

Emergency Medical Technician, Williamsburg

Alexia Adana

Creative Director, Bushwick

Kate Rhodes

Fundraising for Health Care, Park Slope

Do you come a lot?

Oh, I do my job here, I climb here, I do yoga here, I just hang out. It is open 24/7. I changed into clothes to go to a friend’s wedding at this gym. I was so embarrassed because these people never saw me in normal clothes. Coming out the door in my dress felt like the longest 100 feet of my life.

Taylor Axdorff

Designer, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Jake Deakin

Product Design Manager, Williamsburg

Julianna Wilson

Audiobook Producer, Upper West Side

Do you look around as you climb?

Yeah, that’s so funny. People look like monkeys, and they fall off walls all the time – I think of them as squirrels in Central Park. I run all the time in the park and you always see squirrels falling from the trees. That’s right, but it’s a bunch of adults.

Matthew Lev

Designer, Prospect Heights

What else do you do?

I am also a ceramist. I just sanded ten bowls yesterday. The way I think about it, with climbing you are on rocks, and with ceramics you are using a soft material that heats up in a rock. So all around, I work with pebbles.

Tammy Tan

Software Engineer, Lower East Side

Moses Chavez-Gray

Law Student and Vital Employee, Flatbush

Conchobhar Kegan

Vital Employee, Greenpoint

Adnan Aga

Graduate Student, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Rae Haas

Artist and Musician, Greenpoint

Did you try anything new tonight?

So each color on the wall represents different qualities from V1 to V8 – extremely difficult. I got 75% of that V8, which was a really big step for me. And I’m quite short – my wingspan is negative -2, which isn’t ideal for a climber.

Photographs of DeSean McClinton-Holland

See everything

Gomorrah Introduces ‘World’s First’ Plant-Based Compostable Luxury Shirts for Men


In an industry still dominated by fast fashion and disposable culture, Gomorrah is a menswear brand on a mission to create plant-based, compostable luxury clothing. In the United States alone, 22 billion pounds of clothing is thrown into landfills each year, often polluting the environment with toxic dyes and plastic-derived fibers that can take centuries to decompose.

In response to this current crisis, Gomorrah has embraced sustainability by creating the Compostable Collection, the world’s first 100% compostable and vegan shirts in luxury menswear.

Elegance meets eco-responsibility

The soon-to-be-launched collection features premium button-down shirts made with 100% organic cotton, non-toxic dyes and zero-waste buttons. Most importantly, the brand says, the shirts are designed with the garment’s full lifecycle in mind and made only with materials that “the Earth can easily take back.”

In addition to their eco-friendly attributes, flowy shirts are made with sewing techniques similar to those used in high fashion, including French seams and blind stitching.


Priced at $200 per shirt, Gomorrah says the products also cost a fraction of the prices of most other luxury brands. To further contribute to the protection of the environment, Gomorrah partners with the charitable initiatives One Tree Planted and 1% for the Planet. Through these partnerships, Gomorrah will plant between 3.75 and 6.75 trees for each item purchased and will allocate a percentage of each sale to donate to United States reforestation efforts.

Clothing as an investment

Gomorrah’s compostable t-shirt is currently available on its website, while the deluxe Weekender button up can be ordered on Kickstarter starting in August. As the brand states online, “We are currently the only brand in the international market making compostable luxury menswear… We make premium, ethically sourced, plant-based menswear that can be composted after years and years of use instead of having no choice but to end up in a landfill.

Internal planetary gear hub 3X3 Nine NO maintenance 9sp


All fans of internally geared hubs know the simple promise of reduced maintenance compared to a conventional derailleur drivetrain, but the 3X3 Nine hub promises literally NO internal maintenance. No gear adjustment, not even an oil change. This suction cup is designed to work for life, without problems and even under exceptionally high e-bike loads!

3X3 Nine internally geared hub requires NO maintenance

3X3 Nine NO Maintenance Internal Geared Hub, Full Suspension eMTB Mountain Bike

There’s a new derailleur killer in town.

On the outside, it looks a lot like Rohloff’s decades-old German-made reference internal gear hub (although it opens up on the drive side for service instead.)

Inside, things get a little different.

Technical details – What’s new? What is different?

3X3 Nine NO maintenance internal gear hub, planetary internals c.  H+B Hightech

vs. H+B Hightech

The 3X3 Nine hub is stuffed with planetary gears that give it a wider gear ratio of 554%—even wider than SRAM Eagle—but on far fewer gears.

With just 9 gears, that’s almost a 25% jump with every shift, more than double the gear steps you could get with a tightly spaced road or gravel gearbox or cassette. For a frame of reference, an original Pinion P.18 has 11.5% pitches, Campagnolo Ekar typically has 7-17% pitches.

And the 3X3 Nine hub is actually around 10-15% heavier than a Rohloff, at a total of 2000g.

Internally geared hub 3X3 Nine NO maintenance, QR configuration

But what you get in return is the promise of a set of maintenance-free internals that are lubricated by longer-lasting grease and don’t require regular oil changes.

3X3 even claims that it is possible to “change gears at any time, even when stationary or under load”. This load is interesting because without a clutch mechanism…planetary gear hubs usually require at least some reduction in load to allow a shift. But the extremely high allowable torque inputs of the 3X3 Nine hub could allow for more shifting under continuous load.

3X3 Nine NO maintenance internally geared hub, MTB setup

You get a maximum allowable input torque of 250Nm, which also makes it well suited for e-bike and even e-cargo bike applications. This is much more than the 130 Nm max of a Rohloff or even the 160 Nm max of the last Kindernay VII.

3X3 Nine NO maintenance internally geared hub, customizable fitment

3X3’s Nine hub can be configured for mechanical or electronic shifting, with various bolt-on torque transfer endplates to suit many OEM or aftermarket installations. 3X3 says the Nine hub is compatible with QR or thru axles, disc brakes 160mm and larger with rotors made for them by Magura, and with chain drive or belt drive sprockets made by Gates .

Nicolai Argon GX Gates belt drive bike, 3x3 Nine hub detail

They even work with each OEM bike company to develop clean custom dropout solutions for each type of application.

3X3 Nine NO maintenance internal gear hub, twist grip twist shifter

The mechanical setup includes an R9.S twist-grip shifter, which also appears to split so it can also be installed on top of a drop bar.

Internally geared hub 3X3 Nine NO maintenance, mechanical hub change

At the hub, it uses a conventional 2-cable R.SB shifting setup for proven simplicity and easy installation.

3X3 Nine NO maintenance internal gear hub, wireless mountain bike electronic shifter

The electronic setup uses a wireless E.TR 2-button remote release shifter that can be paired with modular ATV cockpits.

Internally geared hub 3X3 Nine NO maintenance, electronic hub change

The E9.XP electronic shifter itself is controlled wirelessly, but wired to an internal battery in the frame, and can also be connected to an e-bike’s power supply and will show your current speed via the display of the drive system.

In fact, the Nine electronic systems also include an automatic shift function that downshifts when standing for an easier and smoother restart from a complete stop.

Key statistics

Internally geared hub 3X3 Nine NO maintenance

  • 9 speeds
  • 554% gear ratio
  • 23.76% speed step
  • 250Nm max. entry torque
  • hub weight 2kg
  • chain or belt drive
  • Brake disc compatibility 160/180/203/220 mm
  • 32 or 36 hole J-spoke lacing
  • 135QR/142×12/148x12mm axle compatibility
  • mechanical shift or electronic shift control
  • 100% made in Germany, with automated production

Availability of 3X3 nine-speed hubs

Nicolai Argon GX Slide gets 3X3 Nine MY23, drop bar shifter

Ultimately, 3X3 isn’t really a start-up, but a new brand of bike training from a company that specializes in metalworking. H+B Hightechwho one way or another have been in industrial metal fabrication since 1901. And all 3X3 components are manufactured and assembled at their factory in Adelmannsfelden, Germany.

We’ve been told that OEM bikes are the first place consumers will get their hands on a new Nine hub gear system. Only after that will they likely be available for aftermarket conversions. The first production manufacturer to use the new geared hub is Nicolai, on this bike we saw in our Gates Carbon belt drive roundup.

Nicolai Argon GX Gates Belt Bike

Nicolai Argon GX Slide gets 3X3 Nine for MY23

For the 2023 model year, Nicolai will release its alloy cross/gravel/touring bike as the Argon GX Slide built around a 3X3 Nine hub and mechanical rotary shifter (GripShift style) that can be installed on the top of a drop bar.

Internal gear hub 3X3 Nine NO maintenance, Nicolai G1 EBBOXX eMTB

no production yet Nicolai G1 EBOXX eMTB with 3X3 Nine electronic configuration

3X3 said the Bosch-powered Nicolai G1 EBOXX e-enduro e-bike we saw fitted with their Nine hub is something they would like to see in the near future, but likely not for at least another model year.

3X3 bike

New Citroën C3 launched in India; Prices start at Rs. 5.70 Lakh


The Citroen C3 has been launched in India with ex-showroom prices starting at Rs. 5.70 lakh. This is the French automaker’s second launch in our market and the brand started accepting pre-bookings for the new Citroën C3 on July 1 itself. A while ago we expected the C3 to be a subcompact SUV or Aircross as it stands in Citroën’s nomenclature, but last year in September the brand made it clear that it was positioning it strategically as an SUV-inspired B-segment sedan. This is arguably a smart move as it opens up a wide area of ​​volume for the French brand without necessarily having a particular set of competition. Citroën indicates that deliveries of the new C3 will begin from today from the 20 phygital showrooms of La Maison. The company says the C3 will also be available in 90 cities through its online sales channel, with the vehicle delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

1.2 gasoline live Rs 5.70 lakh
Gasoline feeling 1.2 Rs 6.62 lakh
Pack Feel Vibe 1.2 gasoline Rs 6.77 lakh
1.2 essence Feel Dual Tone Rs 6.77 lakh
1.2 gasoline Dual Tone Vibe Pack Rs 6.92 lakh
1.2 Turbo Feel Dual Tone Vibe Pack Rs 8.05 lakh

Read also : Test of the Citroen C3 Hatchback: Hello Little Hatch

The Citroën C3 is built on the company’s C-Cubed platform, which will spawn several new Indian-made models. In terms of appearance, the car oozes everything from a Citroën, from the sleek chrome elements that extend from the chevrons (the marque’s logo) to the two-tone treatment with contrasting inserts and thick upholstery. In fact, the car looks like a baby C5 and that’s not a bad thing. Citroën will offer the car in 10 exterior color combinations, including two-tone options, and a range of personalization choices. Other features will include, among others, sporty alloy wheels and roof rails.

Read also : Citroen C3 Tech Review: lean but functional

The Citroën C3 doesn’t come with an automatic transmission, and that’s a big miss in our opinion.

As for the interiors, the Citroen C3 comes with a well-appointed cabin with two interior trim options – Anodized Gray and Zesty Orange, the latter offering a two-tone color treatment. The vibrant panel on the dashboard matches the car’s exterior hue, while the air vents with glossy black bezels are similar to those of the C5 Aircross. Customers will also have the choice of covers for up to eight seats and there is a place to attach a smartphone clip. The C3 also comes with a wheelbase of 2540mm and a boot volume of 315 litres.

Read also : 2022 Citroen C3 vs Rivals: Specs Comparison


The steering wheel intentionally designed to be a bit compact is Citroën as they feel it will help with handling.

In terms of features, the C3 has an infotainment screen with a 10-inch capacitive touchscreen. It offers the Mirror Screen function, in order to reproduce the display of driver smartphone applications such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The car also has a flat-bottomed multifunctional steering wheel, as well as other features such as a USB charger and a 12V socket, among others.


The Citroën C3 is offered in 10 color choices, including two-tone colors, and a host of personalization options

The Citroën C3 is offered with the option of two 1.2-litre Puretech petrol engines. The first is a naturally aspirated engine tuned to produce around 81bhp, while mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Next is the 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that develops 108hp and 190Nm of peak torque, while mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. The turbo petrol version can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 10 seconds. When it comes to fuel efficiency, the 1.2-liter NA engine returns 19.8 kmpl, while the turbo petrol option delivers 19.4 kmpl. Although there is no direct competition with the new Citroën C3 in our market, it will face Maruti Suzuki Swift, Grand i10 Nios, Tata Punch and even the Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger.

All prices are introductory

The Abercrombie YPB lined running shorts are a must-have


As far as workout clothes go, running shorts have been a mainstay in my wardrobe since high school. And even though this relationship has been going on for over a decade, I can honestly say that I never found a pair that I felt really comfortable in. short or too long, and most never have enough pockets – some just skipped them all together. I’ve tried (and been disappointed by) dozens of brands since my high school sports career, many of which are top sports brands. So you can only imagine by surprise when I discovered that the most comfortable running shorts were hiding in Abercrombie & Fitch’s new activewear line, YPB, and are currently 20% off in as part of a flash sale.

Courtesy of Abercrombie

To buy: abercrombie.com, $36 (originally $45)

The Abercrombie & Fitch YPB Lined Running Shorts have a 3-inch inseam and are made from lightweight polyester material that wicks sweat with a breezy feel that promotes airflow. For added comfort and breathability, they feature an integrated mesh lining that provides adequate coverage and offers a hidden pocket the perfect size and depth for keys, smartphones, headphones and other small essentials. The liner is my favorite feature of the running shorts as it allows me to move freely and also minimizes chafing while jogging. And the shorts don’t ride up when I do squats, lunges, and other workout moves.

Speaking of coverage, the supportive design of the shorts also features a high waistband that’s enhanced with an elastic drawcord to help achieve a custom fit. The height of the waistband, combined with its elasticity and thickness, keeps the lined running shorts in place while giving me the flexibility to train throughout my workout. Additionally, there are two side pockets and a curved side seam and hem for added mobility.

Courtesy of Abercrombie

To buy: abercrombie.com, $36 (originally $45)

Along with their high-performance construction, the YPB lined running shorts are also impressively stylish, so much so that I was able to effortlessly incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe. And, the shorts’ comfortable stretch and breathability also made them my top choice on busy travel days. I always look for them first when packing for trips.

Since buying them, I have been able to wear them on casual outings, road trips, and days at the beach. Plus, they’ve also served as comfy pajama bottoms on weekend trips or when I’m lounging on the couch.

Courtesy of Abercrombie

To buy: abercrombie.com, $40 (originally $50)

They are so versatile that I will buy them in more colors; they’re available in 10 colors and patterns, ranging from classic black, beige, and navy to bold hues like lime green, neon pink, and teal. I also have my eye on the fun marble print pair, as well as the beige and white colorblock variation. Sizes range from XXS to XXL.

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If you’re constantly disappointed in your workout clothes, I fully support trying the Abercrombie & Fitch YPB Lined Running Shorts. List them for 20% off today before the flash sale ends.

Manolo Blahnik wins 22-year legal fight against Chinese brand


British shoe designer Manolo Blahnik has won the right to use his name in China for the first time, ending a costly 22-year legal battle.

In a rare ruling, China’s top court has overturned a trademark incorporating the Manolo Blahnik name that belonged to Chinese businessman Fang Yuzhou.

The decision will allow Blahnik – who started his business in London in 1971 and became a household name in the early 2000s thanks to HBO sex and the city — to sell its brand in the world’s fastest growing luxury market for the first time.

“It was a huge hole in our existence,” Kristina Blahnik, managing director of Manolo Blahnik and niece of the founder, told the Financial Times. “When we got the call. . . real tears were shed.

China has a “first to file” trademark system, which has made many foreign companies vulnerable to “pirates” trying to sell trademarks when these companies enter China. Even small start-up British designers are finding their names have already been registered in China, according to a lawyer familiar with such cases.

Intellectual property theft has been a long-standing source of tension between China and its trading partners, particularly the United States.

Amendments to strengthen trademark laws were implemented in China in November 2019, and in recent years more foreign companies have won cases in Chinese courts.

Last year, American sportswear brand New Balance won a lawsuit against two local companies for imitating its ‘N’ logo and was awarded Rmb 25 million in damages, among the largest compensation awarded to brands foreign countries in trademark disputes.

Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan was able to stop Chinese sportswear maker Qiaodan Sports from using his trademarks after a nine-year lawsuit that was handed down in late 2020. Jordan argued that Qiaodan, which is the translation Chinese literal of his name, had violated his rights. .

A pedestrian walks past a branch of Chinese sportswear store Qiaodan Sports in Shanghai © Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Other luxury brands, including Italian menswear group Zegna and British brand Dunhill, have also won trademark infringement lawsuits in China.

There were also some high-profile defeats. French luxury group Hermès lost a court battle in 2012 to stop a Chinese menswear company from using Ai Ma Shi – a Chinese translation of Hermès – on its products. Hermès lawyers have been trying to invalidate the trademark since 1997.

Manolo Blahnik had several earlier appeals dismissed because the company could not prove it had a reputation in China before 2000 and because Fang Yuzhou appeared to be actively using the mark for a shoe brand in which he had a stake, said legal experts.

Blahnik said the company’s plans for the Chinese market were still in their early stages, but it hoped to start selling directly in China by the second half of next year. “We are not going to run with a rocket to China, but to walk slowly,” she said.

The ruling is likely to act as a red flag for other foreign brands locked in disputes.

“This could be a landmark case not only for other luxury brands, but also for brands such as [Japanese retailer] Muji, which has been in a trademark battle for 20 years,” said Rieko Michishita, a veteran China intellectual property lawyer at law firm Bird & Bird.

The decision will allow Blahnik and its retail partners to begin selling in China without fear of legal retaliation and to combat counterfeits being sold and exported from the country, he added.

The private shoemaker will face stiff competition from brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Manolo Blahnik achieved a turnover of 42.3 million euros in 2020 – the most recently filed accounts – down 7% compared to the previous year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the company did not sell directly in China, it did woo Chinese luxury consumers through stores in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul.

Regarding the costs of the legal challenge, Blahnik said, “I would have a heart attack if I really had to add it all up.”

Fowey lifeboat saves sinking motor boat


Lifeboat press release

At 6.02am on July 16, the Coastguard instructed the crew of the volunteer RNLI lifeboat from Fowey to launch their Class D inshore lifeboat to assist a 35ft motorboat moored at Pont Pill in the port of Fowey which was taking on water and was in danger of sinking.

When the lifeboat arrived they were met by Fowey Harbor Commissioner’s Assistant Harbor Master, Jonathan Pritchard, (who is coxswain at Fowey Lifeboat Station), who was first on the scene and who had asked for help. They found that the motorboat was listing to one side. There were two adults and a child who had gotten off the boat and onto the pontoon. Water had entered the transom seal removing all power to the boat and the boat was in danger of sinking. The inshore rescue boat crew was tasked with transporting the water pump from the all-weather rescue boat to the sinking vessel. Once pumped, the lifeboat crew, assisted by harbor staff, towed the stricken ship to Tom’s shipyard who stood ready to lift the boat out of the water with a crane.

By preventing the ship from sinking, a major environmental problem was avoided. Helm Adam Russell said: “We remind boat owners to ensure their boats are regularly serviced and maintained. For example, check the seal between the gearbox and the water and change it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The three people on board were brought to safety by port personnel.

In a separate incident on Thursday July 14, the Coast Guard requested the launch of the Inshore Lifeboat to rescue two people on paddle boards off Spit Beach in a northerly wind blowing them off. The first informant was a member of the lifeboat crew. When he saw a jet ski assisting the two injured, he called the lifeboat operations manager to call off the scream, and the lifeboat operations manager confirmed to the coast guard that the scream could be called off. . The Fowey Lifeboat Operations Manager said: ‘It is important to always check the weather forecast, wind and tide times and choose a supervised beach when available. Avoid the onshore winds as they will tire you quickly when trying to get back to shore.

Fowey RNLI

Fowey volunteer lifeboat crew Peter Parry and Callum Pritchard installed the pump

Fowey RNLI

Water is pumped out of the motorboat

Fowey RNLI

Fowey lifeboat crew help lift the boat out of the water with a crane

RNLI Highlights

The charity RNLI saves lives at sea. Its volunteers provide a 24-hour search and rescue service on the coasts of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The RNLI operates 238 lifeguard stations in the UK and Ireland and over 240 lifeguard units on beaches in the UK and the Channel Islands. The RNLI is independent of the coastguard and government and depends on voluntary donations and legacies to maintain its lifesaving service. Since the RNLI’s inception in 1824, its lifeboat crews and lifeguards have saved more than 142,700 lives.

Find out more about the RNLI

For more information, please visit the RNLI website or Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Press releases, videos and photos are available on the News Center.

Contact the RNLI – public inquiries

Members of the public can contact the RNLI on 0300 300 9990 (UK) or 1800 991802 (Ireland) or by email.

The best running shorts with a 7 inch inseam in 2022


Runner’s World; Courtesy of Under Armor

Dedicated pant wearers, we also see you and worry about you on your runs when summer temperatures reach their peak. While we’re not trying to force you into a pair of split shorts or daisies, opting for longer shorts can help keep you comfortable while still providing ample coverage while you run.

When looking for longer shorts, the magic number is a 7 inch inseam. 7-inch inseam shorts will give you great coverage while being airy and breathable, and they’re less likely to ride up than shorter styles. Since there are so many shorts to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favorite 7-inchers to help make your shopping experience a breeze. Note: The first three shorts are women’s shorts while the next three are men’s shorts.

Best 7 inch inseam running shorts

What to consider

Running shorts are usually relatively short, so for styles with inseams that measure 5 inches or more, you’ll want to make sure they’ll allow enough movement. The best way to ensure this with long inseams is a slight side slit and a wide leg. The material is also important – you’ll want it to wick away moisture and have at least a slight stretch so it moves with you and doesn’t cause chafing or discomfort.

How we selected

To find the best options among the many 7-inch inseam running shorts, we researched some of the most popular shorts available at Amazon, department stores, and specialty sports gear retailers. We then considered price, materials, size, range of motion, and comfort. Finally, we looked at reviews written by people who bought these styles on sites like Amazon, to settle on the running shorts you’ll find below, all of which have an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars or more.

Looking for more options? Check out our top picks of running shorts for men and women.

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Best overall

Women’s 7 Inch Running Shorts

Key specs

  • Materials: Polyester, spandex
  • Sizes: XS–XXL
  • Colors: 8

These shorts may have a lot of fabric, but they’re easy to put on and won’t fall down thanks to a thick, supportive waistband. They have two deep pockets as well as a rear zipped pocket and a key pocket in the front. Plus, the lining is super soft and wicks away moisture.


Cluster resistant

Women’s Chaser Shorts

Key specs

  • Materials: Recycled polyester, spandex
  • Sizes: 2–16
  • Colors: 6

These shorts are specially designed not to ride on you. The angled design allows more fabric inside the leg which prevents chafing and bunching, and these have a slight side slit for increased mobility.


Best Biker Shorts

Flow 7 inches short

Key specs

  • Materials: Polyester, spandex
  • Sizes: XXS–3XL
  • Colors: 4

If you prefer something with a slimmer fit, or just want a more versatile short for lazy days, these super soft biker shorts are the way to go. It’s great for casual runs, yoga, or errands, and the heathered design keeps sweat from showing.


Softest Lining

bolt shorts

Key specs

  • Materials: Polyester, spandex
  • Sizes: S–XL
  • Colors: 3

These shorts have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from a handful of Amazon customers and they have also been tested and loved by RW editors. They have a loose fit, which allows them to sit away from the skin and remain airy and comfortable, as well as having a super soft lining that is both stretchy and moisture wicking.


The most secure

Men’s Flex Stride 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Key specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Sizes: S–XXL
  • Colors: 9

These shorts have a longer compression liner, giving them a secure fit and preventing anything from moving or falling out. They have a waist tie for added security and come in a range of bright and fun colors.


Best budget

Launch Woven Stretch Shorts

Key specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Sizes: S–3X
  • Colors: 27

These shorts are affordable, comfortable and come in 27 different color options. They have a breathable mesh lining that can help keep you cool, and the ultralight polyester fabric is breathable and dries quickly.

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For a century, Shaia’s has been “responsive to the needs of our customers”


Ken is neither socks nor tie. JL is complete.

JL plans, organizes and can measure perfectly.

Ken is a self-proclaimed spontaneous maverick.

Both are of the pocket handkerchief or handkerchief type in the jacket pocket.

Like the merchandise they carry in their store, they have impeccable style and generational appeal with an international flair.

They trace their roots and family business to a Lebanese peddler who moved to Alabama in the early 1900s.

how it started

In 1905, with a 100-pound bag on his back, SG Shaia began peddling haberdashery and household goods in Jefferson, Shelby, and Walker counties.

In 1922 he moved his family from the Southside of Birmingham to a dirt road in the ‘boondocks’, where he built a house and store next door, and established a garden of figs and vines. Four years later, the dirt road became part of the incorporated town of Homewood.

The first and second generations of the Shaia family to operate the business – founder SG, right, and his son, Alexander. (contributed)

SG’s wife, Badia, ran the store while SG continued to peddle. The original store sold “everything from toothpaste to work clothes” to a community that, at the time, had no grocery store or pharmacy. “Our first business license is about cigarettes and bottled beverages,” said JL Shaia, the founders’ grandson.

In 1933, Alexander “AJ” Shaia, the second generation, took over from his mother and father. At this time, the store’s name and focus shifted to Shaia’s Dry Goods. Under AJ’s leadership, the store eventually became “more like a small store, because he saw that need in the community. Every generation added to the store,” JL said.

The third generation – JL and his brother Leo – began working full-time in the store in the mid to late 1950s. In 1955 Shaia’s moved to the space that was originally the Shaia Garden and on which Lane Rexall Drug Co. had built a store in 1941.

“We had visions to make the store better, to change it,” said a relaxed, well-adjusted JL, sitting on a leather sofa, resting his feet on the same hardwood floors as Rexall. “Dad never stopped us.”

“(Leo and I) felt there was a strong need to specialize in one area of ​​retail,” JL said. “So in 1964 we closed the store for two weeks and totally remodeled the interior and reopened as a men’s store.”

The brothers have supplied their business with the best brands in the world. Leo retired in 2015 at the age of 75. JL remained active on a day-to-day basis through 2020. Now JL comes in as he pleases, doing office work and helping out when needed in the bespoke part of international menswear. shop.

In mid-July, MR Magazine, a publication specializing in men’s retail, will honor JL Shaia with its Lifetime Achievement Award during New York’s Men’s Fashion Market Week – a fitting climax to a career in more than six decades.

fourth generation

When you enter Shaia at 2818 18e St. S. in Homewood, a carved metal vine wraps around the doorknob, paying homage to the family garden that once occupied this plot of land. Ken had the idea to include this detail in a 1996 renovation.

Ken Shaia, JL’s son, joined the family business in 1986, adding even more European designers and, along with his father and uncle, making the store known as one of “the most exciting men’s clothing stores of America (2004-2005)”, a decade of Esquire “Gold Standard” awards and the Gold Alabama Retailer of the Year Award (2009).

“Our business has never been better than it is today,” Ken said, sitting next to his dad on the sofa in the store. From his father, Ken learned to value those he works with and allow everyone to bring their strengths to every sale.

Shaia’s employs 10 people, which is a consistent staffing level. The typical employee has about a decade of experience with Shaia’s. “We would hire another tailor, if we could find the right person,” Ken said, adding that he planned to find a place for a young man “interested in the clothing business”. If anyone is interested, we’ll direct them to the business and what it’s like to be in front of the customer. »

For 100 years, Shaia has been focused on the customer.

“If you’re really in the service business and really listen to your customers, you can use that insight as a tool to scale,” Ken said.

This story was originally published by Alabama Retailer.

This Week in History July 15, 1922: Mining gears up for action, Breckenridge baseball team travels

Former President Taft made no flamboyant announcement of his trip to Europe this summer, but he is still received with enthusiasm and interest in all the centers visited.
Colorado Historical Newspaper Collection/Courtesy Photo

This week in history as reported by The Summit County Journal the week of July 15, 1922.

Wellington makes more strength

The Wellington Mining Co. added a few men to its strength. Not much is being done at the moment, and the whole effort of the company is to maintain the old functioning to be ready at any time for the resumption of operations.

A small force of men work on a lead ladle in one of the cogs. This ore will be shipped immediately.

The lead market is in a strong position right now, and this metal commands a price that will make it profitable to process this class of ore. The zinc market is still lagging with weak demand. Zinc is the main product of the Wellington property, and the mills are designed to process this type of ore. Until better conditions exist in the zinc market, very little activity from this source can be expected.

Repair work rushed to Florence Dredge

Repair work on the dredge formerly owned by the French Gulch Dredging Co., but now owned by the Florence Gold Dredging Co. of Denver, is being rushed in hopes that the dredge will be able to begin operations in the near future.

The job is in charge of HW Wade. Mr. GP Goodier of Denver, very interested in the new dredging company, is a frequent visitor to the dredge. The issue of starting the dredge is delayed, due to the slow receipt of supplies needed to fit out the dredge.

Breckenridge will play baseball in Fairplay

The pitchers from Breckenridge will cross bats at Fairplay tomorrow. This will be the first out of town game for the Breckenridge group.

The local boys are not yet complete and it seems difficult for many boys to prepare for out-of-town games. However, they expect to host a match tomorrow that will see them take the honors. They’re going out to set a season record and aren’t aiming to lose any games at all. It may be a difficult achievement to achieve, but it is the boys’ goal.

The match scheduled last Sunday at Dillon was not played. Several of the players were called out of town at the last minute, and there weren’t enough left to make the trip. The Dillon game will be played at a later date.

Very humid weather heralds the rainy season

If daily rain means the start of the rainy season, we are now due for a long stretch of wet weather.

Since last Sunday, and looking forward to Thursday and Friday only, we have had a period of rain every day. Last Sunday the rain turned into a downpour, and Monday it didn’t fall so hard, but it turned out to be just as wet.

Local News Notes from across Summit County

  • Mr. and Mrs. DF Minor returned from Los Angeles and other California points this week after spending several months on the Pacific Coast.
  • A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John G. Goodier on Sunday July 9 in Alma.
  • Ms. James and her son Edward returned to Denver on Friday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. James J. McGee have Mr. and Mrs. Win, F. McDowell and Miss Agnes McDowell of Pueblo as guests this week.
  • Mrs Howard Robinson and her son from Como returned home on Friday morning after a few days of visiting with Mr and Mrs Eddie Kinzy.

Launch of Tata Nexon XM+ (S); replaces Nexon XZ


The new Tata Nexon variant has been added to the compact SUV lineup. Priced from ₹9.75 lakh to 11.70 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the new Nexon XM+(S) version sits above the existing XM(S) and replaces the previously available Nexon XZ. The Tata Nexon XM+(S) gets a few extra features over the XM(S) which are borrowed from the discontinued XZ as well as the better placed XZ+ trim.

Along with the features already offered on the XM(S) trim, the Nexon XM+(S) gets a Harman 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, borrowed from the XZ, with a cooled gloves, rear AC vents, a rear 12V power outlet and a shark fin antenna, all of which come from the XZ+ trim.

The discontinued XZ version was only available with a manual gearbox for both petrol and diesel engines, the XM+(S) also offers automatic gearbox options for both engines. With this update, the Tata Nexon will be available in the following eight versions: XE, XM, XM(S), XM+(S), XZ+, XZ+(HS), XZ+(O) and XZ+(P).

Tata Motors recently hiked the prices of all its cars and SUVs, citing rising input costs. The Nexon saw the prices of the XM(S) diesel variants increase by a maximum of ₹15,000 while all other variants saw a flat rise of ₹5,000. Nexon SUV prices now range between ₹7.60 lakh to 13.95 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Nordstrom’s 2022 Anniversary Sale Has Tons of Sweaty Betty

With the Well+Good SHOP, our editors use their years of expertise to select products (from skincare to personal care and beyond) that they bet you’ll love. Although our editors independently select these products, making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission. Good shopping! Explore the STORE

What do Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry have in common? Besides obviously being among our favorite movie stars and feel-good role models, of course. Instead, their closets are filled with fashionable Sweaty Betty athletic and workout clothes, as are the closets of other beloved A-listers, like Tracee Ellis Ross, Reese Witherspoon, and more. Again. And fortunately for we, the brand is heavily discounted for the highly anticipated Nordstrom 2022 Anniversary Sale – our credit cards have never been so ready.

We’ve been counting down the days to Nordy’s biggest savings event, which just launched to the public last night. As if we necessary a reason to shop till we drop, Sweaty Betty discounts are just too good to pass up. Its Nordstrom storefront is filled with a handful of styles, including celebrity picks, like Witherspoon’s go-to sports bra and Berry’s “essential” workout leggings. And it’s all heavily discounted, just waiting for you to add it to your cart.

Don’t wait, though, as some styles are already sold out. (We wouldn’t be surprised if Alba, Aniston and Berry fill their virtual carts with sales themselves, TBH.) Get inspired by the ~stars~ and shop Sweaty Betty at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale here, or scroll to see our favorite picks below.

Shop Sweaty Betty at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Sweaty Betty, Power Pocket 7/8 Workout Legging – $66.00

Originally $100, now $66

Halle Berry loves Sweaty Betty’s iconic leggings so much that she called them “everyday essentials” when launching her own brand line. They’re the same leggings, except they have a handy zippered pocket on the back, perfect for hands-free storage during walks, jogs, and streams. We love that this Steel Blue-Slash-Olive Green is also on sale, along with two designs: Dapple Blue and Leopard Green.

Sizes available: XS-XXL

Explorer Ace Racerback Dress — $65.00

Originally $98, now $65

Doesn’t this lightweight dress just scream “airflow”? We love its sporty and sleek look, mixing the perfect amount of technical (sweat-wicking fabric, mesh back) and feminine features, like the trapeze silhouette. Available in the same steel blue and olive green as the Pocket Power leggings.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Holistic Wave Tank Top — $22.00

Originally $35, now $22

Speaking of ventilation, this boxy tank top is also on sale, and it’s the perfect transitional item for summer. When you’re ready to sweat it out, the soft, flexible fabric and breathable hem make it the perfect workout buddy. Then he can take you out for a drink with friends or come home to the couch with Friends. Choose from pink, white, black and blue.

Sizes available: XXS-XXL

Explorer Tapered Jogger — $79.00

Originally $118, now $79

These versatile pants are another great transitional option to add to your wardrobe. They’re neither too light nor too heavy, made from a stretchy material that moves with your body, whether on the Stairmaster or on the sofa. Since they’re tapered, they also look a little more stylish – pair them with a strappy sandal or a white trainer for an A-list-worthy street look.

Sizes available: Large, XL (quick selling)

Ultra Run Sports Bra — $45.00

Originally $68, now $45

Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Tracee Ellis Ross and Reese Witherspoon have all been spotted wearing Sweaty Betty sports bras, and it’s no wonder. They are designed to be comfortable and support, like the Ultra Run Sports Bra, which is on sale for the Anniversary Sale. The clasp at the back arguably fits better than a sweater, allowing you to customize your fit on the waistband and suspenders (these are also adjustable). Layer on the keyhole back and vented mesh cups, and you’ve got a sports bra that can withstand even the hottest, sweatiest workouts.

Sizes available: 32C-36DD

All Day Embossed 7/8 Legging — $50.00

Originally $78, now $50

Old black leggings need an update? These will do the trick. While, yes, they’re black, they’re embossed with a subtle zebra print that elevates their aesthetic just a bit. Since they’re so elusive, they’re still neutral enough to go with just about any color in your wardrobe.

Sizes available: XXS-XXL

Relaxed After School Hoodie — $50.00

Originally $78, now $50

Take inspiration from his name and pull on this hoodie after your favorite barre or HIIT class. Its softness reigns supreme, as it’s crafted from a buttery cotton-modal blend that hugs your skin perfectly. And since it’s so light, don’t worry about breaking a sweat after a serious workout. Available in olive green and hot pink.

Sizes available: XXS-XXL

Summit Water Resistant Hiking Shorts — $45.00

Originally $68, now $45

Hit the trail or hit the taco truck in these hiking shorts. If you want to get technical, they’ve got plenty of features, including water-resistant fabric, sturdy zippered pockets, and an elastic waistband. But they’re so comfortable, you might want to wear them off the beaten path, too. (We strongly suggest you do.)

Sizes available: XXS-XL (sizes selling out fast)

Bouclé Mock Neck Sweatshirt — $85.00

Originally $128, now $85

Winter is far away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing. Take advantage of the sales before the season is on, and get that on-trend funnel neck sweater you’re sure to live in once the temperatures drop. The plush fabric looks like a teddy bear, and when you get really cold, you can cinch the hem to cuddle up.

Sizes available: XS-XXL

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

Launched UK handmade brown men’s chinos with stretch cotton twill in slim leg


The designer and retailer’s new men’s chinos use a stretchy cotton twill and are available in a fitted, tailored or regular leg. The trousers are available in the brand’s signature dark chocolate brown, making them perfect for formal occasions and paired with white, light blue, pastel pink or soft lilac business shirts.

More details can be found at https://www.wisconline.co.uk/brand/blog/brown-chinos

The launch begins with the start of the summer wedding and garden party season. With many men having to attend these events in something that is both formal enough yet still modern and visually light enough for a July or August event, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing thinks brown chinos are a perfect alternative. to the stuffy black.

Like their full range of menswear, their new brown chinos are both designed and entirely handmade in England by chief designer Paul Brown and his team of expert tailors. The brand also sources high-quality fabrics from the British elite Brisbane Moss.

Because the store exclusively offers handmade pieces, it also means that the chinos are made to measure and are fully customisable, with slim, medium (tapered), and classic or regular fit options available. With their online “Build Your Own Chinos” option, they’re also proud to accommodate more waist and inseam measurements than ever before for men across the country.

With that in mind, customers who love their chinos brown can also purchase the pants in a range of timeless and distinctive colors including Navy, White, Red, Tobacco, Lovat, Beige, Stone, Grey. and classic black.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing chinos are designed for both the utmost style and comfort, and feature stylish accents like their buffalo horn buttons.

In addition to his chinos, the designer offers a high-end range of business shirts, polo shirts and jackets for men. They also have a line of blouses and shirts for women.

Paul Brown’s Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing was established in 2009. Since then they have become a brand synonymous with class, elegance and quality fashion found in over 40 countries around the world.

A spokesperson for the designers said: “Our chinos are a popular choice among our discerning customers, as it’s a very versatile option that complements our other products and creates exciting outfits for your wardrobe.”

More information is available at https://www.wisconline.co.uk/brand/blog/brown-chinos

Contact information:
Name: Paul Brown
Email: Send email
Organization: Wolf in sheep’s clothing
Address: 14a London Road, Brandon, Suffolk IP27 0HS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-1842-819464
Website: https://www.wisconline.co.uk

Build ID: 89078218

If you detect any problems, problems or errors in the content of this press release, please contact [email protected] to let us know. We will respond and rectify the situation within the next 8 hours.

countex tracking


Real-world photos 2023 Kia Seltos; More details emerge


The Kia Seltos has been one of the best-selling SUVs in the segment since its inception in India in June 2019. The company has added several new variants and made some changes to the Seltos over the past 3 years. It is now ready to receive a mid-life facelift in our market. Before India, the 2023 Kia Seltos has been introduced in some international markets, including South Korea.

The Kia Seltos competes directly with the Hyundai Creta, Volkswagen Taigun, Skoda Kushaq and MG Astor. Competition in the premium compact SUV segment will further intensify with the arrival of the Toyota Hyryder and the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara. These models will feature a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain and a segment-first all-wheel-drive (AWD) configuration.

Kia Seltos Facelift 2023 Details

Here are the real-world images of the new Seltos facelift hitting the streets of South Korea. Kia has also started testing the new Seltos on Indian roads. The 2023 Kia Seltos facelift retains the overall silhouette of the current model; however, it comes with significant design changes.

The new Kia Seltos now comes with a more prominent front fascia, featuring an aggressive grille, larger air dam and redesigned headlights with LED daytime running lights. The SUV gets a new Tiger-nose front grille, while the lower bumper has been completely redesigned. It now gets a new horn-shaped skid plate instead of the Bull bar type in the outgoing model. The bumper also accommodates newly designed LED fog lights.

Kia Seltos front facelift

The rear profile has also undergone changes, which makes it different from the outgoing model. The full-width chrome strip connecting the taillights was replaced with a light bar. It now houses completely revised LED taillights, which are connected by an LED light bar. The lower bumper has also been completely revised with a new false skid plate and reflectors. The lower bumper also appears in a two-tone gloss black and silver paint scheme.

2023 Kia Seltos interiors

Kia Seltos facelift interior

The facelifted cabin of the 2023 Kia Seltos remains largely identical to the existing model. It now gets a fully digital instrument console and new seat upholstery. Similar to the Carens minivan, the new Seltos facelift also gets 6 airbags as standard. The SUV has a sporty black interior with contrasting red accents.

The SUV will have an updated 10.25-inch infotainment unit along with new connected car features. A rotary dial will replace the shift lever and there will be new switches for the HVAC controls. The Indian-spec model is expected to get a 360-degree camera and a panoramic sunroof. The vehicle could also be fitted with the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) suite.

Engine options

Specifications Kia Seltos 2023

The Indian spec 2023 Kia Seltos is expected to come with the same set of engines. The SUV gets a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter petrol engine that produces 113 hp and 144 Nm of torque. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual, 6-speed iMT, and CVT. The SUV also gets a 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine that develops 138 hp and 242 Nm of torque. It is available with a choice of 6-speed manual, 6-speed iMT and 7-speed DCT.

The diesel version is powered by a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine that develops 113 hp of power and 250 Nm of torque. This version is also available with 3 gearbox choices – a 6-speed manual, a 6-speed iMT or a 6-speed torque converter automatic.

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Real-world photos 2023 Kia Seltos; More details emerge

Menswear brand DTC Goodlife takes inspiration from the CPG playbook


In times of economic boom, it’s easy for apparel brands to chase seasonal trends, collaborations, and new product categories to attract more customers. But that’s not the time we live in, and the opposite approach of limiting product assortment is a safer bet. In the wake of inflation, supply chain issues and reduced consumer spending, some fashion brands are betting on reliably salable staples and styles.

Goodlife, a men’s fashion brand launched in 2012, is a case study in which a limited range of products works to the brand’s advantage. The bread and butter of Goodlife’s assortment are its T-shirts, of which just three styles account for more than 70% of its inventory and sales.

Co-founder and co-CEO Andrew Codispoti said he adheres to a strict 70-20-10 rule. Seventy percent of the brand’s inventory is made up of t-shirts and the few other products, including sweatpants, which together drive the majority of sales. But Goodlife reserves 10% of its inventory for new seasonal experimental items, like swimwear. If something in the 10% is selling well and demand seems high, it is moved to the 20% section, which Codispoti classifies as popular products but not yet considered essential or persistent. Only once a product has stayed in the 20% for at least a year and is selling steadily during that time, such as Goodlife’s velor hoodie introduced in 2020, is it added to hero inventory at 70%.

The 10% novelty can take the form of a new product category, such as swimwear; a new material, as for the velvet hoodie; or a new fit, like the scalloped tee launched this month. This strategy has not always been part of the Goodlife model, but it was adopted before the pandemic.

“Years ago, we were more tempted to give in to newness and try new products all the time,” Codispoti says. “But if you only acquire customers with a novelty that you have just introduced and that you will not sell again, is it really a customer for life? We have found that the people who love us for the flagship product – our T-shirts – come back again and again.

Codispoti said the brand’s repeat purchase rate was nearly 60%. And it owed its low return rate of 8% both to having customers who are familiar with the Goodlife product and to offering an online try-before-you-buy feature – the feature allows customers to make themselves deliver shirts and only be charged if they don’t return them. The industry average return rate for apparel is over 16%

Codispoti specifically compared Goodlife’s business model to a consumer packaged goods brand, like toothbrush startup Quip. Quip focuses on a few SKUs and builds a loyal following for those products.

But Codispoti also distances Goodlife from the wave of DTC brands that emerged before the pandemic and achieved immense valuation quickly but without a sustainable model. He said Goodlife, unlike many DTC brands, does not shy away from wholesale and has been selling its t-shirts to Nordstrom since the brand launched. According to the brand, Goodlife is the origin of the best-selling luxury t-shirt at Nordstrom. Its overall revenue is growing by a high double-digit percentage each quarter, Codispoti said.

“A lot of these DTC companies were overfunded,” Codispoti said. “A lot of tech investors have given a lot of money to these brands to just buy growth. They’re not apparel investors and don’t understand equity or brand retention. Growth can be very You can grow a lot and then hit a wall because you haven’t created loyal customers.”

In another initiative taken by the CPG industry, Goodlife last year launched a subscription model called T-shirt Club. It sends members a new shirt every one, two, three or six months, charging 20% ​​less than the shirt’s retail price in exchange for recurring orders. Goodlife t-shirts are $70, but are only $54 for club members. As Goodlife is still learning from the program, it has not marketed it aggressively yet. Goodlife did not share membership figures.

With forecasts for the rest of the year signaling the possibility of reduced sales across all sectors, extracting more value from fewer products is increasingly an attractive move for fashion brands.

“During a booming economy, you always wonder how and where you can grow,” said Matt Field, founder of MakerSights, a company that works with brands like Madewell to plan their inventory and avoid overproduction. “But recently there has been a leak to SKU productivity.”

What is RPE and how can it boost your workout routine?


Alright, so you’ve got a few weeks of strength training under your belt and you’ve documented your one-rep max for those big barbell lifts. To progress to the next PR, you will typically increase a percentage of your max for a planned number of varying reps and sets over your multi-week program. Sounds simple enough, at least on paper.

What numbers and percentages don’t take into account are all the human elements that can easily influence your gym routine. These daily events can take many forms. Maybe you had a tiring day at your desk. Maybe you had a bad night’s sleep. You missed your pre-workout snack. You can’t focus on anything right now except your favorite Netflix series.

All of these factors can make even the lightest workouts daunting, even when the numbers indicate you should complete the lift easily. That doesn’t mean percentage-based training is completely useless, but there are other effective ways to slam and hit those weights.

RPE, or Rate of Perceived Exertion, is one of those training methods that doesn’t require a ton of numbers and math, but rather a simple understanding of your own body. This popular measuring tool can help you maintain your fitness journey and provide a nice change of pace from percentage-based training.

What is RPE?

Rate of perceived exertion is a scale that measures the intensity of your exercise. The scale is based on how easy or difficult you perceive an activity to be, and is completely subjective to your Personal feelings. No maximum or percentage is required, so you can tailor your training based on your status at that particular time against a number of sensations such as increased heart rate, fatigue level, breathing patterns and more.

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The Borg scale versus the modified RPE scale

Although the RPE is subjective, there is a general understanding of how to structure the scale. The original RPE scale was developed in 1982 by Swedish researcher Gunnar Borg, ranging from levels 6 to 20. The lower the number, the less exertion you should feel for an exercise. For example, a level 6 on the Borg scale would indicate no intensity like sitting in a chair, where a level 18 should involve intense effort, like in a max deadlift or a fast sprint.

The Borg RPE scale ranges from 6 to 20 to give you a correct estimate of where your heart rate should be over varying intensities. Simply multiply the RPE by a factor of 10 to get your estimated heart rate. For example, if you perceive an exercise to be RPE 10, then you should aim for around 100 beats per minute.

Using the Borg Scale can help you correctly identify RPE, but it requires access to your heart rate, either through a fitness tracker or knowing how to measure your BPM. If you don’t want to take your pulse before each workout, the Modified RPE scale could be your ticket to training success.

Instead of focusing on heart rate, the modified scale ranges from 1 to 10 based on your breathing rate. So an RPE of 1 on the modified scale would mean you can easily carry on a conversation during training, while an RPE of 9 or 10 would indicate deep breathing with no margin for lack of focus.

Whichever method the RPE is determined is up to you. If you’re not so confident in measuring your breathing patterns, stick to the Borg Scale. If you like a more compact range with fewer calculations, use the Modified. Both can help you organize your workouts around your planned output rather than max lift totals.

fit young woman exercising with kettle ball getting tired

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The pros and cons of RPE training

As with any training method, there are positives and negatives, all related to your personal goals and training style. Below are a handful of pros and cons of instilling an RPE measurement method into your fitness routine.

Benefit: Your training is based on feel, not numbers

Instead of taking the time to figure out your 1RM, you can easily switch to RPE training because it doesn’t rely on that data. Additionally, not everyone has the ability to safely and effectively assess their maximum, which can lead to inaccurate percentages and poorly managed drug regimens. Rather than relying on these stats, RPE allows for a fluid subjective scale that changes based on your abilities at the time. If you know what a “hard” workout is relative to your personal abilities, it can make RPE the go-to measurement tool without having to find your max on every exercise.

Pros: RPE can make every workout a success

You are not a robot, you have a life outside the gym. And with that come stressors and various vibrations. So each new day comes with different fitness results, which is not the intended workout routine when you base your workouts on percentages. Regardless of your feelings and physical state, your goal is to rep X weights for X sets, and when you’re stressed, tired, or just plain unmotivated, you can miss those numbers, causing even more stress with that added feeling of a workout. missed.

RPE training eliminates this tension and allows for unlimited variability. Not feeling the hottest that afternoon? Settle into your workout and match the weight to your vibe. Do you feel extra-juicy? Stack these plates as high as you want. When training under an RPE regime, the only goal should be to push yourself to the desired intensity. The weight does not matter, only the effort.

a man doing arm workout with barbell at gym, barbell biceps curl exercise

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Disadvantage: you need to understand your maximum effort

Although RPE training empowers the person, you need to understand what “maximum intensity” means to you. If you’re new to the gym or have trouble gauging your performance, this can lead to inconsistent scaling in your workouts. Experienced lifters and fitness enthusiasts need to know how their body responds to certain stressors like extra weights or higher rep ranges. If you have just gone below the bar for the first time, it may be best to use percentage scaling for a while, as you are feeling what your body can Actually do.

Disadvantage: EPR requires honest self-assessment

Occasionally, it’s normal to cut a few corners. This is not the case with RPE, however. To keep your training effective, you must honestly assess your personal feelings before deciding on the intended RPE for an exercise. If you decide to take it easy on certain days when you know you could push harder, your progress may be more limited than if you were prescribed a certain weight or rep range. For those who do not want to give their training the respect and honesty it deserves, percentage-based measures are preferable in order to maintain a more rigid and structured regime.

RPE training can be an effective and interesting way to change the way you think about training. By taking the focus off of what was lifted and giving it to who actually lifted it, this measurement scale can be a great way to move you forward, even if the numbers don’t indicate it. As long as you’re honest with yourself and know your abilities, RPE could be the answer to all your workout woes.

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Save up to 55% on the best headphones


AFTER WEEKS of anticipation – and, yes, preparation for our e-carts – Amazon’s Prime Day has officially begun. And, wow, the e-merchant did not disappoint. The Everything Store kicked off with some of the best deals we’ve ever seen. Don’t believe us? You can currently recover them Sony WHCH710N Noise Canceling Headphones for an amazing $68 (55% off)their cheapest price according to CamelCamelCamel.

Courtesy of the retailer

WHCH710N noise canceling headphones

Whether you’re putting in miles on your stationary bike or in the zone at the office, a good pair of headphones can be the hero of your daily routine. Luckily, these Sony headphones tick all the boxes for what’s needed in a pair of noise-canceling digs. In fact, over 11,700 five-star reviews on Amazon have proven just how reliable these headphones are, with shoppers praising their versatility and supreme durability.

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Not only does this pair have plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband for the perfect fit, but they’re also free of unnecessary cables that can get tangled. (All you have to do is pair them to your favorite device, and you’ll be able to enjoy great listening while seamlessly transitioning from workout to workout.) The headphones also feature Sony’s premium noise-canceling technology, giving you peace of mind when tuning into your favorite podcast or bloated playlist. And, thanks to its 35-hour marathon battery life, you can literally use this pair all day.

You’d be hard-pressed to find such a great deal during Black Friday, which is why we couldn’t help but sound the Prime Day alarm on this best-selling product.


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